Stunt Jumps are a Collection Diversion in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.

Stunt Jumps are scattered throughout Stilwater. Find them all for a special reward!
— Stunt Jumps introduction in Saints Row 2[1]


Stunt Jumps are earned by driving a vehicle over a raised jump and flying through the air. Stunt Jump locations are not marked on the Map, or visible in any way, and could be hills, cliffs, or wooden boards. After completing each Jump, there is an on-screen notification that the Stunt Jump is completed.

As with Barnstorming, a certain speed is required in order to trigger the Stunt Jump. Some jumps require a very fast vehicle with Nitrous. Others can be done with a slow vehicle and won't register when approached too fast.

Saints Row 2Edit

Stunt Jumps - Saints Row 2 map

Stunt Jumps in Saints Row 2

There are 80 Stunt Jumps around Stilwater. Stunt jumping does not count towards 100% completion.


79 of the jumps are easily accessible at any point in the game. One jump is designed to be performed during the mission "Pyramid Scheme", and is located at the end of the tunnel used at the end of the mission, which is not easily accessible outside of the mission, and 3 jumps in the Trailer Park district are featured in the Shaundi portion of the mission "Three Kings".


  • The Duke unlocked


There is only one Statistic directly related to Stunt Jumping:

  • Number of stunt jumps found

The Big Air Driving Stunt has related Statistics:

  • Record Flip
  • Record Height
  • Record Roll
  • Record Spin

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Stunt Jumps - Saints Row The Third map

Stunt Jumps in Saints Row: The Third

There are 63 Stunt Jumps in Steelport. Just like in the previous game, completing them does not count towards 100% Completion.


37 of the jumps can be completed at any time. The other 26 are only accessible after story progression because making them requires the drawbridges in town to be raised. Each raised drawbridge offers two jumps. Some of the bridges are raised by STAG as part of the regime they impose on the city.[2] The others are raised as protection against the zombie outbreak.[3]



  • The Duke is based on The General Lee from the TV show The Dukes of Hazzard, which is also where the variant gets its name.
  • Although there are some jumps in the water that can be made by boat, no water jumps are counted as Stunt Jumps. There are some references in the game data files to "water stunts", but these were not included in the final game.
  • While a Bear is provided at the end of "Pyramid Scheme", it is also possible to perform the jump using a Toad.
    • It is possible to miss the jump during the mission, but it is possible to complete the jump during a Mission Replay.
    • It is also possible to do this jump outside of the mission, but it requires a difficult maneuver to steer a bike off the mountain and onto the ledge.
  • The drawbridges in Saints Row: The Third that are raised by STAG and are not connected to the zombie outbreak area are lowered temporarily after finishing "Gangstas in Space" or "STAG Film". When a savegame is loaded the bridges are raised again making all stunt jumps available.


  • Stunt Jumps instructions.png
  • The Duke unlocked
  • Reward unlock image
  • "The Duke" reward car


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