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Saints Row: The Third

Steelport News is an enterable building in Saints Row: The Third.


Steelport News is an unmarked convenience store in Loren Square, south of High Rise Condos property.

The Protagonist and Viola meet Pierce there, and he tells them his plan to have Viola and The Protagonist dress up like the Bloody Cannoness and The Cardinal and kidnap Josh Birk. While they are talking their scene in which The Protagonist is approached by a geeky fan (possibly meant to be Jimmy Torbitson) who wants an autograph on his Gangstas in Space comic book.[1]


  • There is a back room featuring an identical cardboard cutout to the one at the front of the store.
  • The character in the Joe Cola cutout can also be seen on the side of Saints Row 3 arcade machines (indicating the possibility it is meant to be The Protagonist, or at least arcade game's version of him).
  • Despite being located in Loren Square, the mission starting point in "Nyte Blayde's Return" is a Thunder Pump station in Sunset Park in an area south-east of the Saints HQ, which is nowhere near Steelport News.
  • It is similar to Smiling Jack's and the Broken Shillelagh; it is an enterable location that serves no real purpose, aside from its use in a cutscece.
  • The geeky fan who asks for an autograph looks and talks like Jimmy Torbitson, indicating the possibility that Jimmy is the one who asks The Protagonist for their autograph (this would make sense as Jimmy is a fan of the Saints and Johnny Gat and Gat created the Gangstas in Space comic). If true then The Trouble With Clones would chronologically occur at some point after "Nyte Blayde's Return" due to Jimmy's nervousness when encountering The Protagonist (which he lacks in the DLC missions).
  • Kabron 104.2 is always playing inside.



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