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Drug Trafficking


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The Sons of Samedi are a gang in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: Total Control and Saints Row IV.


The Sons of Samedi are a drug cartel who had already cornered the Caribbean Drug Underworld[reference?] and branched out to Stilwater after the fall of Los Carnales' drug rule. Influenced by Vodou and a history of military corruption in Haiti,[reference?] the Sons of Samedi have developed a potent combination of spiritualism and fearlessness.[reference?] Gang members are attracted to the gang out of respect for their methods: a desire for easy income from their drug trade, or through coercion.[reference?] Their primary source of income is a designer drug called "Loa Dust",[reference?] which is the drug of choice for many college students attending the local Stilwater University. The Colombian cartel behind the Carnales proved unable to compete with Loa Dust and lost most of their base.[6]

The Samedi own a large drug farm in Pleasant View[reference?] and multiple Loa Dust labs scattered mainly throughout the west side of the city.[reference?] The Samedi also smuggle drugs using helicopters or by hiding the powder in fish that are shipped to the Stilwater docks.[reference?] The Samedi often deal drugs and recruit members at the Stilwater University.[reference?]

The Sons of Samedi come into conflict with the 3rd Street Saints when Playa declares it is time to challenge their control over Stilwater's lucrative, fluid, and extremely profitable drug market.[7] They are very ruthless and violent, using mutilation and murder as a punishment for failure and betrayal.[8]

Members proudly display green when in the streets, openly proving and showing their membership, willing to risk getting killed in order to represent the flag they love. Although they focus more on dealing and trafficking than everyday block warfare, the Sons of Samedi are still extremely formidable in war. Never shy to launch massive scale preemptive attacks or retaliate, when it comes to gangbanging the Sons of Samedi are true get downers. In melee fights, they use a capoeira-like combat style and a Machete.


The Sons of Samedi are an Afro-Caribbean gang, whose gang color is green and whose symbol is a skull covered in ritualistic voodoo symbols, set above a pair of interlocked snakes. Their leader is The General, and his lieutenants are a Vodou priest and serial killer named Mr. Sunshine, and a Caucasian DJ named Veteran Child. Although the Samedi have several safehouses around the commercial south area of Stilwater, The General usually operates from his Hounfor limo. They drive Danvilles, Stilettos, Churchills, and Wellingtons. The Sons of Samedi are specialized in the drug trade, producing the drug Loa Dust and selling it around the Stilwater University.


  • The gang is named after Baron Samedi, the vodoun lord of the dead.
    • Loa Dust is named after the spirits of Haitian Vodou, Loa.
  • They are the only gang members who haven't made a bargain or alliance with Ultor.
  • Sons of Samedi vehicles are set to the radio station 103.6 420 FM.
  • There is a a "Whole Face" makeup option in Player Customization called "Son of Samedi".
  • The Samedi are the only gang in the series not to feature in all missions involving them.[9]
  • They are the only gang in Saints Row 2 who do not kill a notable member of the Saints, although they kidnap both Shaundi and Playa.[10]
  • The Sons of Samedi are a Haitian drug cartel akin to the notorious Haitian gang in Miami, FL called "Zoe Pound", and the "Jamaican voodoo posse" in the movie Predator 2 which in turn is based on actual Afro-Caribbean criminal organizations that terrorized New York City in the mid 80s to late 90s.
    • Their gang also has some inspiration from the Zeta Mexican cartel. The General has significant military assets up to and including a personal Bulldog for light armor support as well as using religious indoctrination to further their cause.
  • The Sons of Samedi appear in Shaundi's Loyalty mission in Saints Row IV.[11] But the clothes seemed to be different than SR2.
  • The Sons of Samedi have a trailer.[12]


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