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Side Quests are groups of Diversions in Saints Row IV.[1]


Side Quests are groups of City Takeover gameplay. Each Side Quest objective can be completed at any time from a map marker, and it is not necessary to start them from the Hub or the The Ship.

Side Quest rewards are not automatically unlocked after completing each objective, it is necessary to speak to the crew of The Ship in order to obtain the reward, with the exception of the rewards for "Customization" and "Simulated Instruction".

Side QuestsEdit


  • The "Customization" Side Quest becomes available after "The Fundamentals", and does not unlock any further Side Quests.
  • The "Simulated Instruction" Side Quest becomes available after "Bending the Rules", and does not unlock any further Side Quests.
  • The "Power Play" Side Quest becomes available after "Hack the Planet", and does not unlock any further Side Quests.
  • The "Gateway" Side Quest becomes available after "Miller-Space", and each additional Gateway Side Quest is unlocked sequentially.
Quest Description and Objectives Reward
Get yourself some new clothes and a clean car to get back in the swing of things.


Tentacle Bat

Simulated Instruction[5]
Start to degrade the simulation's stability by completing Activities.


Semi-Auto Shotgun

Power Play[9][10]
If you stabilize the environment, I can upgrade your powers.

  • Meet Kinzie on the ship[11]

Kinzie: "I need a stable environment to work from inside the simulation. There's several things you can do around Brickston so I can set it up. Also, I should be able to create an upgrade to your blast with this."
Playa: "Sure, why not."
— Quest start

Kinzie: "Okay, that should give me a better gateway into keeping an eye on things inside fake Steelport. Here's that upgrade I promised you. Thanks!"
Playa: "Sweet!"
— Quest end

Super Power Upgrade

Blast - Damage

For me to open up ship access in the Southwest Island, you'll need to take over these stores.

  • Kinzie needs to talk to you on the ship[21]

Kinzie: "Every store you hack feeds me security data. I can use that data to insert a virus which will open up a doorway back to the ship. So go hack while I work on the virus."
Playa: "Got it."
— Quest start

Kinzie: "Good news, I was able to open a door in the southwest of the city. Turns out this method is really useful! Think you can keep going with it?"
Playa: "If it works, sure thing."
— Quest end


East Carver Island

White Rabbit[29]
To get you access from the Northwest Island, you have to hack to these stores.

Kinzie: "There's another door open in the northwest. It's amazing how easy it is to tap into their programming this way, so keep going with it."
Playa: "Will do."
— Quest end


East Stanfield

White Light/White Heat[37]
I can get you a door in the middle of downtown, if you hack these stores.

Kinzie: "That makes one door open in downtown. I think I can find another weak spot in there, so keep hacking away."
Playa: "Right."
— Quest end


Central Downtown

A Whiter Shade of Pale[45]
If you want ship access in the northern part of downtown, hack these stores.

Kinzie: "Yep. This is a piece of cake."
Playa: "I'm doing most of the work."
— Quest end


North Downtown

White Wedding[53]
Okay, to get a door in the Northeast Island, you'll have to hack these stores.

Kinzie: "That's it, you did great! With all those access points back to the real world I'm a lot less worried you'll get trapped there now."
Playa: "Well, at least I can shop just about anywhere now."
— Quest end


East New Colvin

Keith DavidEdit

The "Campaign Trail of Destruction" Side Quest becomes available after "The Real World", and each additional Side Quest is unlocked sequentially.

Quest Description and Objectives Reward
Campaign Trail of Destruction[61]
Remember what we did back on the campaign trail? We gotta handle this shit like we did in Boise.

  • Meet Keith on the ship[62]

Keith David: "I've been thinking a lot about those days on the campaign trail. I bet we can use a lot of those techniques against the Zin."
Playa: "Sounds like a strange comparison but okay."
— Quest start

Keith David: "Camp David was a wild time, wasn't it? I can only imagine what we would have gotten up to if we didn't have to worry about the backlash."
Playa: "Well, we don't have to worry about that now, right?"
— Quest end


Dubstep Gun

Executive Orders[69]
You remember that first year at Camp David, right? This time there's no threat of impeachment.

