Stilwater Caverns (Stronghold)
Stilwater Caverns - complete 500 cash
"Stilwater Caverns" Stronghold completion screen


Story arc

3rd Street Saints (prologue)

Unlocked after

"Down Payment"


Marked: 0. Minimum kills: 0


"Stilwater Caverns" is a Stronghold in Saints Row 2.

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For the neighborhood, see Stilwater Caverns (Neighborhood)

Civic-minded Saints clean caverns
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline[1]


Johnny Gat phones Playa and briefs them on the surviving homeless bums that survived the events of "Down Payment"; they have set up in the Stilwater Caverns and are mugging tourists to gather enough cash to fight back against the 3rd Street Saints, and suggests Playa clears them out.


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the Stronghold, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

Tourists to Stilwater's underground caverns received a shock today as dozens of homeless flooded into tourist areas and past confused citizens. Caverns authorities believe the homeless had been living somewhere deeper within the facility when people—mostly[sic] likely teenagers—attacked the make-shift shanty town and forced its residents to find safety.


Stilwater Caverns - Shanties destroyed counter

Gameplay from the Stronghold.

Go to the homeless area and destroy the shanties

This introductory Stronghold requires heading into the bums' current hideout inside the Stilwater Caverns to destroy six marked shanties.

Destroy the shanties

Unlike "Down Payment", throwing Human Shields into the shanties is not required to destroy them - simply shooting them works.

The bums themselves are lightly armed and put up little resistance, but there are a large number of them after first reaching the open area where the shanties lie, some armed with Molotov Cocktails. There are many explosive barrels lying around the edges of this area.


  • Stilwater Caverns neighborhood unlocked



Those bums we evicted set up shop in the underground caverns. Now normally I wouldn't give a shit, but these assholes been muggin' tourists so they can have enough bank to come at us. You toss their shanty town, and I doubt they'll try to step...
Stilwater Caverns intro phone call SR2 VOC SP 01139
Johnny Gat, introducing the "Stilwater Caverns" Stronghold.


  • Strongholds instructions
  • The caverns where the Stronghold takes place
  • The caverns where the Stronghold takes place
  • The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard

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    Stilwater Caverns newspaper

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