Stilwater Memorial Hospital
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Saints Row
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Stilwater Memorial Hospital is a building in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


When The Protagonist is Smoked, they respawn here if this hospital is the closest. The exterior includes a car park, stairs leading up the entrance and an inaccessible emergency entrance around the back.

Johnny Gat is taken here after being stabbed in a fight with Jyunichi.[1]

Saints RowEdit

There are two different buildings bearing the name "Stilwater Memorial Hospital". One is located on the north island, in Adept Way, the other is located on the south island, in Ezpata. In Saints Row 2, the Ezpata hospital is known as "Sangre Sedienta Hospital".
Sangre Sedienta Hospital (1)

Sangre Sedienta Hospital logo in Saints Row 2.

Neither building can be entered.

Saints Row 2Edit

There are a set of doors at the front of the building on the ground floor, inside there is a main reception desk, a waiting area and 2 corridors going to various wards with doctors, nurses and patients standing around.

The second and third level can only be accessed during the mission "Visiting Hours". These levels consist of many rooms and a surgical area, but the elevators are only enabled during the mission, there is no way to access them outside of that mission, and it is not possible to remain on those levels while glitching out of the mission.

The top floor can be accessed via a door next to the helipad, which is only accessible by helicopter. The door leads to a corridor with small rooms leading off it. The stairwell on the top floor is locked outside of the mission.


  • There are two Ultor signs by the main reception desk.
  • The background music playing is the same as in Rounds Square Shopping Center, another Ultor-owned building.
  • There is no ramp at the main entrance, which is unusual for a medical facility.
  • "Sangre Sedienta" is Spanish for "Thirsty for Blood".



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