Keith David: "We've all had enough of Zinyak's shit. Do this and you can set your own terms in this fight."
Playa: "I need every advantage I can get."
— Quest end


Unlimited Sprint

The Simulation Recognizes...[77]
Want to piss off Zinyak? Let's say we give him a taste of the old filibuster.

Keith David: "Found some more ways to show Zinyak who's really in charge here. I'll walk you through them."
Playa: "Sounds good to me."
— Quest end


Hacking - Extra Time

Supreme Justice[83]
We bent the laws before. Now we're gonna break 'em.

Keith David: "That's why you're the Commander-in-Chief. Shame you'll never get the chance for re-election."
Playa: "We would have had a marvelous second term, Keith."
— Quest end


Roddy Suit


The "Obey" Side Quest becomes available after completing the "Prof. Genki's Mind Over Murder" activity in the "Ghost in the Machine" Quest, and each additional Side Quest is unlocked sequentially.

Quest Description and Objectives Reward
If you want the reward, you'll do this.

  • Meet CID on the ship[89]

CID: "I need help inserting a virus into the simulation, among other things. Do this and I will reward you. Don't do this and you will get nothing. Understand?"
Playa: "Yeah, I got it..."
— Quest start

CID: "You accomplished what I asked you to do so here is your reward. Now continue with this task if you value doing everything you can in this world."
Playa: "Guess I don't have a choice..."
— Quest end

Super Power Element

Telekinesis Element - Life Steal

Obey (Again)[95]
If you want 100, you'll do this.

CID: "This was made especially to reward you. Now I need you to continue by stabilizing one of my rifts. Doing so will aid in earning you more bragging rights and will get you a reward."
Playa (Male Voice 1): "At least you're direct"
Playa (other voices): "At least your[sic] direct."
— Quest end

CID Suit

Obey (One More Time)[100]
If you want to finish this quest, you have to do this.

CID: "You have done well. Now I will no longer be the cause of you not completing all the tasks available for you to do. Here is your immediate reward as well."
Playa: "Pleasure doing business... I think."
— Quest end

Super Power Element

Telekinesis Element - Lightning

Matt MillerEdit

The "The Pledge" Side Quest becomes available after "Matt's Back", and each additional Side Quest is unlocked sequentially.

Quest Description and Objectives Reward
The Pledge[105]
I need a deeper understanding of the simulation. Are you game for a spot of trouble?

  • Meet Matt on the ship[106]

Matt Miller: "If it's not too much trouble, I need to better familiarize myself with how the simulation works. I figure if I watch the changes to the code take place when you do a few different tasks for me, I should get a stronger grasp on the workings of Zin programming."
Playa: "Fine, but I better get something outta this."
— Quest start

Matt Miller: "Here, I've created a simple locating program for your troubles. Now I want to change up the tasks you were performing. Same general idea and a better reward for you this time."
Playa: "Thanks for the program."
— Quest end


Collectible Finder

The Turn[111]
The research has yielded promising results. With more data, I can create something truly astonishing!

Matt Miller: "I know you'll love what I created for you. Really some of my best work. Now, if you keep this up I can measure the chaos caused by your actions and perhaps come up with an upgrade for you."
Playa: "Okay then..."
— Quest end


Matt Miller Suit

The Prestige[116]
The pants were just the beginning...

Matt Miller: "Thanks for the help with that. At least now I don't feel like I'm flying blind here when it comes to Zin programming. Here's that upgrade for you, though I know you love the outfit more."
Playa: "Of course I do, Matt..."
— Quest end

Super Power Element

Blast Element - Mind Control


The "Payback" Side Quest becomes available after "De Plane Boss", and each additional Side Quest is unlocked sequentially.

