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The TEK Z-10 is a weapon in Saints Row: The Third.[4]

Street version of the SMG. Full upgrade allows for incendiary bullets.
— Weapon description[5]


The TEK Z-10 is a submachine gun featured in Saints Row: The Third. It is the first SMG acquired in the game, and is the most common by far, seeing use by virtually every gang in Steelport, as well as by SWAT and the National Guard. It is gained automatically in the game's introductory sequence. Unlike the built-for-speed D4TH Blossom, the TEK Z-10 is a workhorse SMG, intended for a much more balanced application of firepower. As is the case for all SMGs, it can be dual wielded.

The TEK Z-10 does relatively little damage, lower than the D4TH Blossom and a lot less DPS. This is offset mostly by it firing slower. The slower fire rate makes it a bit more accurate by default, making it a little more stable at the cost of making it less-effective at suppressive fire than its counterpart. It still fires very quickly, and it can still go through a lot of ammunition if misused, especially when dual-wielded.

Upgrades make the TEK Z-10 much more effective - first improving its magazine capacity and accuracy, followed by improving its firepower and recoil. The last upgrade improves its hip-firing accuracy and gives it Incendiary rounds, allowing it to light things on fire while shooting. At level 4, the TEK Z-10 can blow up cars quickly and easily and, like the level 4 Grave Digger, is very effective against specialists since they'll panic like anybody else on fire.


  • Very high DPS when Dual Wielded with all upgrades
  • Incendiary rounds can panic foes by lighting them on fire
  • Most accurate SMG
  • Less ammo consumption than D4TH Blossom
  • It can destroy vehicles much faster than the D4TH Blossom
  • Lower fire rate than the D4TH Blossom, making it less-useful at close range
  • Weaker against targets who are immune or resistant to fire
  • Useless against riot shields (although rounds that impact the ground near the riot shield user may catch them on fire)
  • Firing to close and ignited targets can set the player on fire if they come too close, unless the player has bought fire damage immunity

Weapon upgrades[]

Main article: Weapon Upgrades.
Image Level Price Upgrade
TEK Z-10 - Level 1 model.png 1 $7,500
Street version of the SMG. Full upgrade allows for incendiary bullets.
— TEK Z-10 level 1

TEK Z-10 - Level 2 model.png 2 $7,500
Increase clip size and damage. Red dot sight improves fine-aim accuracy.
— TEK Z-10 level 2

TEK Z-10 - Level 3 model.png 3 $10,000
Suppressor increases damage and reduces recoil.
— TEK Z-10 level 3

TEK Z-10 - Level 4 model.png 4 $20,000
Incendiary bullets turn up the heat. Laser sight improves hip-firing accuracy.
— TEK Z-10 level 4


  • This weapon resembles a modified MP7.[imagerefs 1]
    • It has a front grip attached to the hinge of the MP7's real front grip.
    • In Saints Row: The Third Remastered, the weapon design resembles the real life one.
  • Shaundi wields a TEK Z-10 in Saints Row IV promotional/box art.[imagerefs 2]
  • When dual wielded with all upgrades it uses the vehicle mounted minigun sounds.
  • The weapon is named after the TEC-9.
  • This weapon is always carried by Shaundi and Viola DeWynter when they are called on as Homies.
  • The TEK Z-10 is in PAX Demo for Saints Row IV in the radial menu.[6][imagerefs 3]


The weapon is visible briefly in the weapon wheel during E3 2011

Promotional image of Saints Row: The Third. 2 versions of Playa are both wielding TEK Z-10s

TEK Z-10 upgrades

Fully upgraded Tek Z-10

MP7 (The gun that the TEK Z-10 resembles)

TEK Z-10 - Level 1 description

TEK Z-10 - Level 2 description

TEK Z-10 - Level 3 description


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