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Super Ethical PR Opportunity is an Activity in the Genkibowl VII DLC for Saints Row: The Third.


Super Ethical PR Opportunity is another Escort and Tiger Escort like activity where the player must drive Professor Genki around Steelport in the Genkimobile to get him all charged up to meet his fans. To increase the Pleasure Bar the player must murder pedestrians by either running over them or using the flamethrowers, which are charged by running over pedestrians. The Annoyance Bar will fill up when overzealous fans get too close. Once the Pleasure Bar is full the player must drop him off at the appearance and he will be seen dancing.


The Genkimobile is unlocked in the garage after completing the Medium level of this activity. Nothing is unlocked for completing the Easy level.


  • Before the player picks Prof. Genki he can be seen assaulting the people around him as if he was normally found outside the activity.
  • By default, the radio station for the Genkimobile in both levels of the activity is pre-set to 102.4 Klassic FM.


  • Super Ethical PR Opportunity gameplay instructions
  • Picking up Genki
  • Activating flamethrowers
  • Super Ethical PR Opportunity - hitting a pedestrian
  • Super Ethical PR Opportunity - Pleasure meter full
  • Super Ethical PR Opportunity complete screen
  • Vehicle - Genkimobile unlocked
  • Flame image from this activity


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