Quest Description and Objectives Reward
That son of a bitch put me through hell. We're gonna make him pay.

  • Meet Shaundi on the ship[123]

Shaundi: "Hey boss, I could really use some help getting Zinyak back for sticking me in that personal fucking hell of a mind-prison. I'll tell you what to do, you go piss in Zinyak's plans. Got it?"
Playa: "Fair enough."
— Quest start

Shaundi: "God I love knowing we must be causing Zinyak's blood to boil. No reason to stop now. Head back in and I'll give you more to do."
Playa: "Wow, she's really enjoying this."
— Quest end


Murderbot Minigun

Under Pressure[130]
We're not stopping now. We have to keep the pressure on.

Shaundi: "This is great and all, but we need to speed up this whole pissing off then killing Zinyak thing. I only got one more set of stuff for you to do and the sooner it's done maybe we can go after that bastard."
Playa: "Okay, calm down, I'm going."
— Quest end


Cyber Space (X-2 Phantom, Wraith)

Secret Admirer[136]
Keith said he can't go on a date until Zinyak is dead. Can we speed this up?

Shaundi: "If I was an asshole alien overlord who had a bunch of his people killed and technology destroyed I'd certainly be upset about it. So go us! Now we can focus on killing that bastard."
Playa: "And that date with Keith I'm guessing."
— Quest end


Murderbot Minethrower

SR2 ShaundiEdit

The "Something to Prove" Side Quest becomes available after "De Plane Boss", and each additional Side Quest is unlocked sequentially.

Quest Description and Objectives Reward
Something to Prove[142]
I've got to show the other me that I'm more than a party girl.

  • Meet Fun Shaundi on the ship[143]

Fun Shaundi: "Look, I have to prove to other me that I'm more than a party girl. So I came up with a list of things that are causing problems in the simulation."
Playa: "Sounds good."
— Quest start

Fun Shaundi: "Gotta be honest. Helping out was cool but it doesn't change the fact being stuck in this simulation kinda sucks. Quality of life'd be a lot better if you could clean this place up a bit."
Playa: "Fair enough."
— Quest end

Super Power Element

Stomp Element - Gravity

The Solid[149]
Listen, if I'm going to be stuck in this simulation, do me a solid.

Fun Shaundi: "Y'know, I really miss hanging out. You wanna do something?"
Playa: "What do you have in mind?"
— Quest end


Fun Shaundi Suit

Shaundi's List[154]
I'm bored. Let's do something.

Kick ass, Boss. It was really cool hanging out with you again. And I helped fight back against the Zin. That's what we call a win-win.
— Quest end

Super Power Element

Stomp Element - Shrink


The "Fun Trumps All" Side Quest becomes available after "The Saints Flow", and each additional Side Quest is unlocked sequentially.

Quest Description and Objectives Reward
Fun Trumps All[160]
Hey, Boss, I noticed you've been a little tense. If you want to blow off some steam, I got some ideas.

  • Meet Pierce on the Ship[161]

Pierce: "Clearly you're too tense and uptight right now. Doctor Pierce orders you to go out and have fun blowing off some steam. Don't argue, just go."
Playa: "I suppose you're right."
— Quest start

Pierce: "You still seem tense. Look, I know Earth is gone and that fucking sucks. But we can't let that get us down, right? Maybe try out something like this new Inflato-Ray to take your mind off the bad things."
Playa: "I do like new weapons."
— Quest end



Back To Basics[166]
Look, the Earth blew up. We're all upset about it. Let's just take it easy.

Pierce: "We've been doing this a long time now, right boss? And I know that YOU know that I know you're the best at this shit. So how about we prove it one more time. Whadya say?"
Playa: "Okay... wait, did that make any sense?"
— Quest end

Weapon Costume

Nflato-Ray Costume

Embrace The Crazy[172]
Let's do what we do best.

