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"Strength in Numbers" is the seventh mission of Los Carnales story arc in Saints Row.

Dex, do your job, but don't think you're bigger than you are. When it comes to the Colombians, you call me, understand?
Strength in Numbers audio
Julius Little to Dex, while at the church with Troy and Playa.


Back at the church, Julius Little sharply criticizes Dex over his decision to meet the Colombians without consulting Julius first, while Troy and Playa listen. Still furious over Hector Lopez' death,[1] and how Dex and Playa escaped him,[2] Victor Rodriguez storms the church with fellow Carnales.[3]

Julius Little, Troy, Dex, and Playa fight off the onslaught of Carnales with other 3rd Street Saints, and eventually manage to bring Victor Rodriguez down. Troy lights a cigarette on Victor's burning corpse while a disgusted Dex looks on, and an angry Angelo Lopez loads a gun back at the Lopez Mansion. His girlfriend Luz Avalos questions where he's going, whereupon a jealous and paranoid Angelo slaps her across the face, believing she cares more for Manuel Orejuela than she does for him.[4]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

Furious at the Saints for Hector's assassination, the fearless Carnales enforcer, Victor, led an all-out siege against the 3rd Street Saints' headquarters, and this time, he wasn't turning back. You and the other Saints withstood the assault, took out the attacking Carnales, and finally fed Victor his last bullet.


Strength in Numbers - Victor's Bulldog approaching
Defend the church at all costs.

The mission consists of on-foot combat while defending the church against an onslaught of Carnales. There are many Homies, as well as the weapons and ammunition on the ground.

They are coming from the south, help repel them.

If the first wave of enemies is killed quickly at the south side of the church, the second wave takes a few moments to arrive, creating an awkward pause where Playa can do nothing but stand around in the graveyard waiting.

Help Julius defend the north side.
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Destroy Victor's car.

Once Victor arrives in his Bulldog, he patrols the outside of the church back and forth in a set pattern, and can be destroyed fairly easily with enough ammunition.

Kill Victor.

Victor himself, while having more health than an average enemy, can also be killed quite easily with an assortment of weapons, although a shotgun or SMG is a fast way to dispose of him. Sometimes he is on fire after destroying his vehicle, in which case he slowly dies. Completing the mission earns a $3,000 cash reward.

The mission can be failed by getting smoked or busted, killing/abandoning Dex,[5][6] Troy,[7][8] or Julius Little,[9][10] or abandoning the church.[11]



  • Julius Little reprimands Dex, saying "do your job, but don't think you're bigger than you are".[3] This is something Dex never particularly learns, as in Corporate Warfare, Ultor CEO Eric Gryphon reveals Dex has been going behind Ultor's back to sell nuclear waste on the black market.[12]
    • Julius Little also tells Dex not to call him "Jules", stating he hasn't earned it.[3] Only Benjamin King, leader of the Vice Kings and childhood friend of Julius Little, calls him "Jules" in the game.
  • Dex calls the Carnales "the Los Carnales" in the opening cutscene,[3] a term which he stated was grammatically incorrect twice in previous missions.[13][14]
  • Victor Rodriguez can be set on fire in this mission. He could not in the previous mission, Meeting Orejuela.
    • Sometimes he may automatically be set on fire when his vehicle is destroyed. If so, the fire does not extinguish and he slowly dies as he runs through the church.
  • This mission is similar to the Saints Row 2 mission "Revelation", in that Playa and Julius Little fight off attackers alongside each other in the church.


"Chain of Command" cutsceneEdit

Dex: "Julius, I don't see what the big deal is."
Julius Little: "The deal is that you went to talk to the Colombians without me."
Dex: "We didn't even get to meet him Jules."
Julius Little: "And don't call me Jules, you haven't earned it."
Dex: "Fine. Julius, you put me in charge of the Los Carnales. Shit, now you got me sayin' it."
Julius Little: "Dex, do your job, but don't think you're bigger than you are. When it comes to the Colombians, you call me, understand?"
Dex: "Yeah."
Julius Little: "Alright, now that that's settled--"
Troy: "Shit!"
Chain of Command full CUTSCENES 0160
— "Chain of Command" cutscene


Heads up playa, I don't think these bitches stopped by for confession.
— Julius, at the start of the mission

