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The Side Shooter is a vehicle in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.[1]


Side Shooter added to your garage

The on-screen text in Saints Row 2

The Side Shooter is modeled after the Oppressor but has a bigger (and more detailed) interior to accommodate The Protagonist, a mounted gun and the game camera. It is used during missions when The Protagonist sits in the back of an Oppressor.

The Side Shooter shares all the vehicle handling characteristics with the Oppressor.[1]

Saints Row 2Edit

In Saints Row 2 the Side Shooter lacks exterior features like a tail and blades. This causes the vehicle to appear odd and have a shadow that does not correspond to it. Compared to Oppressor, Side Shooter is slightly taller, has larger windows and much shorter slide doors. Back seats are replaced with pile of unloaded AR200 SAWs and magazines to cosmetically represent unlimited ammo for this weapon, since The Protagonist is always using it when on the back.

Some variants of Side Shooter are stylized after the variants of Oppressor. However, decals (e.g. on news or police variant) appear squished. Others have unique color.

The Side Shooter is used in missions "Airborne Assault", "Waste Not Want Not" and "Traffic Control". Outside these missions it can only be obtained by modding.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Side Shooter returns in Saints Row: The Third. The main function of this vehicle is largely unchanged from its predecessor; it cannot be obtained by common sense and is flown by NPCs to provide the means of airborne shootout for The Protagonist. It appears as a complete helicopter, but still differs from Oppressor significantly. It always appears in black. It's taller, narrower and lacks both slide doors and back seats alike. Non-corresponding shadow is still present.

Sitting script for this vehicle does not work properly. Homies may either stand on the back or sit offset which makes them appear floating.

The Side Shooter appears in "We're Going to Need Guns", "Guardian Angel", "The Ho Boat" and "A Remote Chance".

During A Remote Chance, The Protagonist can see the Side Shooter from the perspective of multiple vehicles remote controlled with the RC Possessor, including another helicopter.

During the mission "We're Going to Need Guns", the Side Shooter can be obtained by using an RC Possessor obtained with cheats.


Saints Row 2
  • Police (0%)
  • SS03 (100%)
  • News (0%)
  • SS07 (0%)
  • Brotherhood (0%)
Saints Row: The Third
  • Police (100%)
  • News (0%)
  • average (0%)
  • ultimate (0%)
  • angel (0%)


  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle.
  • It is not obtainable during the normal course of the game, and can only be piloted and stored in Garages by modifying the game files.[2]


  • Entering the coffee-creamer colored Side Shooter
  • The interior of the red Side Shooter
  • AR200 SAW in Side Shooter
  • Homies in a red Side Shooter
  • Side Shooter news variant with shadow oddities
  • Flying the police Side Shooter
  • The Side Shooter in a Garage
  • Brotherhood in Saints Row 2
  • SS03 variant in Saints Row 2
  • News variant in Saints Row 2
  • Police variant in Saints Row 2
  • SS07 variant in Saints Row 2
  • The Side Shooter in Saints Row: The Third
  • Oppressor (left) and Side Shooter (right). The Side Shooter has no shadow
  • The Side Shooter piloted by The Protagonist
  • Side Shooter in Saints Row: The Third
  • Side Shooter in Saints Row: The Third
  • Side Shooter in Saints Row: The Third


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    Side Shooter added to helipad Garage in modded game

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