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Sniper Rifle
"McManus 2020" Sniper Rifle
"McManus 2020" Sniper Rifle






Clip size

14 Rank 5 Clip Size

Ammo Cost




Refire Delay


Ragdoll Force









The Saints Flow

Used By

Mr. X


Flags: can zoom, one shot shatter, melee can dislodge movers, allow offhand grenade, do not hide when sprinting, bullets can hit multiple humans, bullets damage tanks

Appears in

Saints Row IV
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Sniper Rifle is a weapon in Saints Row IV[1] and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

For other Sniper Rifles, see Disambiguation:McManus

For that long-range shot where accuracy is key.
— Weapon Description[2]


The Sniper Rifle is an extremely powerful long range rifle that is designed to eliminate long distance targets. The Sniper Rifle is extremely accurate and can shoot through multiple targets, which gives the weapon potential in more than 1 target if 2 NPCs are standing in close proximity. The Sniper Rifle has some close range potential, but there are other weapons than are much more better at close range as hip-fire with the Sniper Rifle is poor and the magnified scope makes hitting close range targets is made more difficult. The Money Shot upgrade gives an extra way of making money, although doing activities and diversions may be a better idea overall. Also its sometimes harder to shoot at the same target twice due to the recoil while using the scope.

The Sniper Rifle succeeds the McManus 2015 from Saints Row: The Third and functions very similarly. Both have reasonably good performance against vehicles and share the same long range, high power and accuracy traits.


Clip Size, Damage, Rate of Fire and Scope Shot can all be upgraded 5 levels each, with a separate Money Shot "ultimate upgrade".[3]



  • Long range and telescopic sight allows engagement of dangerous enemies from a safe distance.
  • Reasonably effective against vehicles when upgraded.
  • Exceptionally accurate when zoomed in.
  • Can shoot straight through people, hitting something or someone behind.
  • Money shot upgrade provides alternative means of earning cache.
  • Low initial magazine size until upgraded.
  • Highly situational, not very effective at close range.
  • Very slow rate of fire until upgraded.
  • Very expensive to upgrade.


There are 4 costumes for the Sniper Rifle: McManus 2020, GI Sniper, Lever-Action and Block Gun.

McManus 2020 Skin
SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - McManus 2020 - Default.png Default
The latest in a long line of death-dealers
— McManus 2020 - Default skin[4]

SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - McManus 2020 - Outback Camo.png Outback Camo
Boom ... headshot.
— McManus 2020 - Outback Camo skin[5]

SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - McManus 2020 - Crimson.png Crimson
Is good color, da, comrade?
— McManus 2020 - Crimson skin[6]

SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - McManus 2020 - Digital Camo.png Digital Camo (Unused skin)
GI Sniper Skin
SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - GI Sniper - Default.png Default
Old-school lethality
— GI Sniper - Default skin[7]

SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - GI Sniper - Jungle Camo.png Jungle Camo
Ready to rumble in the jungle
— GI Sniper - Jungle Camo skin[8]

SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - GI Sniper - Holoskull.png Holoskull
Become death incarnate, or at least a guy with a sweet-looking gun.
— GI Sniper - Holoskull skin[9]

Lever-Action Skin
SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - Lever-Action - Default.png Default
Best of the West
— Lever-Action - Default skin[10]

SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - Lever-Action - Gold Rush.png Gold Rush
Stake your claim on a golden gun.
— Lever-Action - Gold Rush skin[11]

SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - Lever-Action - Black Bart.png Black Bart
The outlaw's choice
— Lever-Action - Black Bart skin[12]

Block Gun Skin
SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - Block Gun - Default.png Default
Time for a block party.
— Block Gun - Default skin[13]

SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - Block Gun - Saintsblock.png Saintsblock
Time for a Saints-themed block party.
— Block Gun - Saintsblock skin[14]

SRIV Special - Sniper Rifle - Block Gun - Camoblock.png Camoblock
Time for a camouflage-themed block party. Wait ... what?
— Block Gun - Camoblock skin[15]

Flintlock DLC Skin
SR4 Sniper Rifle Flintlock.jpg Default
It'll knock a parrot off yer mate's shoulder at 300 paces. yarrr! (or is it 'arrr'?)


  • The McManus 2020 resembles an AS-50 sniper rifle.
  • The GI Sniper resembles an M3 Carbine outfitted with a folding stock.
  • The Lever-Action resembles a Winchester Model 1894.
  • The Block Rifle is a reference to Minecraft or Ace of Spades.
  • The Outback Camo's name and description is a reference to the Sniper from Team Fortress 2', whose "Boom. Headshot." catchphrase is in itself is a reference to a viral YouTube video.[16]
  • While the Lever-Action Costume lacks any Telescopic sight on the weapon model, it still works as if it has one.
  • The tagline for the Holoskull, as well as the design for the GI Sniper, is a reference to Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which has a similar looking rifle and the difficulty "I am Death incarnate".


The Main description

The Upgrade list

Sniper Rifle - Block Gun - Camoblock

Sniper Rifle - Block Gun - Default

Sniper Rifle - Block Gun - Saintsblock

Sniper Rifle - GI Sniper - Default

Sniper Rifle - GI Sniper - Holoskull

Sniper Rifle - GI Sniper - Jungle Camo

Sniper Rifle - Lever-Action - Black Bart

Sniper Rifle - Lever-Action - Default

Sniper Rifle - Lever-Action - Gold Rush

Sniper Rifle - McManus 2020 - Crimson

Sniper Rifle - McManus 2020 - Default

Sniper Rifle - McManus 2020 - Outback Camo

Sniper Rifle in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Sniper Rifle Upgrades in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

The real life Accuracy International AS-50


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