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Sloppy Seconds logo in Saints Row 2.

Sloppy Seconds is a Store in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


The stores sells cheap secondhand clothing, nothing over $1,000. Clothes such as bandannas and baseball caps are sold here. There is not much of variety, the styles and colors available are limited with only a few basic color changes.

Radio CommercialsEdit

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The stores are endorsed and/or owned by Colin Felcher, a man with a lisp and a slight homosexual tone to his speech and a person that enjoys a good deal, the commercial played mostly on 89.0 Generation X tell about his price reduction implying that the clothes are so cheap and now he is reducing the price even more by yelling "How cheap are these clothes!?"

SR1 Radio Shared 0075 Sloppy Seconds
Sloppy Seconds Commercial in Saints Row
SR1 Radio Shared 0076 Sloppy Seconds
Sloppy Seconds Commercial in Saints Row

Hi, I'm Nick McGee, and I'd like to take a few seconds to talk to you about Sloppy Seconds. If you're like me, sometimes you can't afford to get something new, fresh, and unstained, but that doesn't mean you have to be left out. What's wrong with some sloppy seconds? Sure it's already been used by someone else, maybe you'll even get an odd look or two for wearing a shirt marked with blood and semen, but sometimes you have to take what you can get. So come on down to Sloppy Seconds, Stilwater's only source for all your second-hand clothing needs. If it looked good on them, it'll look great on you.
MUS SHARED 00040 Sloppy Seconds
— Sloppy Seconds commercial #1

Nick McGee: "[Slurred] Hello again, it's your old friend Nick McGee."
Director: "Ah shit, he's drunk again."
Background male: "What do we do? I don't know what to do."
Director: "Er, c-c-could you hold on, Nick?"
Nick McGee: "For God's sake, it's a sales ad, how many reads do you need?"
Director: "Well Nick—"
Nick McGee: "There's a sale at Sloppy Seconds. There's a sale... at Sloppy Seconds. There's a sale at... Sloppy Seconds!"
Director: "Nick, those are all great reads. Can I just get one more for safety?"
Nick McGee: "Go to hell."
Director: "Super..."
Narrator: "Sloppy Seconds: it's where Nick McGee shops when he's not drunk."
MUS SHARED 00009 Sloppy Seconds
— Sloppy Seconds commercial #2


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  • Head: Bandana, Doo Rag, Baseball Cap, Trucker Hat
  • Undershirts: Basic Tee, Hensley Muscle Shirt, Men's Muscle Shirt, Men's Tank Top 1, Torn Tee, Biach Belt, Women's Babydoll Shirt 1, Women's Babydoll Shirt 2,
  • Overshirts: Basketball Jersey, Football Jersey, Short Sleeve Baseball Jersey, Women's Basketball Jersey, Women's Football Jersey,
  • Coats: Backpack
  • Underwear: Men's tightie whities, Women's Broad Sided Panties, Women's Panties
  • Bra: Women's Bra 1, Women's Bra 2
  • Pants: Men's Jean Shorts 2, Men's Jean Shorts 4, Men's Jeans 2, Men's Jeans 3, Men's Jeans 4, Sports Shorts, Track Pants, Women's Jeans 2, Women's Sweat Pants 3
  • Shoes: Athletic Shoes, Plastic Sandals, Running Shoes, Short Socks
  • Wrist: Arm Sweatband, Wristband



  • "Sloppy seconds" is a slang phrase for when a man has sexual intercourse with another person who already has received another man's semen and is therefore wet or "sloppy".
  • The name "Colin Felcher", comes from the homonym "Colon" and the slang term "Felching", which is a sexual practice involving the act of orally sucking semen out of the vagina or anus of one's partner.



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