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Suit Blaster
SRIV weapon icon suit blaster

Suit Blaster is a weapon in Saints Row IV.


This weapon is only used in Grand Finale Part Three. It is located on the pistol section of the weapon wheel, and acts as a more powerful version of the Alien Pistol. It can only be used after gaining the power armor and during the fight with Zinyak, as the weapon is built in to the suit. It is the main suit weapon besides making the use of powers possible in the real world.

This weapon has one costume: ZinTek T.R.P.R.

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Costume Description Image
ZinTek T.R.P.R.
It's a blaster. On your suit. This ain't rocket science.
— ZinTek T.R.P.R. description


  • Being a laser built in to the suit and fired from the hand, it resembles the weapon of choice for most power armors in pop-culture, such as Iron Man.


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