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Stored Vehicle Delivery, AKA Driveup Homie is a Homie in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


Stored Vehicle Delivery can be called from the Cellphone to deliver any land vehicle stored in the Garage.

In Saints Row 2, Stored Vehicle Delivery is unlocked through the Escort activity in the Red Light District. In addition to land vehicles, boats can be retrieved while The Protagonist is in or close to water.

In Saints Row: The Third, the Vehicle Delivery homie is a purchasable Upgrade. Boats and aircraft are not retrievable.

In Saints Row IV, the Vehicle Delivery homie is unlocked after The Fundamentals, and can teleport all vehicles, except for boats.

Other Vehicle DeliveryEdit

Saints Row: The Third features special vehicle delivery homies which deliver a specific vehicle which is not in the Garage.

There are no special vehicle delivery homies in Saints Row 2 or Saints Row IV, although Saints Row IV homies.xtbl file contains entries for these three homies.

Image Name Vehicle Obtaining
Ui reward homie heli Heli Tornado Upgrade: Level 24, $18750
Ui reward homie tank Tank Challenger Upgrade: Level 26, $19500
Ui reward homie vtol VTOL F-69 VTOL Upgrade: Level 39, $23500
Ui cmp dlc ball Yarnie Yarnie Sexy Kitten Yarngasm

Duplication GlitchEdit

In Saints Row IV, after having a vehicle delivered, a random duplicate of the same vehicle spawns nearby any time a regular Homie is called.

  • This works with all vehicles, including aircraft.
  • It does not matter whether a Homie is already recruited.
  • It does not matter whether or not The Protagonist is inside a vehicle.
  • It does not matter which vehicle is last driven.
  • It does not matter if the last delivered vehicle is destroyed.
  • A duplicate vehicle spawns 100% of the time. As vehicle spawns at the same distance as Homie spawn driving vehicles in previous games, it may be on a nearby street and not immediately located. The vehicle often, but not always, spawns in the direction The Protagonist is facing.
  • Duplicate cars always spawn on the road.
  • Duplicating any non-unique variant will spawn a random variant, including the Wraith, which spawns a random Attrazione.
  • Duplicating any unique variant will only duplicate that specific variant, so the Chrome Rattler cannot be used to spawn other Rattler variants.
  • This can be used to duplicate unique vehicles, but does not make them customisable.
  • Saving duplicate vehicles count towards the Garage limit, even if the original does not.
  • This also works after reloading a saved game, allowing unlockable vehicles to be added to the Garage before unlocking them, and Cheat-summoned vehicles to be added to a non-cheating save.
  • If the vehicle is in sight when the Homie is spawned, it moves a short distance with the Homie inside before teleporting out of it. This indicates that the glitch occurs because Homies normally spawn inside vehicles in previous games, but since no vehicle is defined for the Homie, the last delivered vehicle is used instead.
  • This glitch can be used to obtain otherwise unavailable vehicle modifications, such as the 4 Criminal Exhaust Tip variations.


  • The name "Driveup Homie" is used in Saints Row 2 when the homie is killed: "Driveup Homie is down"[1] and abandoned: "Driveup Homie has been dismissed!".[2] Like Wheel Woman, he does not have a real name.
  • The Cellphone list shows the default names of vehicles, not the variant names which are shown at other garages.
  • During the "Volition Plays Saints Row" livestream, several developers were under the mistaken impression that Wheel Woman could be used to deliver specific vehicles.
  • In Saints Row 2, random boats are delivered instead of the specific stored variant, which is an easy way to obtain all 4 Hurricane variants.
  • VTOL Homie can deliver a F-69 VTOL before STAG arrive in the city.

Saints Row IVEdit

  • Vehicle teleportation fails in some situations, such as when The Protagonist is currently in a "exit vehicle" animation.
  • Helicopters spawn 40m above The Protagonist's position, which can be used to get above the normal 600m height limit of Virtual Steelport, up to 3500m. Vehicle delivery does not work above 3500m.
  • Planes may spawn on the ground, or on water, instead of in the air.


  • Saints Row 2 Unlock screen for $1000 Vehicle Delivery
  • Saints Row 2 Unlock screen for Free Vehicle Delivery
  • Driveup Homie is down
  • Driveup Homie has been dismissed!
  • Stored Vehicle Delivery in Saints Row 2
  • Vehicle Delivery in Saints Row: The Third
  • Homie - Vehicle Delivery unlocked in Saints Row: The Third
  • Saints Row: The Third unlock screen
  • Saints Row: The Third Vehicle Delivery Homie icon
  • Heli Homie in Saints Row: The Third
  • Tank Homie in Saints Row: The Third
  • VTOL Homie in Saints Row: The Third
  • Yarnie Delivery in Saints Row: The Third


  1. Image:
    Driveup Homie down

    Driveup Homie is down

  2. Image:
    Driveup Homie dismissed

    Driveup Homie has been dismissed!

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