Pierce: "Knew you could get it done! Though in all honesty, that was just a list of stuff Kinzie gave me to do. But I knew you'd be the right person for the job! Thanks boss!"
Playa: "Pierce... I'm gonna kill you later."
— Quest end

Weapon Upgrade

Inflato-Ray Upgrade


The "Three-Count Royale" Side Quest becomes available after "The Case of Mr. X", and each additional Side Quest is unlocked sequentially.

Quest Description and Objectives Reward
Three-Count Royale[178]
You talk a big game. Let's see if you could cut it in MI6.

  • Meet Asha on the ship[179]

Asha: "You have skills, there's no questioning that. But I'm curious if you can meet the standards of MI6. I'd like to watch you in action and see for myself."
Playa: "MI6, huh? All right. I'm game."
— Quest start

Asha: "Okay, round one complete. But can you handle these next ones?"
Playa: "Throw me whatever you got."
— Quest end


Energy Sword

Kill and Let Die[185]
Not bad. But that's only the beginning.

Asha: "Playtime's over. Now for the real challenge."
Playa: "Bring it on."
— Quest end

Weapon Costume

Energy Sword Costume

Impressive. Let's see how you do with these.

Asha: "Well, well. I admit that I'm impressed. You may just have what it takes to cut it in MI6 after all."
Playa (Male Voice 3): "Got the gadgets. Got the accent. All I need now is pussy galore."
Playa (other voices): "All I need now is a British accent."
— Quest end
Weapon Upgrade

Energy Sword Health

Ben KingEdit

The "Ghost Writing" Side Quest becomes available after "King Me" and "A Game of Clones", and each additional Side Quest is unlocked sequentially.

Quest Description and Objectives Reward
Ghost Writing[198]
I'm writing a follow-up to Regicide and In need some source material.

  • Meet Ben on the ship[199]

Ben King: "I'm working on an epic sci-fi follow-up to Regicide. I'm in the research phase but the damn Zin blew up the Internet. I need you to do some legwork for me."
Playa: "Legwork, huh? All right."
— Quest start

Ben King: "This stuff is great, playa. What I need now is to punch up the second act. Show me some good stuff."
Playa: "You realize your potential "readers" total about ten people, right?"
— Quest end

Super Power Element

Buff Element - Freeze

Rising Action[205]
The book needs a stronger second act. Got any ideas?

Ben King: "If this is going to be authentic, I need to make sure to get every last detail right."
Playa: "Big finish, huh? Let's do it."
— Quest end


Ben King Suit

The Climax[211]
I think we all know how this story has to end.

Ben King: "This is gonna be epic, playa. Thanks for your help. I'll be sure to put you in the special thanks."
Playa: "Gee, Ben. Thanks."
— Quest end

Super Power Element

Buff Element - Lightning


The "WWGD" Side Quest becomes available after "Welcome Back", and each additional Side Quest is unlocked sequentially.

Quest Description and Objectives Reward
I need a warm up.

  • Meet Johnny on the ship[218]

Gat: "Dammit, man, I've been cooped up for way too long. I need to stretch my legs and kill some things."
Playa: "Hell yeah. You got it, Johnny."
— Quest start

Gat: "Now that you got some new toys, how about you show these Zin what the Saints can really do."
Playa: "You got it."
— Quest end


Singularity Gun

Closer To 250[225]
We have the toys now let's go have a little fun...

Gat: "Look. Do we really need a reason to go destroy shit?"
Playa: ""
— Quest end

Weapon Upgrade

Singularity Gun Ammo Upgrade

Kill Kill Destroy Kill[232]
Who needs context?

Gat: "Now that's what I'm fucking talking about. The dream team is back."
Playa: "I had a great time, Johnny."
— Quest end

Weapon Upgrade

Singularity Gun Recharge Upgrade


  • Kinzie is the only crewmate to have 8 Side Quests and Keith David is the only to have 4 Side Quests. They are also the only ones to be unavailable after "All Hands on Deck".
  • Johnny Gat's side quest "Closer to 250" is reference to his line in Appointed Defender: "with the statue of limitations it should be really closer to 250".
  • The capitalisation of Image As Designed is inconsistent in the subtitles, with it twice being written as "Image as Designed".


