Takeover the City
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"Takeover the City" is the sixth mission in Saints Row: The Third.

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For the Diversion, see City Takeover

If we're gonna get a cash flow going, we'll need a business to funnel us money.
Takeover the City intro
Pierce to Playa, over the phone.


With their headquarters secured, Pierce believes it's time for the 3rd Street Saints to start taking over Steelport. Together with Playa, they cause chaos around the city, disrupting various gang operations and purchasing businesses, ultimately destabilizing the Morningstar's hold over Steelport.


Takeover the City - Eliminate the Gang Operation objective

Similar to "Steelport Here I Am", this mission acts somewhat as a tutorial and introduces Store Ownership, Collectibles, Gang Operations, and Notoriety. The mission cannot be started until Guardian Angel and the easy instance of Trafficking has been completed.

Meet Pierce

Pierce arrives in an Infuego.

Purchase Friendly Fire

Buy the nearby Friendly Fire store; it only costs $100 as opposed to the usual $5,000.

Purchasing this Property can be done before starting the mission.

Find the sex doll

Drive to and collect the marked sex doll Collectible, which can be collected while inside the vehicle.

This Collectible can be collected before starting this mission.

Head to the Estates

Buying the Havemayer Estates is also cheap - another $100.

Purchasing this Property can be done before starting the mission.

Go to the Gang Operation

Finish off the mission by defeating two Gang Operations

The Gang Operations are only present during this mission.

The first Gang Operation is near an office building south-east of the Syndicate Tower.

Eliminate the Gang Operation

Kill all marked Morningstar members to eliminate the Gang Operation.

Go to the Gang Operation

Drive to the second Gang Operation, located in the parking lot next to the Syndicate Tower.

Eliminate the Gang Operation

Same as with the previous Gang Operation, kill all marked Morningstar members.

Hide to lower Notoriety

Fleeing back to Friendly Fire to remove Notoriety.


  • Cash awarded at the end of the mission


  • Unless the mission title is an allusion to something, the grammar is nonsensical as "takeover" is a noun. The correct wording would be "Take over the City".
  • Pierce reveals he collects Sex Dolls.[1][2]
  • Although this mission introduces Property Ownership, and explains it is possible because they already hold the deeds, all Properties can be purchased before obtaining the deeds.
  • After arriving the Gang Operation and leaving, on-screen text says "You are leaving the Flashpoint", revealing in-game the internal name for the diversion.



Pierce: "If we're gonna get a cash flow going, we'll need a business to funnel us money."
Playa: "You wanna rob some store?"
Playa - Zombie: "Grunts"
Pierce: "That'll cause more problems than it's worth. I'm saying we buy one from the Morningstar."
Playa: "Because they'll jump at the chance to sell to us."
Playa - Zombie: "Gargles"
Pierce: "Nope, because we already have the deed."
Playa: "Come again?"
Playa - Zombie: "Snarls"
Pierce: "We take the deed from that lockbox and purchase the store in our name instead."
Playa: "Well, if they can't argue..."
Playa - Zombie: "Grunts"
— Pre-mission Phone Call


