Steelport is the main setting of Saints Row: The Third, and Saints Row IV as Virtual Steelport.

Steelport concept art with Nobody Loves Me billboard


Steelport was founded in 1827[1] by blue collar industrialists and was named after Joe Steel.[2] This city is now poorly financed due to economic failure; the city itself has slums and beggars. The city consists of four districts: Downtown in the center, New Colvin in the east, Stanfield in the north west and Carver Island in the south west. Additionally, Steelport has its own National Guard.

It is heavily industrialized and has slowly fallen into the hands of the criminal organization, the Syndicate. This is evident with the Syndicate Tower and the neighborhood of Loren Square, named after Phillipe Loren. It is described by Shaundi as "Bangkok's abusive father".[3] It is most likely close to Stilwater, as the Saints are known there, and many Planet Saints stores are dotted around the city, as well as the presence of Stilwater's radio stations and Ultor waste-disposal plants on Arapice Island.

There are many skyscrapers throughout Steelport.

Saints Row IVEdit

Main article: The Simulation

A virtual simulation of Steelport appears in Saints Row IV. There are many differences, as alien Towers, lack of skyscrapers, ships and others.

Enter the DominatrixEdit

Steelport appears in the first mission of Enter the Dominatrix titled "Save the Planet", where Steelport becomes under invasion of the Zin Empire. Pierce is the mayor of Steelport after the death of Burt Reynolds from the Kill Killbane Ending of "Three Way" (although Shaundi is still alive despite being with Burt and Viola DeWynter during their deaths). After taking down Zinyak the Saints are captured and put into a virtual version of Steelport.

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As the story advances by completing missions, the physical appearance of Steelport is altered significantly.

Mission Changes
The Belgian Problem
  • The top section of Syndicate Tower is destroyed and continuously billow smoke if the bomb is detonated.
  • The Syndicate Tower changes color from red to purple at night if the bomb is not detonated.
Pimps Up, Hos Down The Safeword brothel becomes a skyscraper Crib. The second upgrade makes it even taller. The red light it emitted across the skyline from its spotlights becomes purple.
Gang Bang
Stop all the Downloading The Burns Hill Reactors nuclear power plant becomes a skyscraper. The second upgrade makes it even taller. The blue light it emitted across the skyline from its spotlights becomes purple
My Name is Cyrus Temple
  • The wreckage of the Thermopylae is located in the ocean east of Port Pryor.
  • The bridges to Sunset Park and Loren Square neighborhoods become permanently raised, allowing for Stunt Jumps.
  • These neighborhoods also become a restricted zone, giving one unit of law enforcement Notoriety.
Air Steelport
  • Arapice Island is covered by a thick cloud of green smog; the crashed plane from the mission is also on the island, and the island itself is permanently populated by Zombies.
  • The bridges to Arapice Island become permanently raised, allowing for Stunt Jumps.
3 Count Beat Down The 3 Count casino becomes a skyscraper. The second upgrade makes it even taller. The green light it emitted across the skyline from its spotlights becomes purple.
Three Way
  • The Joe Steel statue on Magarac Island is destroyed ("Eliminate Killbane" ending).
  • The bridges around the downtown area are lowered, but are raised again after saving and reloading.[4]
Gangstas in Space
STAG leave Steelport, although their outposts in Sunset Park remain.


Similar to Stilwater, the city of Steelport is separated into several districts and neighbourhoods, and each district consists of three to six neighborhoods. Each neighborhood is further split into unnamed City Takeover territories.

District / Neighborhoods Map


Steelport - Stanfield

Carver IslandEdit

Arapice IslandThe GroveBridgeportNew BaranecPort PryorYearwoodSteelport - Carver Island
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Henry Steel MillsLoren SquareSunset ParkSteelport - Downtown
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New ColvinEdit

