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The Special Ops Vehicle Pack is downloadable content for Saints Row: The Third.[2]


A collection of fully equipped military vehicles for your garage. The Saints VTOL features jet and hover modes making airborne attacks easy and stylish. The Saints Tank and the Saints N-Forcer are the ultimate in armored warfare, showing your opponents the Saints aren't to be messed with.
— Official description of the Special Ops Vehicle Pack.[1]

The Special Ops Vehicle Pack is a DLC pack which unlocked Saints-themed variants of three STAG vehicles: the Saints VTOL, the Saints Crusader, and the Saints N-Forcer.

This pack is available on PSN for $2.99 or 160 MS points on Xbox.


  • The contents of this pack, along with some other DLC, is already included in the released version of the game,[3] and was accessible at any time by modifying the game files.
  • All three vehicles have the same speed and power as the normal STAG versions.


Special Ops Vehicle Pack unlock screen

Promo image for this DLC, featuring the three vehicles

The Saints VTOL

The Saints Crusader

The Saints N-Forcer

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