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The Syndicate Tower is a skyscraper in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.[2]


It is located in Henry Steel Mills and is the headquarters of the Morningstar. The Syndicate Tower is the tallest building in Steelport.

Like the Phillips Building in Saints Row 2, the tower is visible from almost any location in the city, especially at night, making it very useful for navigation.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Phillipe Loren's main offices are located near the top floor, and about midway up the tower, there is a top-secret cloning facility where the Morningstar hopes to create a master army of Brutes from their prisoner, the giant Oleg Kirrlov. All the clones produced so far possess Oleg's strength, but have yet to possess his intelligence.[4]

Phillipe, Viola and Kiki host a meeting at the tower with the rest of The Syndicate in a private boardroom.[5] Later in the game the 3rd Street Saints storm the building, free Oleg, and kill Phillipe Loren.[3] After this there is an option of either blowing up the building to gain more respect, or keeping it to increase their income from missions and activities.

Saints Row IVEdit

In Saints Row IV, the building is replaced with an alien skyscraper but is still referred to as the Syndicate Tower, both in objectives and dialog.

The Zin mothership which hangs over Downtown is docked to the building. The bottom of the building is surrounded by rubble, similar to the rubble around each Hotspot and Tower.

There is an openable door at the bottom, but there is nothing inside. The only time the tower is mentioned is "Grand Finale", where entering the room is an objective.

2 tuned Infuegos and 2 Justices from the Morningstar Gang Operation are still located in the parking lot to east of the tower, although these do not have Morningstar colors.


Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • In the beginning of the game the building's windows are tinted red, the color of the Morningstar. Upon completing "The Belgian Problem" and keeping the tower, the windows appear red in the daytime but switch to purple at night, with the help of some newly installed lights symbolizing the Saints' takeover of the building.
  • The building has somewhere around 250 stories. It is around 965 meters tall.[6]
    • Throwing an enemy off the top of the building shows that they fall around 3100 feet, which is around 945 meters.
    • During "The Belgian Problem", when the mission marker is at the door to the building, the roof is 3133 feet from the mission marker.
    • If it existed in real-life, it would be the tallest structure on Earth.
  • Although before the game's release it was announced as a Crib,[7] the building itself cannot normally be entered outside of the mission "The Belgian Problem".
  • Above the front entrance is the symbol of the gang the tower is associated with. Before the mission the building had a red star for the Morningstar. If the building was saved, after the mission it has the purple fleur-de-lis for the Saints.
  • Despite the bomb being blown at the base of the tower, the aftermath shows only the top-half being blown apart, with no damage to the bottom or the loading dock, where the bomb was detonated.
  • The Tower does bear a passing resemblance to the John Hancock Center in Chicago, with the black X-bracing exterior and slimming base-to-top shape
  • Also, the large metal ball at the top of the tower is similar to the large counterweight damper in the top of the Taipei 101, but the damper in the 101 is used as a countermeasure to withstand typhoon winds, as compared to one-way express lift used in "The Belgian Problem".
  • On top of the Syndicate Tower is a helipad, spotlights, and a small platform sticking out from the south side, which can be used for base jumping or suicide attempts.
  • During the mission "The Belgian Problem", it is not possible to jump down the interior of the tower.
  • It is possible to enter the Syndicate Tower by using the Genki Manapult's Cannon to get through the closed doors.

Saints Row IVEdit

  • When Zinyak is looking at the map of Steelport the Syndicate Tower is completely missing.[8][9]
  • Although it is not normally possible to reach the roof of the building due to the lowered sky ceiling in Saints Row IV, the roof is solid and can be accessed using Stored Vehicle Delivery to repeatedly warp upwards.


  • Syndicate Tower garage layout
  • The Atrium of the building
  • Morningstar inside the building
  • Aerial View from the top of the Tower
  • View from the top of the Tower
  • Oleg's prison, afterward he has broken free
  • Syndicate Tower in Saints Row: The Third
  • Syndicate Tower interior shaft
  • Syndicate Tower under Saints control
  • Syndicate Tower destroyed
  • The Syndicate Tower in Saints Row IV
  • Syndicate Tower under Zin control in Saints Row IV


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