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Snatch is an activity in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row Undercover[reference?], and Saints Row: The Third.[1]

Brings hos back safely from their abusive pimps to earn cash and respect.
— Snatch introduction in Saints Row 2[2]


  • A recruited Ho
  • A recruited Ho
  • A recruited Ho
  • A recruited Ho

Locations of Hos are marked on the minimap. After reaching the Hos, they must be recruited using the "Recruit" button. If the Pimp is closer to the Hos, they cannot be recruited. Once recruited, Hos behave like normal Followers, and must be taken back to the brothel drop-off point.

As the levels progress, gang notoriety increases. In later levels, some Hos are inside moving cars, usually a Status Quo.

In all Snatch activities, it is possible to recruit homies to act as bodyguards.

Saints RowEdit

As with all activities, there are eight levels in each Snatch activity, except for the one in Harrowgate which only has two levels as it is designed to introduce Activities.


3rd Street Saints

Location: Harrowgate, Saint's Row District

  • Contact: Will
Will: "What's goin' on, bro? Julius called and said you might be stoppin' by. You lookin' for a little sumpin' sumpin'? 'Cause if so, I can let Peggy over there give you a ride..."
Peggy waves at Playa. Playa looks disgusted.
Will: "Yeah, I didn't think so. Look, brotha, I gotta be honest... I'm tryin' to get a business started here, but right now the only ho I got is so fugly, blind muthafuckas turn her down. Now, if you could bring me back some of them fine bitches who are turnin' tricks for other pimps... I'd be able to start seein' some real money. But I ain't askin' for somethin' for nothin'. I mean, you help me out, I'll cut you in on what the bitches make, and I'll spread the word that the Saints are the real deal."
Snatch ...But It Sure Is Fun CUTSCENES 0094
Will in ...But It Sure Is Fun cutscene.
Snatch - Separation Anxiety - Loreana


Los Carnales

Location: Cecil Park, Barrio District

  • Contact: Loreana
Playa looks around an empty lobby and starts to leave
Loreana[3]: "Wait wait wait wait wait, where you think you're going...It's been a while since a client came in here. That's not to say my girls can't make you cum, it's just that I ain't got no girls to do it."
Loreana (audio): "¿sabes lo que digo?"
Loreana (translation): "You know what I'm saying?"
Loreana (subtitle): "(unsubtitled)"
Loreana: "It's like this, I had the finest chica's on the block. Then these fuckin' Padrotes come rollin' around, and all of a sudden I'm left with nothin' but stained sheets and some lube. Look, I need my girls and I'm willing to pay whateva it takes to get 'em back."
Snatch Separation Anxiety CUTSCENES 0083
— Loreana in Separation Anxiety cutscene.

Snatch - Out of Town Guests - Vikki


Vice Kings

Location: Bavogian Plaza, Red Light District

  • Contact: Vikki
Vikki[3]: "Listen mutha fucka; if you come by here one more time, no, if you look at this fuckin' building one more time, I will personally feed you all 3 inches of your cock. You hear me? Now get the fuck out!"
Vikki shoves the man she is talking to, and he angrily leaves. Vikki then notices Playa and approaches him.
Vikki: "I don't know what you want, but whatever it is, I ain't got it. Look around hun, I think you'll notice a distinct lack of pussy. Some fuckin' pimps from outta town are tryin' to put me outta business. They took most of my stable, and now they're even askin' me to go back ho'n for them, you believe that shit? Until you go out there and bring my girls back, I can't help you."
Snatch Out of Town Guests CUTSCENES 0090
— Vikki at Madame Vikki's Hotel in Out of Town Guests cutscene.

Snatch - Daddy's Girls - Helmers


Westside Rollerz

Location: Ultor Dome, Arena District

  • Contact: Helmers
Playa approaches Helmers, accidentally knocking over his pyramid of beer cans.
Helmers: "What the hell is wrong with you!"
Helmers throws the beer can he was holding at Playa. It misses, and Playa knocks Helmers out of his lawn chair and then turns to leave.
Helmers: "Wait! Wait. Sorry man, you're not one of my kids. I've just been on edge ever since they left. I took care of those girls since they started growin' titties and how do they pay me back? By running off with some lowlife in a hat and cane. Could ya bring them back to daddy, I'd be mighty thankful."
Snatch Daddy's Girls CUTSCENES 0098
— Helmers in Daddy's Girls cutscene.


  • Homies - Will
  • ...Makes The Man - Pimp Medallion
  • Pimps Up - Pimp outfit
  • Vehicles - Baron
  • Hos Down - Pimp Cane

Taxi GlitchEdit

There is a glitch in Saints Row and Saints Row 2 that makes it easier to play the Snatch activity.

  1. Call EagleLine Yellow (Phone number: 555-018-0174)
  2. Jump on the hood of the taxi, switch to grenades, and press the "Secondary Attack" button to do a short lob on the roof of the taxi.
  3. Immediately, press the "Enter Vehicle" button to teleport into the backseat of the taxi.
  4. If done correctly, Playa and the driver should jump out of the taxi, which then explodes.
  5. Find the burnt hulk of the destroyed taxi and enter it. It is now invulnerable to crashes, bullets or explosions, but is destroyed if flipped.

