Stilwater University
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Stilwater University Postcard



Stilwater University


Sons of Samedi SR2

Unlocked after

Stilwater University Student Union SR2

City Income

$500 SR2


Charred Hard Burgers
Stilwater U. Gift Shoppe




Saints Row 2

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Stilwater University is a neighborhood of the University District in Saints Row 2.

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The main feature of this neighborhood is Stilwater University itself, after which both the Neighborhood and District are named. The university resides directly side-by-side to the highest altitude mountain in stilwater, isolating it from the projects district and lower income areas.

It is bordered on the north by Frat Row, on the east by Sommerset, and to the northeast by Mount Claflin which houses the secret Pyramid facility.

Off the coast to the southwest lies the island with the Nuclear Power Plant.

This Neighborhood is initially controlled by the Sons of Samedi who are pushing their Loa Dust here with the help of Veteran Child.

The Saints take control of the Neighborhood on the Student Union's Cultural Day when they take out the Sons of Samedi dealers on campus and within the Student Union building.

Additional posters, tables, and displays are around the Neighborhood during the aforementioned Cultural Day.



Secret AreasEdit

  • University Observatory


  • Though you never see an NPC wear one, a Skeeters mask is available in the campus store.
  • There is a network of water tunnels underneath the University which can be navigated by boat.


  • Stilwater University Map in Saints Row 2
  • Stilwater University Giftshop billboard
  • Campus Map
  • University Observatory
  • University Observatory
  • Charred Hard Burgers location at Stilwater University
  • Stilwater University Student Union - Samedi Killed counter
  • Neighborhood unlock in Saints Row 2
  • Stronghold Newspaper


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