  • Activities map
  • Targets map
  • Stores map
  • Customization
  • Simulated Instruction
  • Power Play
  • Gateway
  • White Rabbit
  • White Light/White Heat
  • PA Whiter Shade of Pale
  • White Wedding
  • Campaign Trail of Destruction
  • Executive Orders
  • The Simulation Recognizes
  • Supreme Justice
  • Obey
  • Obey (Again)
  • Obey (One More Time)
  • The Pledge
  • The Turn
  • The Prestige
  • Payback
  • Under Pressure
  • Secret Admirer
  • Something to Prove
  • The Solid
  • Shaundi's List
  • Fun Trumps All
  • Back To Basics
  • Embrace The Crazy
  • Three-Count Royale
  • Kill and Let Die
  • Saintfinger
  • Ghost Writing
  • Rising Action
  • The Climax
  • WWGD
  • Closer To 250
  • Kill Kill Destroy Kill

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    Side Quests - Simulated Instruction

    Side Quests in livestream

  2. Image:
    Quests Menu - Customization


  3. Phone Call:
    With Zinyak turning Planet Saints into Planet Zin I want to make sure he didn't boobytrap any of the clothes there with infectious code. Go buy something. If nothing bad happens, then it's probably safe.

  4. Phone Call:
    I'm pretty sure having Rim Jobs work on a car will save the vehicle data for you to load later. Why don't you take a car there and customize it or something.

  5. Image:
    Quests Menu - Simulated Instruction

    Simulated Instruction

  6. Phone Call:
    I'm sending you a tower I'd like you to climb. I'd like to track some data on your jump ability for my personal records.

  7. Phone Call:
    I'm really curious just how much abuse you can take in the simulation so why don't you go play in traffic? Don't worry, you won't die or anything.

  8. Phone Call:
    So you know how you like blowing things up? Well, I found you a tank all ready and waiting for you to go to town with. That way I can see just how much the simulation can take.

  9. Image:
    Quests Menu - Power Play

    Power Play

  10. Note: All targets are located in Brickston
  11. Phone Call:
    I could really use your help. Stop by and I'll give you the details.

  12. Phone Call:
    First thing I need to do is insert a virus into the area to clear out as much Zin security programming as possible. You guard the area and I'll upload the virus.

  13. Phone Call:
    I need some information from the area around Friendly Fire. Hack that and I'll see what data I can collect.

  14. Phone Call:
    The programming near Rim Jobs is showing some strange anomalies. Hack it and I'll see what I can find out.

  15. Phone Call:
    One of the rogue Zin programs is messing with my data collection. Kill the program for me please.

  16. Phone Call:
    Nothing helps more than a little disruption to the Zin systems. See what sort of mayhem you can cause.

  17. Phone Call:
    I don't want the Zin walking around my soon-to-be new programming environment. Take out the local patrol.

  18. Phone Call:
    Okay, this is it. One more program to insert into the system and the area will work nicely. Just keep things safe while I upload it.

  19. Phone Call:
    Done. I think that should work. Stop by and I'll give you that upgrade I mentioned.

  20. Image:
    Quests Menu - Gateway


  21. Phone Call:
    I think I figured out how to open more of those doorways back to the ship for you. Come see me and I'll explain.

  22. Phone Call:
    All right, let's try a Friendly Fire. Seems these are linked to a lot of weak areas in the Simulation.

  23. Phone Call:
    Hmmm, looks like this Rim Jobs is part of the system in this area. Hack it open for me.

  24. Phone Call:
    Well, if you want a tattoo then this should help. Bypass the security at Rusty's Needles.

  25. Phone Call:
    Let's Pretend is on this same grid. Hack it. And I won't judge you if you want to do a little shopping while you're there.