They're comin' from the side entrance!
— Julius announcing Wave 1

Victor and his crew are stormin' the church!
— Julius announcing Wave 2

You gotta be fuckin' kiddin' me, what's this muthafucka made of?
— Julius, upon destroying Victor Rodriguez' Bulldog

Well, that coulda went worse...
— Julius, at the end of the mission

They're commin' back from the north, let's move it!
— Dex

They're commin' from the south, let's take 'em out...
— Dex

Victor Rodriguez (audio): "¡Voy a quemar esta inglesia hasta que está en ceniza!"
Victor Rodriguez (translation): "I'm going to burn this church until it turns into ashes!"
Victor Rodriguez (audio): "¡Me las a pagar por eso, loco!"
Victor Rodriguez (translation): "You will pay for this, fool!"
Victor Rodriguez (audio): "¡No voya a fallar, Angelo!"
Victor Rodriguez (translation): "I'm not gonna fail, Angelo!"
Victor Rodriguez (audio): "¡Héctor, tendrás tu venganza!"
Victor Rodriguez (translation): "Hector, you'll have your vengeance!"
Julius: "No one fucks with the Saints!"
Julius: "None of these bitches are walkin' out, you hear me?!"
Julius: "You muthafuckas shoulda stayed home!"
Julius: "You neva shoulda came here!"
Dex: "Where's Johnny when you need him?"
Dex: "It's like ridin' a fuckin' bike."
Dex: "I don't know how long we can hold out, Julius!"
Dex: "Do these bitches stop?"
Dex: "They're still coming!"
Dex: "Hey Troy, you okay man?"
Dex: "I need help here!"
Dex: "No one fucks up our church!"
Dex: "How many are there?"
Troy: "I shoulda called in sick..."
Troy: "They keep comin'!"
Troy: "These muthafuckas made a big mistake."
Troy: "Let's show these bitches what the Saints can do!"
— Random lines when attacking
Julius: "Where my boys at?"
Julius: "Don't worry 'bout me, I'm fine."
Julius: "It's gonna take a lot more than that to stop me..."
Julius: "I ain't goin' out here."
Dex: "You okay Julius?"
Dex: "What you doin'? Get our man's back!"
Dex: "Stay cool Julius, we got ya covered."
Dex: "You asleep or somethin'? Start helpin' Julius!"
Troy: "Julius, don't worry, you're gonna be fine..."
Troy: "Shit, Julius, back off, okay? You're no good to us dead."
Troy: "Quit sittin' around, Julius needs our help."
Troy: "Give Julius some cover!"
— Random lines when Julius takes damage

"Got a Light?" cutsceneEdit

"Disgusting Habit" segment
Disgusting Habit full CUTSCENES 0164
— Troy, lighting his cigarette on Victor's flaming corpse and seeing Dex's disgusted face, in the "Disgusting Habit" segment of the "Got a Light?" cutscene

"Lovers Spat" segment
Luz Avalos: "Angelo, what are you doing?"
Angelo Lopez: "What does it look like I'm doing?"
Luz Avalos: "It looks like you're running off to get killed."
Angelo Lopez (translation): "I'm not scared of Orejuela!"
Angelo Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Angelo Lopez (audio): "¡Yo no le tengo miedo a Orejuela!"
Luz: "Oh come on, you don't think Manuel is respon--"
Angelo Lopez: "Are you protecting him?! You want to be with him?"
Luz: "He didn't kill Hector--"
Angelo slaps Luz hard in the face
Angelo Lopez (translation): "Never speak to me like that again! Do you understand?"
Angelo Lopez (subtitle): "(Spanish)"
Angelo Lopez (audio): "¡Nunca me hables así otra vez! ¿Me entiendes?"
Luz begins to cry
Lovers Spat full CUTSCENES 0164
— "Lovers Spat" segment of the "Got a Light?" cutscene


  • Julius Little and Dex
  • Julius Little, Troy, Playa and Dex
  • Troy and Dex
  • Angelo Lopez and Luz Avalos
  • Angelo Lopez slaps Luz Avalos across her face
  • Strength in Numbers - with Julius Little, Troy, and Dex as Homies
  • Strength in Numbers - Victor's Bulldog approaching

Star saints

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