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"Stilwater Blues" is a mission in Saints Row: The Third.


Following STAG's attack on the Saints HQ[1] and the end of the Deckers,[2] The Protagonist has a short discussion with Shaundi over the phone, who has been troubled by recent events. The conversation is interrupted when Shaundi is kidnapped by Kia under orders from Cyrus Temple, setting the stage for the next mission.[3]


The Protagonist: "Hey Shaundi, what's up?"
Shaundi: "Oh nothin'. After that whole thing with Birk, just missin' Stilwater is all."
The Protagonist: "And Johnny."
Shaundi: "Yeah... and Johnny."
The Protagonist: "Listen, we're doin' this for him. He'd want that, right?"
Shaundi: "Hell yeah he would. He must be pissed he's missing all this... hold on a sec. Hey, what the fuck?"
The Protagonist: "Shaundi...?"
Kia: "Guess again."
The Protagonist: "Shaundi!?"
— The Protagonist Male 1

The Protagonist: "Talk to me."
Shaundi: "You trust Viola?"
The Protagonist: "She seems alright..."
Shaundi: "How can you go long with her after who she worked for, after what she did?"
The Protagonist: "Shaundi, you gotta let that shit go."
Shaundi: "It's not rig-... Oh shit!"
The Protagonist: "Shaundi, you playin' around? Shaundi...?"
Kia: "Sorry, she won't be answering you."
The Protagonist: "Fuck me."
— The Protagonist Male 2

The Protagonist: "Hello, love."
Shaundi: "You think taking down Miller was too easy?"
The Protagonist: "You call that easy?"
Shaundi: "I'm just saying, you made it out in one piece."
The Protagonist: "You sure this ain't about Kinzie?"
Shaundi: "What? No, why would it be?"
The Protagonist: "A little obvious you don't like her, Shaundi. ... Shaundi...? Shaundi, you there?"
Shaundi: "Let me go!"
The Protagonist: "Shit! Shaundi?!"
— The Protagonist Male 3

Shaundi: "I was thinking, Kinzie did a pretty good job with that Matt Miller thing."
The Protagonist: "Yeah she did... Why do I feel you didn't just call to say that?"
Shaundi: "What, I can't say "go team"?"
The Protagonist: "No, that's cool. I was beginning to think you turned all cold bitch on us, honey."
Shaundi: "What can I say, things haven't been all sunshine and ros-oh no...nonono, FUCK!"
The Protagonist: "Shaundi?"
Shaundi: "Mmmph... STAG...!"
The Protagonist: "That's... not good."
— The Protagonist Female 1

Shaundi: "Hey you mind if I take the night off?"
The Protagonist: "Why? Seeing a gentleman caller?"
Shaundi: "Yeah, Pierce and I wanna get married and pop out a bunch of kids."
The Protagonist: "Not funny."
Shaundi: "Look, I just need some time to mys-... STAG!"
The Protagonist: "Shaundi...."
— The Protagonist Female 2

The Protagonist: "Yeah?"
Shaundi: "Hey boss. We got Matt Miller leaving town and Morningstar's golden girl running with us now, right?"
The Protagonist: "Right, so?"
Shaundi: "So are we killing the Syndicate or becoming them?"
The Protagonist: "That's not fair."
Shaundi: "No what's not fair is the fact that you're making deals with the people that fucking killed yo-"
The Protagonist: "Shaundi? You there?"
Kia: "You took Birk. Now it's our turn."
— The Protagonist Female 3

The Protagonist: "[Moans]"
Shaundi: "When're we takin' down Killbane and Temple?"
The Protagonist: "[Groans]"
Shaundi: "Fine, but we shouldn't sit on our asses too long."
The Protagonist: "[Garbled]"
Shaundi: "I wanna get out there and... dammit, let go of me!"
Kia: "You can forget about your friend here. She's not going out anywhere."
The Protagonist: "[Gargles]"
— The Protagonist Zombie



  • Like the bonus missions, this mission simply consists of a phone call.
  • This mission is not counted in the Statistics, and does not count towards 100% Completion.
  • Although there is no "mission complete" screen, it is possible to quit the mission, and to fail the mission by getting Smoked.


  • Mission failure screen for this mission


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