  26. Phone Call:
    Well, this should piss off Zinyak. Planet Zin is tied into the system here so go hack away.

  27. Phone Call:
    Okay, I've isolated the best place to insert a virus into this area of the simulation to weaken it enough for a new doorway. I'm sure there will be lots of defenses thrown at you so defend the area while everything gets uploaded.

  28. Phone Call:
    Looks like it all worked! Stop by the ship and we'll see about that doorway.

  29. Image:
    Quests Menu - White Rabbit

    White Rabbit

  30. Phone Call:
    Image As Designed is tied into this area, though not sure what the Zin would want with cosmetic surgery. Still, hack away!

  31. Phone Call:
    For all your depressed goth needs, it's time to hack Nobody Loves Me. Have fun.

  32. Phone Call:
    Guess the Zin need work on their vehicles as well. Here's the Rim Jobs tied into this sector.

  33. Phone Call:
    Lots of Friendly Fires in the city means one's tied to this area too. Go shut the security there down.

  34. Phone Call:
    Looks like another Rusty's Needle to hack.

  35. Phone Call:
    There we are! Found where to put the virus. Head there and protect the upload.

  36. Phone Call:
    Upload complete. Come back to the ship and we'll talk.

  37. Image:
    Quests Menu - White Light White Heat

    White Light/White Heat

  38. Phone Call:
    Okay, looks like this Rim Jobs is linked to the security in this sector. You know what to do.

  39. Phone Call:
    Yep, the security at this Planet Zin is blocking me here. Shut it down.

  40. Phone Call:
    I wonder if the Zin have tattoos under that armor... Anyway, Rusty's Needles is on the list.

  41. Phone Call:
    Yep, just as I thought, another Friendly Fire for you to hack.

  42. Phone Call:
    Okay, this target is Image As Designed. Maybe get a little work done while you're there? Not saying you need it of course...

  43. Phone Call:
    Got the virus ready for this sector. Keep the area clear and I'll get it fully uploaded and get that new door open for you.

  44. Phone Call:
    Okay, that virus is in. See you back on the ship.

  45. Image:
    Quests Menu - A Whiter Shade of Pale

    A Whiter Shade of Pale

  46. Phone Call:
    Look, I know this is a LOT of hacking, but hey, at least this target is Planet Zin, right?

  47. Phone Call:
    Let's see... Image As Designed is on the list in this area. Wait... no, yeah, that's right. Hack away.

  48. Phone Call:
    Man this city has a lot of tattoo parlors...

  49. Phone Call:
    I need Rim Jobs hacked please. Well, if you want another exit to the ship that is...

  50. Phone Call:
    Here's your standard "hack Friendly Fire" reminder. Like you really thought there wouldn't be one in this sector...

  51. Phone Call:
    Ready to take on the Zin's security while I upload the next virus? Well, I hope you are cause that's what's next.

  52. Phone Call:
    By the time you get back here I should have that second doorway in Downtown online.

  53. Image:
    Quests Menu - White Wedding

    White Wedding

  54. Phone Call:
    Oh look, a gun store to hack. Don't worry, it's the last one in the city that'll help me open a door. I promise.

  55. Phone Call:
    Hey look, one of my favorite shops in town is on the list. Hack it open in case I need to pick anything up there later.

  56. Phone Call:
    Okay, another Rim Jobs in this set. Remember, don't get too cocky about your hacking skills.

  57. Phone Call:
    Take over another Planet Zin. I'd remind you it'll help with opening the door, but frankly who cares. Just take our store back from that egomaniacal bastard.

  58. Phone Call:
    And the winner is... Rusty's Needle. Hack, open it up, and onward we go.

  59. Phone Call:
    This is it, the last virus to insert into the system. Do your "keeping the area safe" thing and I'll get this uploaded a door opened.

