Stilwater Boardwalk
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Hotels & Marina


The Ronin SR2

Unlocked after

One Man's Junk... SR2

City Income

$500 SR2


Charred Hard Burgers
Ship It

Notable buildings

Developer offices
Heron Hotel
Marina Lighthouse


Crowd Control SR2
Drug Trafficking SR2
Hitman SR2
Racing SR2




Saints Row 2

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Stilwater Boardwalk is a neighborhood in the Hotels & Marina District of Stilwater in Saints Row 2.


In Saints Row 2, Stilwater Boardwalk is owned by The Ronin. It covers the west side of the Hotels & Marina District. The final Ronin mission, One Man's Junk..., takes place on the southeast dock during the Chinese Heritage Festival.

In the area there are many hotels and motels, with tourists on vacation. The area often has The Job and Status Quo limos in the area, as well as upper-class vehicles.

The boardwalk itself features the North Shore Marina Super Mall, though most of the stores are not enterable. There are a few sea food stands, and a restaurant on a docked pirate ship, alongside another boardwalk which runs through multiple caves.

There is a beach with tourists engaging in various activities.

The boardwalk is used as the location for the annual Family Fun Day held by Ultor, and third and final mission in the Corporate Warfare DLC takes place here.[1]




Secret AreasEdit


  • The Hitman target Nick spawns in this Neighborhood, on the top floor of the Heron Hotel.
  • The Hitman target Randy spawns in this Neighborhood, after making a purchase at Ship It.
  • The Hitman target Seabaugh spawns in this Neighborhood, around the pirate ship.


  • Stilwater Boardwalk Map in Saints Row 2
  • Charred Hard Burgers at Stilwater Boardwalk
  • Charred Hard Burgers in Stilwater Boardwalk - exterior roof dining area
  • Branded at Stilwater Boardwalk
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - Frank in Peter
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - models for sale
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - North Shore Marina Super Mall
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - North Shore Marina signs
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - digital aquarium
  • Stilwater Boardwalk mural
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - looking north at shops on pier
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - Cheggar Tacos
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - Captain Seth Ball's Marina Bar
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - market stalls with Volition t-shirts
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - looking south at shops on pier
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - wide view from north
  • Neighborhood unlocked in Saints Row 2
  • Concept art of the Pirate Ship
  • Concept art of the Chinese Heritage Festival
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - aerial view
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - Bittern Place
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - Boardwalk
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - Heron Hotel loop
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - HMS Cheesman
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - Loop and Rae's Swimwear
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - market
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - North Shore Marina Super Mall
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - Poseidon's Palace
  • Stilwater Boardwalk - street

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