Saints Row 2Edit

Both Snatch activities have 6 levels.

Sometimes a rival pimp takes back a ho, and the pimp must be tracked down and killed. This can only happen if the pimp and his bodyguards are not killed when the Hos are recruited, and only happens after level 3.

In the Chinatown District, it is possible for a group of hos to be arrested before being rescued, and they must be bailed out.


Wu in Saints Row 2


Imperial Square, Chinatown District
  • Contact: Madam Wu

Wu: "You might as well go home, we're closed."
Playa: "Like for the day?"
Wu: "Like forever."
Playa: "Wu, you can't close down the massage parlor, it's a Stilwater landmark, I've been coming here since Junior High."
Wu: "No girls means no massages."
Playa: "No girls? That's all that's keeping you back?"
Wu: "I think it's a pretty substantial problem."
Playa: "Let me find you some'll be back in business in no time."
— Chinatown Snatch cutscene

Helmers in Saints Row 2


Brighton, Downtown District
Playa: "I'm surprised you're not still workin' from the trailer Helmers..."
Helmers: "Well ya know, I figured I needed to keep a closer eye on my girls."
Playa: "How's that workin' out for ya?"
Helmers: "I got no idea where the hell they are..."
Playa: "You think that might have somethin' to do with you parkin' your ass in a lawn chair making beer pyramids instead of working the corner?"
Helmers: "What are you getting' at..."
Playa: "Just that maybe you, uh-"
Playa - Male 2': "Just that ma-"
Playa - Female 3: "Just that maybe, uh-"
Helmers: "You gettin' smart with me?"
Playa: "No, I'm ju-"
Helmers: "Cause if I think you gettin' smart with me I have a good mind to step outta this chair and give you a tannin'..."
Playa: "All I'm tryin' to say is that you're a busy guy who can't be bothered to keep tabs on everyone...why don't I go track down your missing girls."
Helmers: "You'd do that for me?"
Playa: "If you got the money, sure."
— "Downtown District Snatch" Cutscene


  • Unlock screen for Double Health Regeneration
  • Unlock screen for Triple Health Regeneration

Downtown District - Brighton

  • Level 3: GAL 43
  • Level 6: Infinite SMG ammo

Chinatown District - Little Shanghai

  • Level 3: Health regeneration 2x
  • Level 6: Health regeneration 3x

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Snatch has a total of 6 instances; 3 for Zimos and 3 for Kinzie.

Zimos is looking for hos and Kinzie is looking for her contacts.

At some points are traps laid by the rival gang operating in that area.

A Saints Infuego is supplied.



When played as part of the storyline, there is an opening cutscene.

Protagonist: "Hey Zim-"
Zimos: "Shhh, don't wake the bitches."
Protagonist: "You don't waste time."
Zimos: "If you were chewing on a ball gag with a horse tail up your ass for a few years I think you'd want to unwind."
Protagonist: "Fair enough."
Zimos: "I'm guessin' you didn't come here for the pussy."
Protagonist: "If the Saints are gonna stay in Steelport we need the Morningstar outta here. I already worked Downtown, but these motherfuckers are everywhere."
Zimos: "I'm here to help, baby. I know every track the Morningstar are working. We can build up our stable and hurt the DeWynter sisters at the same time."
Protagonist: "Sounds good."
— Zimos Snatch storyline cutscene


Ui act question

Main Article: Tips

  • Although a vehicle is supplied, any vehicle can be used.
  • It is possible to switch cars during the activity.
  • In Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, it is possible to use a helicopter or VTOL.


  • On-screen instructions say to play the Snatch activity in Harrowgate after "Back to Basics" to earn Respect. This, along with the fact that it only has 2 Levels while all other Activities have 8, and that it is the only Activity associated with the Saints, suggests that this Activity is meant to be a tutorial and/or practice Activity.
    • Despite the on-screen nag message, it is not compulsory to progress the story.
  • The Separation Anxiety cutscene takes place inside a building which cannot be entered.


  • Saints Row map icon
  • "The hos have been arrested. Go bail them out!"
  • Open Leg Lodge sign from Madame Vikki's hotel from the Out of Town Guests cutscene for Vice Kings Snatch in Bavogian Plaza
  • Open Leg Lodge interior
  • Snatch - Will - character model in Saints Row
  • Snatch - Helmers - character model in Saints Row
  • Snatch - Loreana - character model in Saints Row
  • Snatch - Madame Vikki - character model in Saints Row
  • Snatch - Madame Vikki - alternate with different hair - character model in Saints Row
  • End screen background for Snatch
  • Madame Wu in Saints Row 2
  • Helmers in Saints Row 2
  • Snatch instructions
  • GAL 43 unlocked
  • Unlimited SMG ammo unlocked
  • Health Regeneration 2x unlocked
  • Health Regeneration 3x unlocked
  • Snatch gameplay instructions in Saints Row: The Third
  • Snatch gameplay in Saints Row: The Third
  • Snatch in Saints Row: The Third
  • Snatch completion screen in Saints Row: The Third
  • Snatch cash screen in Saints Row: The Third
  • Snatch more screen in Saints Row: The Third

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