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Stilwater University
Stilwater University Student Union east side



Stilwater University


Stilwater University Student Union Stronghold




Saints Row 2

Stilwater University is a complex of buildings is Stilwater in Saints Row 2.

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Located in the Stilwater University Neighborhood, Stilwater University is no ordinary campus. Built during Ultor's takeover of Stilwater, the university has been used as a major recruitment center for Ultor. Two gangs of pranksters have been organised by frat boys, the Brothers of Gamma and the Brothers of Theta.[1]

The Sons of Samedi dealt the popular recreational drug, Loa Dust here until the Saints took over and killed the university dealer Mark Gabby.[2] One college student, a geeky computer nerd runs a brothel on site and pimps girls around the area, although instead of the title pimp, he prefers to call himself a romance manager.[3] The Culex Stadium is located in the middle of the university district, used for the Stilwater sports team[reference?], the Skeeters and Demolition Derby tournaments.


Student programs

The school colors are black and gold. The university has a Quad day, which is used to advertise clubs and societies using stands, which was used by Samedi to recruit college kids up until The Protagonist interrupted with a hail of bullets, which claimed the lives of both Samedi and Students alike. On a newscast after the mission, it is said that that night, a candle vigil will be held outside the union in memory of the students.[reference?]


Stilwater University - in-game map in Saints Row 2

According to a map inside the Student Union, the following buildings are on campus:

  • Art
  • Computer Game Programming
  • Film
  • History
  • Language
  • Math and Science
  • Observatory
  • Student Union

Another campus location is the Culex Stadium, located in the adjacent Frat Row neighborhood.

Student UnionEdit

The interior contains the Stilwater U. Gift Shoppe and Charred Hard Burgers, along with the Student Council on the second floor with cubicles and a tiny kitchen.

An "Adams Arcade" on the first floor contains a usable Poker, Blackjack and Zombie Uprising machines, as well as an ATM.

The Sons of Samedi used the Stilwater University Student Union as a stronghold, and recruited dealers and muscle there, until the Saints took control over the University.


During Fuzz activities, The Protagonist can be tasked with stopping a group of fraternity pranksters using Chainsaws.

Pi Delta
Theta Nu
Brothers of Theta
The Brothers of Theta are a college fraternity. Blake is a high ranking member and throws regular parties in his college apartment[reference?], which consists of beer pong and other frat party activities. Blake bought a fire suit and a quad bike for pledge hazing, which he gives The Protagonist in order to go trail blazing round campus.[4]
Brothers of Gamma
The Brothers of Gamma are a college fraternity in rivalry with the Brothers of Theta, competing by doing practical jokes around campus.


  • According to the "History of the Saints", the loss of Loa Dust resulted in a 431% drop in enrollment at Stilwater University.[5]
  • On the radio in Saints Row, a 'Stilwater Community College' is mentioned.



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