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Style Rank is a multiplier which affects the amount of Respect earned in Saints Row 2.

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After completing the third level of "Snatch" in Saints Row 2, 7,500 Respect is awarded. A Style Rank of 2 gives a 10% Style Bonus for 750 Respect. This grants a combined total of 8,250 Respect.

The amount of Respect earned can be increased by raising your Style Rank. All clothing, jewelry, tattoos, vehicle components, Cribs, and Stores you own give you Style Points. Earn enough Style Points to increase your Style Rank.
— Help menu

The Style Meter is displayed in the top right of the store interface HUD. It displays the current Style Rank, and the progress towards the next Rank, displayed as a yellow circular bar. When the Style Meter fills up, the Style Rank increases to the next level. Each Style Rank gives a 5% Style Bonus to the amount of Respect earned.

The number of Style Points available to earn for buying each item is displayed next to the price of the item. Buying Customization Items, Vehicles, Vehicle components, and Crib components, and music give Style Points. There are no Style Points awarded for buying Cribs, Stores, Food, Drugs, or Weapons.

The statistics menu lists the current Style Rank and the total Style Rating, which is the combined number of Style Points earned during the game.

The maximum Style Rank in Saints Row 2 is 10, and it takes a combined 50,000 Style Points to reach. Once Rank 10 is reached, the Style Meter displays an empty bar which immediately fills with any purchase, but the Rank does not increase further.

Style Points are 10% of the base price of an item, so it normally costs $500,000 cash to earn the 50,000 Style Points needed to reach Rank 10. There are no items that are "better value" for earning Style Points. Style Points from Crib components are 5% the cost of the item.

Discounts, including Store Ownership discounts, for Customization Items, Vehicle components, and Crib components, and music prices are not taken into account - the full amount of style points are applied, so it costs less if all items are bought on sale. Discounts applied to Vehicles are taken into account, buying something 25% off gives 25% less Style Points also.

Style Ranks[]

Style Rank Style Points needed Style Bonus awarded
1 100 5%
2 250 10%
3 500 15%
4 1,000 20%
5 1,500 25%
6 3,000 30%
7 6,000 35%
8 15,000 40%
9 25,000 45%
10 50,000 50%


  • It is possible to spend exactly $500,000 to reach Style Rank 10, by visiting Foreign Power and buying 8 Superiores for $60,000 each and a Vortex for $20,000.
  • The in-game help menu and tutorial popup incorrectly states that Store Ownership and owning Cribs gives Style Points - they does not; and leaves out that buying vehicles from Vehicle Dealers and buying music from Scratch That also both give style points.[1]


The Style meter, to the right of the Cash meter

Style Rank instructions

Style level 6 granted

Style level 10 granted


  1. Help Text: "All clothing, jewelry, tattoos, vehicle components, Cribs, and Stores you own give you Style Points."