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Store Hacking is a Diversion in Saints Row IV.

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Not to be confused with Store Ownership


Store Hacking replaces Store Ownership from Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third

This diversion is introduced in the mission "Hack the Planet", but it is possible to hack all Stores before beginning this mission.

During and after "The Fundamentals", all Stores are accessible, but after "The Real World", all stores become locked without explanation. In order to use Stores again, each one must first be hacked.

In addition to allowing the Stores to be used again, Store Hacking also claims territory for City Takeover.


Cache = 1000 + 50*level

The Cache awarded starts at 1000, and increases by $50 each hack.
The Cache awarded for the final Store is therefore 2650, and the total Cash for hacking all stores is 62050.

XP = 150 + 7.5*level (rounded down)

The XP awarded starts and 150, and increases by 7.5 each hack.
The XP awarded for the final Store is therefore 397, and the total XP for hacking all stores is 9307.


Each data access circuit is made up of a grid of empty slots: Hk

Hacking nodes must be placed into the slots to complete the circuit between the marked positions: Hk a

There are 34 Stores, and 34 different data access circuit layouts. The layouts are numbered, from 0 to 33, and the number is displayed in the top left corner of the screen while hacking.

The order of data access circuit layouts is sequential. They are not random, and are not tied to any particular Store, so the 7th Store hacked is always the same circuit, no matter which order the stores are hacked.

  • The first 10 levels use a 4x4 grid, the next 12 use a 5x5 grid, the final 12 use a 6x6 grid.
  • There are 6 types of Hacking Nodes: the number and availability of each vary between levels.
    • Hk ewHk nsHk swHk nwHk seHk ne
  • Some locations in the circuit are obstructed and cannot be used: Hk x


  • Like many full screen interfaces in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV, the world does not pause, and The Protagonist may still be attacked by enemies. Each attack deducts 10 seconds from the timer.
  • Store Hacking is based on the game Pipe Dream.
  • If the timer runs out or the diversion is exited, the hack fails and a two-star Notoriety level is given.
  • It is not necessary to use all nodes.



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