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Stronghold Customization is a feature of Saints Row: Total Control.


In Saints Row: Total Control, a stronghold is your base of operations in a neighborhood, similar to a Crib. Each Stronghold has hitpoints, and can be damaged by enemies and repaired by the player, as well as upgraded to withstand enemy damage, and customise the appearance.


Image Name HP Style Description
Stronghold Windows 01 Wooden Boards.png Wooden Boards 40 35 They are wooden and glass windows, like those found in factories.
"These basic wooden boards keep the draftiness to a minimum, but still let the occasional pigeon interrupt you poker games."
Stronghold Windows 02 Iron Window Bars.png Iron Window Bars 60 50 They are average vertical prison bars.
"These iron bars keep those annoying rhesus monkeys out of your stronghold, and the occasional thug too."
Stronghold Windows 03 Steel Shutters.png Steel Shutters 75 70 They are metallic grey shot shutters.
"These all purpose window shutters block the sun, the rain, the wind, and occasionally bullets."
Stronghold Windows 04 Laser Grid Windows.png Laser Grid Windows 130 They are blue, horizontal lasers projected by small diodes.
"The last word in stronghold security is security. Also, these windows are made of lasers, which is pretty awesome. They also double as nightlights."
Stronghold Windows 05 Bullet Proof Windows.png Bullet Proof Windows 180 125 They are metallic grey, house-window shaped plates that fit into windows.
"When making enemies of rivals, it is advisable to buy some bullet proof windows."
Stronghold Windows 06 Steel Bars.png Steel Bars 210 150 They are the same as Iron Window Bars, with the exception of color.
"Better than Iron bars and thicker than Steel Shutters, these steel bars are reinforced into your stronghold's structure for maximum effectiveness."
Stronghold Windows 07 Blast Shutters.png Blast Shutters 265 1175 They are the same as steel shutters, but have different colors and are not as damaged.
"These window shutters are made from many composites, and are so durable they could withstand the impact of an out-of-control cruise liner. Maybe."
Stronghold Windows 08 Window Force Field.png Window Force Field 300 195 They are the same as Laser Grid Windows, except are red.
"Once again, throught the magic of SCIENCE! You have available to you some force fields for windows. Also doubles as bug zapper."
Stronghold Windows 09 Gold Trimmed Windows.png Gold Trimmed Windows 300 1500 They are solid gold bars in the shape of a grid that fit into windows.
"These window trimmings are made from pure gold, and say to the world "I robbed a gold depository" or also probably "I'm rich!". Either way they make you look a whole lot more stylish".
(Paid only - 4 gold)
Stronghold Windows 10 Reinforced Titanium Shutters.png Reinforced Titanium Shutters 750 1600 They are a dark metallic grey, heavily bolted down, garage-door-like window.
"This sturdy window armor is made from reinforced titanium, and is strong enough to stop virtually any type of attack."
(Paid only - 12 gold)


Image Name
Stronghold Door 01 Large Wooden Doors.png Large Wooden Doors
Stronghold Door 02 Iron Bars.png Iron Bars
Stronghold Door 03 Steel Door.png Steel Door
Stronghold Door 04 Laser Grid.png Laser Grid
Stronghold Door 05 Steel Bars.png Steel Bars
Stronghold Door 06 Reinforced Wooden Doors.png Reinforced Wooden Doors
Stronghold Door 07 Blast Door.png Blast Door
Stronghold Door 08 Force Field.png Force Field
Stronghold Door 09 Solid Gold Door.png Solid Gold Door (Paid only)
Stronghold Door 10 Iridium Door.png Iridium Door (Paid only)


Image Name
Stronghold Guards 01 Guard Thugs.png Lookout Thug
Stronghold Assault 02 Rooftop Sniper.png Rooftop Sniper
Stronghold Assault 03 Radio Tower.png Radio Tower
Stronghold Assault 04 Laser-guided Rocket.png Laser-Guided Rocket
Stronghold Assault 05 Orbital Cannon.png Orbital Cannon
Stronghold Assault 06 Rooftop Snipers.png Rooftop Snipers
Stronghold Assault 07 Smart Missle System.png Smart Missile System
Stronghold Assault 08 Cell Tower.png Cell Tower
Stronghold Assault 09 Orbital Cannon Mk Ii.png Orbital Cannon MK II
Stronghold Assault 10 2 Commando Thugs.png 2 Commando Thugs (Paid only)
Stronghold Assault 11 Sniper Kill Team.png Sniper Kill Team (Paid only)


Image Name
Stronghold Roof 01 Barbed Wire.png Barbed Wire
Stronghold Roof 02 Spiked Railing.png Spiked Railing
Stronghold Roof 03 Electric Fence.png Electric Fence
Stronghold Roof 04 Stone Statues.png Stone Statues
Stronghold Roof 05 Razor Wire.png Razor Wire
Stronghold Roof 06 Wrought Iron Railing.png Wrought Iron Railing
Stronghold Roof 07 1.21 Gigawatt Fence.png 1.21 Gigawatt Fence
Stronghold Roof 08 Terrifying Statues.png Terrifying Statues
Stronghold Roof 09 Super Speakers.png Super Speakers (Paid only)
Stronghold Roof 10 Bling Statues.png Bling Statues (Paid only)


Image Name
Stronghold Guards 01 Guard Thugs.png Guard Thugs
Stronghold Guards 02 Guard Dogs.png Guard Dogs
Stronghold Guards 03 Hot Dog Thugs.png Hot Dog Thugs
Stronghold Guards 04 Automated Sentry Guns.png Automated Sentry Guns
Stronghold Guards 05 Mercenaries.png Mercenaries
Stronghold Guards 06 Attack Dogs.png Attack Dogs
Stronghold Guards 07 Automated Sentry Guns with Rocket Launcher.png Automated Sentry Guns (with Rocket Launcher)
Stronghold Guards 08 Spicy Hot Dog Thugs.png Spicy Hot Dog Thugs
Stronghold Guards 09 Wacky Fan Man.png Wacky Fan Man (Paid only)
Stronghold Guards 10 Ninjas.png Ninjas! (Paid only)

Gang Tag[]

Image Name
Stronghold tags 8-bit Middle Finger.png 8-bit Middle Finger
Stronghold tags Axes.png Axes
Stronghold tags Beer.png Beer
Stronghold tags Biohazard.png Biohazard
Stronghold tags Blood.png Blood
Stronghold tags Blood Splatter 1.png Blood Splatter 1
Stronghold tags Bomb.png Bomb
Stronghold tags Celtic Knot.png Celtic Knot
Stronghold tags Eagle.png Eagle
Stronghold tags Fish.png Fish
Stronghold tags Flame.png Flame
Stronghold tags Grenade.png Grenade
Stronghold tags Iris.png Iris
Stronghold tags Mountain.png Mountain
Stronghold tags Mud Flap Girl.png Mud Flap Girl
Stronghold tags Pill.png Pill
Stronghold tags Pistol.png Pistol
Stronghold tags Pistols.png Pistols
Stronghold tags Pitbull.png Pitbull
Stronghold tags Radioactive.png Radioactive
Stronghold tags Skull With Crossbone.png Skull With Crossbone
Stronghold tags Snake.png Snake
Stronghold tags Spinners.png Spinners
Stronghold tags Steak.png Steak
Stronghold tags Switchblade.png Switchblade
Stronghold tags Sword.png Sword
Stronghold tags Tiger.png Tiger
Stronghold tags Yin Yang.png Yin Yang


  • The Gang Tag is displayed on all captured buildings.