  60. Phone Call:
    Fantastic! See you back here.

  61. Image:
    Quests Menu - Campaign Trail of Destruction

    Campaign Trail of Destruction

  62. Phone Call:
    Let's kick off this campaign. See me on the ship.

  63. Phone Call:
    Remember that time you had to outrun those protestors in Boise? It's kinda like that.

  64. Phone Call:
    Remember when Pierce got in a fight with that reporter? That was a mess. Think you can do more damage than those two did?

  65. Phone Call:
    Zin patrols are like campaign workers. Sometimes you really want to smack the shit out of them.

  66. Phone Call:
    It's hard to keep perspective when you're so focused on the nomination. Perspective. That's a decent segue to climbing a tower, right?

  67. Phone Call:
    One of Zinyak's lieutenants is hiding as a regular person in the simulation. Take his ass out.

  68. Phone Call:
    Well, you've got my vote. Come on by the ship when you're ready to reminisce some more.

  69. Image:
    Quests Menu - Executive Orders

    Executive Orders

  70. Phone Call:
    I want you to imagine this target as that security guard who caught you and that reporter in the--well, you remember.

  71. Phone Call:
    Remember what went down at your first meeting with those lobbyists? I imagine taking out these Zin would be pretty similar.

  72. Phone Call:
    When you're the Head of State, you set your own rules. And this simulation is the same way.

  73. Phone Call:
    Those hotspots are just like...well, I don't really know but Kinzie says this one needs shutting down.

  74. Phone Call:
    Shaundi asks that I not make a Chappaquiddick reference. So I won't.

  75. Phone Call:
    When you have a message, you have to be clear, concise, and make sure it's big. Just like leveling a city block.

  76. Phone Call:
    Hehehe. Y'know, this all really takes me back. You wanna do some more? Come by.

  77. Image:
    Quests Menu - The Simulation Recognizes

    The Simulation Recognizes...

  78. Phone Call:
    Zinyak's only as good as his soldiers. Take out this patrol.

  79. Phone Call:
    Viruses help destabilize the simulation. I found an insert point for you.

  80. Phone Call:
    We found some code in this car. Jack it and remove the code from the simulation.

  81. Phone Call:
    Kinzie says racing causes the simulation to freak out. I like the sound of that.

  82. Phone Call:
    Not a bad "fuck you" to the asshole-in-charge. See me when you wanna finish this.

  83. Image:
    Quests Menu - Supreme Justice

    Supreme Justice

  84. Phone Call:
    Campaigning is a mix of toeing the line and shaking up the establishment. Like those rifts around town, y'know.

  85. Phone Call:
    More Zins on patrol. They won't stop until we send them a clear message.

  86. Phone Call:
    Why should you climb this tower? Because it's there.

  87. Phone Call:
    Hell yeah. That's what I'm talking about. Come on by for a proper congratulation.

  88. Image:
    Quests Menu - Obey


  89. Phone Call:
    Your presence is needed back on the ship.

  90. Phone Call:
    I always enjoy upsetting Zinyak. Show him you are better than his people at his favorite game show.

  91. Phone Call:
    I have determined where inserting my virus would be most effective. Protect the area while I do this.

  92. Phone Call:
    The Zin here have been looking for me. Eliminate them.

  93. Phone Call:
    An overload of the system will scramble some of their code. Completing one of the race programs will accomplish this.

  94. Phone Call:
    Good. Your reward is waiting. Come claim it.

  95. Image:
    Quests Menu - Obey (Again)

    Obey (Again)

  96. Phone Call:
    Before I can upload my next program, I need another Zin patrol dealt with.

  97. Phone Call:
    I have created a masking program which needs to be uploaded with your help.

  98. Phone Call:
    With the masking program in place, disrupting the system through chaos will give it time to work.

  99. Phone Call:
    You are closer to completing all objectives in the simulation. Return to me.

  100. Image:
    Quests Menu - Obey (One More Time)

    Obey (One More Time)

  101. Phone Call:
    The rift tied to one of my viruses is your first task. Stabilize it.

  102. Phone Call:
    I have created a masking program which needs to be uploaded with your help.

  103. Phone Call:
    With the masking program in place, disrupting the system through chaos will give it time to work.

  104. Phone Call:
    Soon you will be able to say you have done all my tasks for me. After you come talk to me again that is.

