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Stilwater Penitentiary is a neighborhood in the Stilwater Prison District of Stilwater.


The Stilwater Penitentiary neighborhood is one of two neighborhoods in the Stilwater Prison District, along with Hangman's Wharf.

In this neighborhood is Stilwater's main prison. It is never seen in Saints Row. The prison is isolated from mainland Stilwater to prevent inmate escapes, the security guards run a Fight Club where they take bets and earn money on the side. The Protagonist spends several years in a coma in the prison infirmary, where he undergoes facial surgery to prevent disfigurement from the boat explosion at the end of Saints Row.[2] Soon after waking from that coma, he escapes with fellow inmate Carlos Mendoza.[3]

The Protagonist returns to the island when he triggers a prison break in order to rescue Laura, the drug dealing housewife from Saints Row. Guards use Tombstones and NR4s to suppress the riots, whilst many prisoners are beaten with Nightsticks and sprayed with Pepper Spray and shot with Stun Guns. Laura and The Protagonist successfully escape, although in the midst of the chaos.[4]

Instead of regular police officers, special Security Guards act as law enforcement on the prison island, although the same police Notoriety bar is used.



  • This prison is based on Alcatraz, a real-life prison island.
    • In Saints Row, the geographical area in which it is located is not on the map.
  • Inmates exercising in the yard randomly say "I'm gonna break Pierce's record!".


  • Stilwater Prison - Stilwater Penitentiary Map in Saints Row 2
  • Concept art of the prison
  • Concept art of the prison at night
  • The lighthouse near the prison
  • Stilwater Penitentiary from the air
  • Stilwater Prison island from trailer park
  • Stilwater Prison - Saints Row 2 promo


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