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Stone Age Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row IV.

Bring the past into the present with this pack of 100% historically-accurate DLC. Don the trendiest prehistoric animal pelts, arm yourself with the legbone of a long-extinct species, bonk enemies in the face with a bloody club, and then take the whole crew out for bronto-burgers in the latest high-tech vehicle from Stoned Motor Corp!
— DLC Description[1]


The Stone Age Pack was released on January 14, 2014, and is available on Steam[2], PlayStation 3[3], and Xbox 360[1]. It comes with two suits that are color customizable, two weapon costumes, and a Stoned vehicle.


  • Clothing - Suit: Prehistoric Pretty
  • Clothing - Suit: Stone Age Stud
  • Vehicle: Stoned
Weapon Costume Skin Description Image
Baseball Bat Giant Bone Default
Somewhere, there's a giant boneless chicken looking for this.
— Weapon description

Baseball Bat - Giant Bone costume.png
Tentacle Bat Caveman Club Default
For when you need to get neolithic on someone's ass.
— Weapon description

Ui hud inv s dlc club c.png


  • Description for the Caveman Club is a reference to Marcellus Wallace's line in Pulp Fiction "I'm going to be medieval on your ass", implying he will torture whom he is talking to.


Ui dlc pack caveman

Promo image for Saints Row IV - Stone Age DLC Pack

Promo image for Saints Row IV - Stone Age DLC Pack

Saints Row IV - Stone Age DLC Pack - Unlock Screen

Stoned vehicle logo

Saints Row IV variants - Stoned - front

Saints Row IV variants - Stoned - rear

Saints Row IV variants - Stoned - left

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