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The Steelport Police are a type of Law Enforcement in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.[1][2]


The Steelport Police uniform is comprised of dark blue pants with a white stripe down the side, a white shirt with blue tie, a dark blue coat, and a Sam Browne belt. Unlike the Stilwater Police Department, there are no female police officers.

They never place The Protagonist under arrest, instead attacking relentlessly. They still pull The Protagonist out of vehicles.

Steelport Police work with both SWAT and SNG, as well as STAG after their arrival.[3]


The standard Steeport Police squad car is the Peacemaker, which is used when patrolling, chasing The Protagonist at varying levels of Notoriety, as well as at traffic stops, check stops, and accident scenes. The Peacemaker is also used in an undercover role, with it's top lights removed and a full black paint job. A Steelport Police version of the Kenshin is also used by motorcycle officers.

For maritime purposes, the Steelport Police uses the Commander and Shark.

The Oppressor is the main helicopter of the Steelport Police, used for ground support and observation.

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Police StationsEdit

There are three police stations in Steelport. There is "STEELPORT POLICE" sign on all stations and only Camano Place and Ashwood stations have "STEELPORT POLICE DEPARTMENT" written above.

Sunset Park
Near Rondini's Boat Dock close to Planet Saints.
Camano Place
One block right of the Camano Place Escort Activity, just behind Curly's Chop Block.
In a triangular block not far from the Guardian Angel Activity and also not far from Snooky's Sundries And More.


  • Unlike the Stilwater Police Department, members of the Steelport Police all sound the same, and there are no female officers.
  • They do not attack when The Protagonist jumps on top of Steelport Police vehicles and continue driving, allowing Vehicle Surfing on police cars, and they also do not attack anyone Vehicle Surfing on other cars.
  • The Steelport Police uniform is available at Let's Pretend, under the 'Suits' category.
  • The Steelport Police version of the Kenshin cannot normally be customized at either Rim Jobs or the Crib Garage. However it is possible to customize one via the Vehicle Customization glitch.
  • When the Stilwater Police are bringing The Protagonist into custody with Johnny Gat and Shaundi, they are dressed, and talk, almost exactly the same as members of the Steelport Police.[4] This supports the lack of depth that went into the development of the police for Saints Row: The Third.
  • Wearing a SPD Uniform Suit does not have any effect on law enforcement Notoriety, or the ability of real law enforcement to recognise The Protagonist. According to a radio commercial for Let's Pretend,[5] the current Steelport Chief of Police was a bum who purchased a SPD Uniform and was mistaken for a fellow police officer by a passing patrol officer, who brought him to the police station where he became a cop and was eventually promoted to rank of Police Chief.
  • In both Saints Row; The Third and Saints Row IV, Steelport Police and SWAT Saints are Gang Customization options under the "Cops" (Cops 1 is the standard Patrol officer and Cops 2 is SWAT). Steelport Police gang followers wear purple SPD uniforms and Saints SWAT have Saints fleur-de-lis on their body armor.
  • In Virtual Steelport, the Steelport Police are replaced by the ZPD. However Saint Steelport Police members appear as gang customization option and the SPD uniform is still available for purchase at Let's Pretend. The Pacemaker can be customized with Steelport Police decals and made to look like a Steelport Police Peacemaker.
  • After using Notoriety Wipe - Police or Notoriety Wipe - Law, Police may continue to wander the area with their weapons drawn, and they sometimes walk up to a regular civilian car, pull out the driver, and then shoot them on the ground, then they do the same to any passengers, and they only do this once before getting in their squad car and driving away.
  • The Steelport Police do not play a major role in the events of Saints Row: The Third. However, they assist STAG in "Gang Bang" by forming a containment area around Technically Legal. They also appear as enemies in "Weird Science", the first mission of The Trouble With Clones.



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