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The Snipes 57 in Saints Row 2
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The Snipes 57 in Saints Row: The Third
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The Snipes 57 in Saints Row IV


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Wardill Airport

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Snipes 57 is a vehicle in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


The Snipes 57 is a private jet which comes in a variety of colors. It is the most common plane, and the fastest plane next to the AB Destroyer, but the Snipes 57 has no armaments. Once the Airport Hangar or Airplane Hangar is purchased, up to 64 Snipes 57s can be stored if other Garages are empty.

Destroying the wings and fins of the Snipes 57 effects the handling, to the point of making it impossible to take off.

Saints Row 2Edit

It spawns all around Wardill Airport, either parked at near the airport gates, inside a hangar, or taking off on the runway.

All planes that take off from the airport follow a set route, and planes headed north always crash into Mount Claflin.

It is possible to Vehicle Surf on the jet, either when flown by a co-op partner, or by Civilians.

The Wardill Airport Hangars Stronghold contains unique SH_BH05 variants which can be kept by exiting the mission while standing near one of them.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

In Saints Row: The Third it spawns all around Wesley Cutter Intl airport.

There is a unique Snipes 57 with black striped painting during the "Kill Whitney" Assassination provided by Angel De LaMuerte. It is possible to save it in the Airplane Hangar. It also appears in the same location outside the Assassination.

In Saints Row: The Third, there is also a Black Snipes 57 that comes equipped with 3 Jets over the 2 that comes on the standard White Snipes 57.

Killbane uses a special Snipes 57 to escape Steelport.[1]

Saints Row IVEdit

The Snipes 57 spawns in most of the same places.


Saints Row 2Edit

Variant Beater Standard 2 Tone Standard Stickered Bling SH_BH05
Spawning Chance 35% 15% 0%
Antennas 50% chance between 2 Antennas
Decals None Shawbone
or Snipes 57
Snipes 57
or None
or None
Dirt 100% None
Body 1 Matte Classic 50's - 60's Classic 50's - 60's Gloss Chaz Beige
Body 2 Matte Modern Modern
Body 3 Metal Aluminum
Body 4 Metal Titanium
Trim 1 Metal Steel
Trim 2 Metal Aluminum
Trim 3 Metal Titanium
Trim 4 Gloss Abertawe Pewter
Tint 5% Dark Teal 100%

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Variant Average Ultimate Killbane mission_20a mission_20b
Chance 95% 5% 0% 0% 0%
Hood 1 2
Windows 1 2
Antenna 1 2 1 2
Grime 25% None 50% None
Decal jet plane ultimate Killbane ultimate
Body Gloss Ultra Bright White Hero Gloss Jet Black Hero Gloss Insane Red Hero Gloss Random
Trim Stainless Steel White Gold Chrome
Tint 60% 80% 60% 80% 80%

Saints Row IVEdit

Same variants, chances, and details as Saints Row: The Third.


  • The Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row 2 is #712.
  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.
  • The in-game airline ShawnboneAir uses these jets.
  • This plane is modeled after the Learjet 45, or a Learjet 31. In Saints Row: The Third, the plane is depicted as a trijet similar to the Dassault falcon 7X or Falcon 900.
  • The name comes from the movie Passenger 57, starring Wesley Snipes.
  • The door of the plane breaks off after being opened and closed multiple times.
  • Co-op partners in the co-pilot's seat have no control over the plane.
  • In Saints Row 2, it is possible to get hit by the wing or engine of the plane when bailing out mid-flight. This can be lethal without "no falling damage" as it makes it impossible to use the parachute. Leaning the plane to the side or stalling it before jumping out removes the chance of this occurring.
  • When bailing out just before hitting a wall with the never die cheat enabled, Playa becomes trapped in the cockpit until it hits the ground.
  • The plane is referred to as "jet" on the Saints Row 2 website.[2]
  • Killbane's plane used during Three Way is technically the Killbane variant of "Car 57", which is a land vehicle used only in this mission. It shares the same model and textures as a real Snipes 57, and has all the same variants, but it has the handling and behaviour of a car, meaning that it cannot fly, which is why Killbane never takes off during the mission. When added to the Garage via modifying the game files, it is added to the car garage, not the airplane garage. The "Car 57" vehicle is not included in Saints Row IV.


  • Concept art of Snipes 57
  • Snipes 57 - Saints Row 2 promo
  • Snipes 57 in Saints Row 2
  • Snipes 57 in Saints Row 2
  • Snipes 57 in Saints Row 2
  • Beater variant in Saints Row 2
  • Standard 2 Tone variant in Saints Row 2
  • Standard Stickered variant in Saints Row 2
  • Bling variant in Saints Row 2
  • SH BH05 variant in Saints Row 2
  • Snipes 57 in Saints Row: The Third
  • Snipes 57 in Saints Row: The Third
  • Snipes 57 in Saints Row: The Third
  • Snipes 57 in Saints Row: The Third
  • Snipes 57 in Saints Row IV
  • Snipes 57 in Saints Row IV
  • Killbane variant in Saints Row IV
  • A Gulfstream 5

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