Playa - Female 1: "Going to Friendly Fire?"
Playa - Female 2: "Friendly fire, yes?"
Playa - Female 3: "Really? Friendly Fire?"
Playa - Male 1: "So, Friendly fire?"
Playa - Male 2: "So buying this is worth it?"
Playa - Male 3: "We headed to Friendly Fire?"
Playa - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Pierce: "Yep. Best thing is, owning it gives us a discount."
Playa - Female 1: "I like the sound of that."
Playa - Female 2: "Never a bad thing."
Playa - Female 3: "Not a bad deal."
Playa - Male 1: "Nice."
Playa - Male 2: "I'm good with that."
Playa - Male 3: "I love discounts."
Playa - Zombie: "Growls"
— "Mini-Mission Start"
Playa - Female 1: "Do I really want to know?"
Playa - Female 2: "Pierce, you had better start explaining."
Playa - Female 3: " I even wanna know?"
Playa - Male 1: "Pierce, what the hell is this?"
Playa - Male 2: "You gonna explain this shit, Pierce?"
Playa - Male 3: "Care to explain this, Pierce?"
Playa - Zombie: "Sneers"
Pierce: "Oh, that... a little hobby of mine."
Playa - Female 1: "What. The. Fuck."
Playa - Female 2: "When you could have...Are you just trying to piss me off?"
Playa - Female 3: "Okay, you can stop there."
Playa - Male 1: "Ok, I'm outta here..."
Playa - Male 2: "I seriously didn't need to know about this..."
Playa - Male 3: "Forget I asked."
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Pierce: "Shit, I don't mean like that! They're collectible. You're supposed to try and find them all."
Playa - Female 1: "That's the stupid... No, I'm not even going there."
Playa - Female 2: "So long as you just collect them... We should be going. I am really need to shoot someone."
Playa - Female 3: "I think I'll pass on that suggestion. Let's go."
Playa - Male 1: "People collect some weird shit... Let's get out of here, I have the need to shoot something now."
Playa - Male 2: "You know what I collect? Body counts. Can we go shoot someone now?"
Playa - Male 3: "Really not making it better, mate."
Playa - Zombie: "Snarls"
— "Find Collectable"
Playa - Female 1: "What's the next deed in the box?"
Playa - Female 2: "What other deeds were in that box?"
Playa - Female 3: "Any other deeds in there?"
Playa - Male 1: "What other deeds were in that box?"
Playa - Male 2: "We got any more deeds from that box?"
Playa - Male 3: "What other goodies were in the box?"
Playa - Zombie: "Moans"
Pierce: "An apartment building."
Playa - Female 1: "We already have a new place."
Playa - Female 2: "We already have a place, Pierce."
Playa - Female 3: "So what? We already have a place."
Playa - Male 1: "Didn't I already get us a new place?"
Playa - Male 2: "You don't need another place, Pierce."
Playa - Male 3: "I thought you just got a new flat..."
Playa - Zombie: "Roars"
Pierce: "Brick and mortor baby, real estate's cheap."
Playa - Female 1: "So people are paying us and not the Syndicate. Good thinking."
Playa - Female 2: "So that we get paid, and the Syndicate doesn't. Good thinking."
Playa - Female 3: "If it works, that's more for us."
Playa - Male 1: "Take more money out of the Syndicate's pocket and into ours... I like it."
Playa - Male 2: "Play the market and make a profit... why the hell not."
Playa - Male 3: "Taking money away from the Syndicate. Not a bad plan."
Playa - Zombie: "Moans"
— "Go Buy A Building"
Pierce: "I've seen Morningstar all over the city doin' deals and shit."
Playa - Female 1: "Maybe we should stop by."
Playa - Female 2: "Think we should interfere?"
Playa - Female 3: "I like the sound of that."
Playa - Male 1: "Sounds perfect."
Playa - Male 2: "That's what I'm talkin' about."
Playa - Male 3: "So they'll be easy to find."
Playa - Zombie: "Mumbles"
Pierce: "We wipe 'em off a corner, they'll think twice about comin' back."
— "Drive to Flashpoint"
Playa - Female 1: "I could do that again. You know any other spots?"
Playa - Female 2: "That feels good. We saw some more around here, yes?"
Playa - Female 3: "Okay. Where else do they do business?"
Playa - Male 1: "Good times. Know anywhere else they do business?"
Playa - Male 2: "I'm in the grove now. Know where we can find more?"
Playa - Male 3: "There are more of them, right?"
Playa - Zombie: "Grunts"
Pierce: "Yeah, up to the North."
— "Second Flashpoint"
Pierce: "Looks like we pissed them off a bit."
Playa - Female 1: "I can't understand why."
Playa - Female 2: "I think they will get over it."
Playa - Female 3: "So. That's what we're here for."
Playa - Male 1: "You think?"
Playa - Male 2: "Well that was the plan... sort of."
Playa - Male 3: "Bit of a tight spot here..."
Playa - Zombie: "Grunts"
Pierce: "Head to Friendly Fire, that should get them to back off."
— "Finished Flashpoint"
Playa - Female 1: "Why would they be afraid of Friendly Fire?"
Playa - Female 2: "Why is that?"
Playa - Female 3: "Why should we go there?"
Playa - Male 1: "Why would a gun store get them to back off?"
Playa - Male 2: "How's Friendly Fire gonna help? We buyin' them guns or something?"
Playa - Male 3: "Why?"
Playa - Zombie: "Grunts"
Pierce: "Cause we own it, so we got boys protectin' it. Anyplace the Saints own should be able to take the heat off you."
Playa - Female 1: "I'll remember that."
Playa - Female 2: "I will remember that."
Playa - Female 3: "Protection is definitely a good thing."
Playa - Male 1: "Good to know."
Playa - Male 2: "Yeah... I knew that."
Playa - Male 3: "Good to know."
Playa - Zombie: "Garbled"
— "Drive to Lose Notoriety"


There they are. Go in there and start some shit.
— Pierce, "Arrive at Flashpoint"

Pierce: "This city's full of businesses and buildings we could snatch up."
Playa - Female 1: "Sounds like a way to get the money flowing in."
Playa - Female 2: "We will take them all eventually."
Playa - Female 3: "Let's take what we can from the Syndicate then."
Playa - Male 1: "The more we take from the Syndicate the better..."
Playa - Male 2: "Not like the Syndicate'll need them when we're through."
Playa - Male 3: "We got the muscle to take whatever we need."
Playa - Zombie: "Grumbles"
Pierce: "Right. Though we're gonna need Steelport on our side too. Drive around and see if we got any fans here."
— "After Purchase"
Pierce: "Over there. Why don't you get your picture taken."
Playa - Female 1: "Always happy to meet the fans."
Playa - Female 2: "If that's what you want."
Playa - Female 3: "I don't normally do this, but I guess I'll make an exception."
Playa - Male 1: "Anything for a fan I guess."
Playa - Male 2: "Fine, a quick one though..."
Playa - Male 3: "Make sure you get my good side."
Playa - Zombie: "Snarls"
— "Found Photo Op"
Pierce: "See, gettin' to know the city and it's people. We'll be running shit here in no time."
Playa - Female 1: "Focus, Pierce. We're here to get Loren."
Playa - Female 2: "We are here to kill Loren. That comes first."
Playa - Female 3: "We came to take down Philippe, in case you forgot."
Playa - Male 1: "We're here for Loren. Remember that."
Playa - Male 2: "You forget we're here for Loren?"
Playa - Male 3: "Don't forget...we're after Loren."
Playa - Zombie: "Babbles"
Pierce: "Yeah, I know. Anyway, I got a stop to make. Just follow the GPS I set up."
— "After Photo Op"


  • Pierce arrives in an Infuego outside Friendly Fire
  • UI image used when saving after this mission
  • Takeover the City - Eliminate the Gang Operation objective
  • Takeover the City - Pierce states that collecting Sex Dolls is a hobby of his
  • Takeover the City - Pierce states that Sex Dolls are collectible

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  1. Image:
    Takeover the City - Pierce states that collecting Sex Dolls is a hobby of his

    Takeover the City - Pierce states that collecting Sex Dolls is a hobby of his

  2. Image:
    Takeover the City - Pierce states that Sex Dolls are collectible

    Takeover the City - Pierce states that Sex Dolls are collectible

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