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Stilwater is the setting of Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row Undercover, and Saints Row: Total Control.

Downtown skyline at night

Billboard near Wardill Airport

Welcome to Stilwater ...
... and it's with one 'L', bitch.
Billboard near Wardill Airport


Stilwater's changed appearance in Saints Row 2.

There are fifteen Districts of Stilwater in Saints Row and twenty-two in Saints Row 2.

Stilwater is a fictional city set in the United States of America, in the state of Michigan,[1] it is located in a lake,[2], on an island which is split down the middle by the large "Stilwater River", crossed by multiple bridges.[3][4]

The city is prone to natural disasters, including an earthquake.[5]

The Downtown Area is in the central northeast, and is mainly a skyscraper jungle; museums, office towers, and high-end apartments and shopping dominate the landscape here. The northwest is entirely high-class suburban sprawl, with most business concentrated along the river bank in the south.

On the south bank of the river, the city is much more closely-built, and distinctly lower-class; most of the city's activities and shopping are located here, along with landmarks such as the Ultor Dome, Wardill Airport, the Black Bottom Refinery, and Saint's Row.


In Saints Row 2, Stilwater is larger and has experienced 25-30 years worth of transformation in just "five years".[6] This is said to be, in part, due to efforts by the Ultor Corporation to "fix its problems". Stilwater is now revealed to be an island city, rather than the end of a peninsula, and some areas have been radically changed. This depiction of Stilwater has a Trailer park, an island prison, a Marina District, an amphitheatre, a University, a Cemetery, a Nuclear Power Plant, and an underground shopping complex. The city also seems to have had a major population boost between Saints Row and Saints Row 2, having much more people, vehicles, businesses, and services.[7]


The Stilwater town hall and courthouse are located in the Downtown District, along with a Police Station. In Saints Row 2, the Police Headquarters is located in the Precinct 31 building in the Saint's Row District.

In Saints Row, the mayor of Stilwater is Marshall Winslow, while the police are led by Chief Richard Monroe. In Saints Row 2, the mayor is Monica Hughes, widow of Alderman Richard Hughes, and the police department's chief-of-police is Troy Bradshaw.


Seal of the City of Stilwater

The Stilwater Seal consists of two circles. The outer circle has "SEAL OF THE CITY OF STILWATER" written on it with three stars at the bottom. The inner circle has a skyline view of Stilwater with the Phillips Building in the center. Then it has lights shining outward from the bottom of the building, then there are four stars at the top of the circle. The seal is on most Stilwater Police Department buildings and vehicles.


Stilwater has a Police Department, Fire Department, a city-wide Ambulance service, a Garbage service and a Hazardous Waste service.


Stilwater is home to an elevated train called the Stilwater Transit system. The train line primarily runs along a city loop line visiting eight stations along the route. These stations are Saint's Row, Downtown, Museum, Business District, Suburbs, Arena, Barrio and Docks. The three stations in the affluent City Core (Downtown, Museum and Business District) run along an additional core loop. The Line is elevated above street level for the most part, except for a short sub-surface section with the tunnel mouths in Shivington located in the Projects and Southern Cross in Barrio, whilst tunneling underneath Chinatown and Copperton. This subsurface section can be used as an alternative to the traditional loop route.

Stilwater also has a Bus service called "Cheetah Bus Lines", whose hub is the Transportation Center in Prawn Court, Red Light District. Although Playa can travel by train, he cannot use the Bus Service. There are also three Taxi Services. These are Eagleline Yellow, Big Willy's Cab, and TNA Taxi all in which can be called using the Cellphone.


Many Stores are spread throughout the city. These include movie theaters, music stores, clothiers, weapons dealers, liquor stores, car dealers, boat dealers, car mechanics, plastic surgeons, hair salons, fast food outlets, jewelers, and tattoo parlors (all of which can be robbed or broken into for money or other objects).

Tallest Buildings[]

The tallest buildings in Stilwater are:


  • There are several towns named "Stillwater" in the United States in reality, but none with only one L. The one nearest to the northern Midwest with its own prison is in Minnesota, which is called the North Star State, in Saints Row 2 in Shivington there is a building with North State on the wall of the building.
  • Several secondary game elements point out that Stilwater has one L, such as a billboard[8] and a quote from a white male hippy.[9]
  • The Saints Row Dev Diary depicts Wardill Airport (Neighborhood) as being a lot larger, taking up nearly half of the map.[10]
  • The first Saints Row trailer has more Neighbourhoods east of Sommerset, along with a larger Highway system.[10]
  • In Saints Row, the area where Mount Claflin would be in Saints Row 2 is still a mountain, and there is an inaccessible path on the map. Part of the western "mountain" boundary from Saints Row is no longer present in Saints Row 2.
  • Stilwater was voted "Most Family-Friendly City!" in 1977.[11]
  • Despite record court appearances, the only crime anyone has been convicted of is littering.[12]
  • The loss of Loa Dust resulted in a 431% drop in enrollment at Stilwater University.[12]
  • "City code prevents the public display of children and animals", referencing the fact that there are no children or animals visible in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.[12]
  • Stilwater has a minor appearance in Saints Row: The Third in the form of Stilwater 1st National Bank during the mission "When Good Heists Go Bad". The Saints are also there during the opening cutscene of "Return to Steelport", when they are attacked during Johnny Gat's funeral procession.
    • This version of Stilwater does not resemble Stilwater from Saints Row or Saints Row 2, and exists as a 1 square kilometer island south west of Yearwood. It is possible to use cheats in order to escape the Bank and explore the empty island.[13]
    • While this area is normally only loaded during the mission, the game files can be modified to make it appear permanently.[14]
  • In Kinzie's Warehouse in Saints Row: The Third, multiple newspaper cutouts are pinned to the walls. One such headline reads, "Zombies Everywhere!!!", with an image of Saints Row 2's Stilwater.[15]
  • Stilwater must be close to Steelport or not far away from it, as in the mission where Shaundi and Playa go to raid the Guard Armory, Pierce arrives in Steelport with the rest of the Saints by helicopter in less than an hour.[16]
  • Just like in Saints Row: The Third, Stilwater makes a minor appearance in Saints Row IV, but as missions where Playa goes into Benjamin King's[17] and Shaundi's mind.[18]. King's mind features Saint's Row District and Saints Row Church; Shaundi's mind features On Track nightclub.
  • During initial Player Customization, a news headline says that Stilwater, as birthplace of the President, was named the number one travel destination by the Sabbatical Channel.


Woah man, like aren't there supposed to be two Ls in Stilwater?
— White male hippy


Concept art of Stilwater from Saints Row

Concept art of Stilwater from Saints Row

Early concept art of Stilwater

Stilwater map on Saints Row promo website

Early Stilwater map from trailer

Early Stilwater map from dev diary trailer

Early Stilwater map

Early Stilwater map

Early Stilwater map

Early version of Stilwater

Early prototype of Stilwater

houses in Stilwater

Stilwater Phase 5 map

Beta map of Stilwater Saints Row 2

Stilwater - Saints Row 2 concept art - day