Stilwater 1st National Bank
Stilwater 1st National Bank in Saints Row The Third is incomplete floating building

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Saints Row: The Third

The Stilwater 1st National Bank is a bank located in Stilwater in Saints Row: The Third.


The Stilwater 1st National Bank is owned by The Syndicate and is one of only two locations in Stilwater which appear in Saints Row: The Third, the second being the Hughes Memorial Bridge. It is the area where the first mission[1] takes place. Three of the top floors and the rooftop of the bank are the only accessible areas of this building. It's filled with Syndicate gang members and bankers.


  • Despite the name of the bank, and the "Stilwater Hotel" sign on an adjacent building, the surrounding buildings look nothing like buildings from Stilwater, and instead resemble buildings from Steelport.
  • Despite running Stilwater between Saints Row 2 to Saints Row: The Third, neither the Saints nor Ultor, whom they have partnered with, noticed that another criminal organization was operating in the city.
    • A cut homie conversation in Saints Row IV between Phillipe Loren and Julius Little reveals that the Syndicate may have had business dealings with Ultor behind the Saints back and that the Saints may not have been as powerful has they thought.[2]
  • During the mission it is possible to spawn Satchel Charges using cheats and blow The Protagonist out of the building, then parachute to the ground.
    • "Stilwater" is a 1km square island located south-west of Yearwood.
    • The ground and surrounding buildings are solid, but the street layout does not match anything in Stilwater.
    • The bank is just 2 floors floating high over the city.
    • It is possible to reach Steelport by jumping into the water and warping to shore. There are no cars driving, and few pedestrians. Parked cars are present, as well as aircraft at Wesley Cutter Intl and Sierra Point. "Stilwater" is not visible from Steelport, but the helicopter marker is visible at all times. When flying back to "Stilwater" the buildings reappear suddenly, and are solid.


  • Stilwater 1st National Bank named onscreen
  • Stilwater 1st National Bank - final room before blowing the vault
  • Stilwater 1st National Bank - upstairs window overlooking lobby
  • Stilwater 1st National Bank - upstairs office
  • Stilwater 1st National Bank - upstairs waiting room
  • Stilwater 1st National Bank - bottom of the stairs in third room
  • Stilwater 1st National Bank - second room with locked door
  • Stilwater 1st National Bank - lobby facing entrance
  • Cubicle
  • View of bank from ground
  • View of Steelport between buildings
  • View of Steelport from closest corner of Stilwater
  • Distance to the bank from Port Pryor


  1. Mission: When Good Heists Go Bad
  2. Homie conversation:

    Phillipe and Julius

    Julius: "So what did the Syndicate want with Stilwater anyway?"
    Phillipe: "With the increased corporate businesses in the city, it was a natural area to expand into."
    Julius: "You mean Ultor."
    Phillipe: "Indeed. My organisation had long-standing business deals with them, which made the prospect more appealing."
    Julius: "But the Saints ended up owning Ultor."
    Phillipe: "The media division, perhaps. But to think Ultor did not have other agendas is somewhat naïve, don't you think?"
    Julius: "Well, shit."
    Homie Convo Phillipe Julius
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