Steelport - New Colvin

South EastEdit

Steelport - South East
Steelport - Magarac Island
Magarac Island


Saints Row The ThirdEdit

  • Unlike Stilwater, Steelport in Saints Row: The Third does not change from day to night during gameplay - the time of the day is randomised during loading and does not change. Entering and exiting an activity randomly selects a time of day.
  • The statue of a steel worker is based on the Statue of Liberty with the intensity of Soviet Era Sculptures.
  • Steelport has its own National Guard garrison, located at Sierra Point.
  • Steelport is loosely based on New York City, Pittsburgh and Bridgeport CT.
  • Shaundi has been to Steelport before on spring break prior to the events of Saints Row: The Third, where it was later revealed that Zimos had met her during her trip.[5]
  • The city has its own airport called Wesley Cutter International Airport, which is located in the north east.[6]
  • After completing the game, there are four lights in the sky instead of three: red (Morningstar), blue (Deckers), green (Luchadores), and purple (Saints).
  • When traveling too far away by boat or aircraft, the message "THE SAINTS NEED YOU IN STEELPORT" is displayed, and Playa is turned back towards Steelport.
  • As the story progresses, protesters begin to appear that are against the 3rd Street Saints, and various Saints billboards are defaced. Some of the picket signs the protesters hold say "Shaundi is a whore!" and "No Saints in Steelport".[7]
  • By the end of Saints Row: The Third the city is in complete disrepair, after completing both endings during "Three Way": Magarac Island is destroyed and the tallest skyscraper having its topmost floors utterly destroyed[8], Arapice Island being home to infinite numbers of zombies, the Thermopylae being capsized in the bay, and the bridges all across the city being permanently raised.
  • The districts New Colvin, Stanfield, and Carver Island are named after characters (Howard "Bunny" Colvin, Marlo Stanfield, and Sgt. Ellis Carver, respectively) from the HBO series The Wire.[9]
  • At one point during Steelport's history the city had its own Tram service similar to the one present in Stilwater. There is a disused elevated Tram line in some parts of the city. Some of the trams are on the line, but are now abandoned and vandalised with graffiti. The city also used to have a cargo train line which was used for transporting cargo to one of the sea ports across the cities coast. Like the tram system currently out of order, and many of the freights now lie out of use and have been vandalised. One of the possible reasons for the Cargo trains being out of use may be an effect from the apparent recent financial crisis which seems to have affected Steelport greatly, and which gave way for the massive increase in organized crime across the city. All switch tracks on Steelport's railroad are switched to the turning track, even with abandoned rail cars sitting directly above them on the straight track.
  • Steelport was named "Bridgeport" at one point during development.
    • Directly inside the "Steelport News" store is a sign which says "Bridgeport News" instead.
    • Inside Let's Pretend, Smiling Jack's, and the study of the Saints HQ, there is a "City of Bridgeport business license" and a "The City of Bridgeport liquor license".
  • Steelport was named "Edgewood" at one point during development. The game files include a police badge texture which says "City of Edgewood" instead of "City of Steelport".[10]
  • After completion of the The Trouble With Clones DLC the bridges surrounding the Downtown district return to being lowered permanently.[reference?]
  • Steelport has the highest murder rate in the country.[11]
  • It appears that the islands of Steelport are either sinking or that the sea levels are rising, as sandbags have been set up in Loren Square and there are many staircases (especially on Magarac Island) that lead into the water (that presumably lead to the docking areas at one point).
  • Many of the skyscrapers in the downtown skyline picture are based on real life articles such as the Willis Tower of Chicago, the Petronas Towers of Malaysia, Empire State Building, and others.
  • Johnny Gat refers to Steelport as a Rust Belt city, meaning that it's somewhere in either central New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, northern Illinois or eastern Wisconsin. Likely somewhere on the Great Lakes.
  • New Colvin was built in 1789, making it the second oldest district in Steelport.
  • In Enter the Dominatrix, New Colvin was to be called "Forbidden Zone".[12]
  • Despite all missions after My Name is Cyrus Temple taking place in Winter, and the temperature confirmed to be 41°F at 6:28PM, it never snows in Steelport.[13]

Saints Row IVEdit

  • Although the first mission "Save the Planet" in the DLC Enter the Dominatrix is supposed to take place in the real Steelport, it still acts like the simulated version. For example the water are pixels, crumbled remains of the Saints Cribs float up into the air, and enemy vehicles simply evaporate after being destroyed.


  • Steelport concept art with Nobody Loves Me billboard
  • Steelport at night
  • The outskirts
  • A map of Steelport pointing out The Syndicate's control
  • Low-detail promotional map of Steelport
  • High resolution Steelport map
  • A map of Steelport, with buildings marked
  • The image of Steelport used in the mission I'm Free - Free Falling
  • Reaper Drone computer map
  • Map of Steelport
  • View of Steelport from a roof on the fake Stilwater island
  • Steelport viewed from the ground on the fake Stilwater island
  • Steelport manhole cover
  • Steelport billboard
  • Steelport billboard
  • Steelport billboard
  • Steelport Map inside the Burns Hill Reactors
  • Steelport Map inside barges
  • Welcome to Steelport billboard
  • Steelport being invaded by the Zin.(Enter the Dominatrix)
  • Saints Row website > About > Steelport > Steelport City Guide
  • Saints Row website > About > Steelport > Shopping in Steelport
  • Steelport during development

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