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The Stilwater Nuclear is the only Neighborhood in the Nuclear Power Plant District of Stilwater.


It is a nuclear facility on an island owned by the Ultor Corporation, and is located west of the two main islands of Stilwater, and to the south of the Stilwater Prison District. This location prominently featured in the mission "Waste Not Want Not", and in the Corporate Warfare mission "Corporate Meltdown".

It is also featured in one of the Mayhem activities, and the Hitman activity to kill Jim.

The traffic on the island is present during the daytime only and consists mostly of security Five-Os, Thorogoods, Churchills and Stilwater Municipals.



  • Attempting to fly a helicopter or to parachute into a cooling tower results in being automatically Smoked.
  • Sometimes a civilian who is fishing says that he once caught a three eyed fish near the power plant. This is a reference to the The Simpsons episode "Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish", where Bart catches a three eyed fish at Mr. Burns' power plant. There are three-eyed fish and two-headed fish swimming in the toxic pool in the south. These fish are also present near the airport and in the small lake on Mount Claflin.
  • A pre-release map from Saints Row 2 depicts the plant as belonging to The Brotherhood.[1][2] In the final game, it is a territory controlled by Ultor.
    • It is likely that this Neighborhood was originally to have been unlocked after The Brotherhood mission "Waste Not Want Not", which takes place there, and does not unlock any Neighborhood.
  • There are several blow-up dolls in a waste pool.
  • A .44 Shepherd is sitting on a table in the Nuke Launch Room. When the table is moved, the gun does not fall, but explosions can dislodge it.
  • A Nuclear Security Five-O can be stored in the Garage via Rim Jobs.
  • The announcer in the Stilwater Nuclear radio advertisement continually mispronounces Nuclear as "Nucular", although the testimonials pronounce it correctly.


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Stilwater Nuclear


  • Hi-res map of the island
  • Nuclear Power Plant - Stilwater Nuclear Map in Saints Row 2
  • Approaching the island from the east
  • Stilwater Nuclear logo
  • Ultor Power logo
  • Concept art of the nuclear plant dock area

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