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Spelunkers is a Store in Saints Row 2.


Spelunkers is located in the Phantom Caverns building, on top of the Stilwater Caverns, in the Black Bottom neighborhood of the Factories District of Stilwater.

The sign outside the store reads Spelunkers / Treats - Toys - Treasures.

The Phone Number for Spelunkers is 555-CAVE (555-2283)


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The following items are available

  • Baseball Cap ($20, +2 Style) (optional logos)
  • Miner Helmet ($100, +10 Style)
  • Stalagmite ($100, +10 Style) (optional logos)
  • Trucker Cap ($30, +3 Style) (optional logos)
  • Basic Tee ($30, +3 Style) (optional logos)
  • Women's Baby Doll Tee 2 ($30, +3 Style) (optional logos)


  • Spelunker is a term for a person who explores caves.
  • As with many stores, there is an Action Node outside of front door of Spelunkers, when Idle, Playa walks a short distance and begins smoking a cigarette. There are also multiple Action Nodes inside in front of the counter: one where Playa examines the products on the nearby shelves, and another Smoking node.


Spelunkers (Black Bottom)

A man giving Ultor flyers in front of Spelunkers

Spelunkers - interior wide

Spelunkers - interior towards counter

Spelunkers 068 spelunkers

Spelunkers interior wide view

Phantom Caverns exterior

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