  105. Image:
    Quests Menu - The Pledge

    The Pledge

  106. Phone Call:
    Could I have a word with you on the ship? At your convenience of course.

  107. Phone Call:
    I need to know what happens when the Zin simulations are killed. I found a patrol for you. Mind killing them for me?

  108. Phone Call:
    The data I'll be working against is buried in the security protocols. Hack this gun shop so I can see what's in there.

  109. Phone Call:
    Some of the Zin data would be helpful to look at. There's a vehicle with the proper programming I need you to obtain for me.

  110. Phone Call:
    Really appreciate the help. And, I even managed to make something for you as thanks. Come back to the ship and I'll load it onto your HUB.

  111. Image:
    Quests Menu - The Turn

    The Turn

  112. Phone Call:
    One of CID's rifts is active in the area. Go through it so I can see the destabilizing effect it creates.

  113. Phone Call:
    The more Zin you kill, the more the system works to compensate. Here's the location of one of their patrols.

  114. Phone Call:
    I heard about the race routines in the city which can overload some of the programming. How about doing one of those for me?

  115. Phone Call:
    Excellent job. I have something special waiting for you back here.

  116. Image:
    Quests Menu - The Prestige

    The Prestige

  117. Phone Call:
    Kinzie told me about those large maintenance domes. I'd like to see how things react when you destroy one for starters.

  118. Phone Call:
    I've cooked up a little code to upload into the simulation. Mind keeping any security off it while I get it installed?

  119. Phone Call:
    I'd like to see the difference between the security programs in the stores. How about hacking a garage for me?

  120. Phone Call:
    It's easier to collect the data I'm interested in without the Zin around to bog things down. Go after their patrol if you will.

  121. Phone Call:
    I think that's it. Got all the data I need. Next time I see you I'll have that upgrade.

  122. Image:
    Quests Menu - Payback


  123. Phone Call:
    I want payback and I need your help to do it. Come see me and I'll go over the plan.

  124. Phone Call:
    Having my stuff blown up certainly gets under my skin, so let's do that to Zinyak.

  125. Phone Call:
    Those races overload stuff in the simulation, right? That sounds perfect.

  126. Phone Call:
    There's a group of Zin to kill. Would love to do it myself, but you doing it will be quicker.

  127. Phone Call:
    Matt let me know he'd like to get you into some more super power training. Good luck with that.

  128. Phone Call:
    Zinyak has an old program he likes running around the city. I say you kill it.

  129. Phone Call:
    So far this is going great. I wanna hear all about it in person.

  130. Image:
    Quests Menu - Under Pressure

    Under Pressure

  131. Phone Call:
    If CID's rifts are good at disrupting the Zin systems, then I'm fine with you helping CID keep one open.

  132. Phone Call:
    Time to kill Zin. I'll just sit here and dream about how great that would feel right now.

  133. Phone Call:
    Here's another of Zinyak's personal programs you can kill. Hope it was his favorite.

  134. Phone Call:
    There's some data stored in a vehicle. Kinzie says it's important Zin stuff. That means we should steal it.

  135. Phone Call:
    Good job, boss, but there's still more to do. See you on the ship.

  136. Image:
    Quests Menu - Secret Admirer

    Secret Admirer

  137. Phone Call:
    The Zin really hate those rifts. I admit, CID does a good job with those.

  138. Phone Call:
    Guess this vehicle I see on Kinzie's list is more data the Zin want. Well, too bad it'll be ours when you steal it.

  139. Phone Call:
    Those large towers have a lot of data clusters on them which are useful to you, right? So go climb that thing.

  140. Phone Call:
    Zinyak tries to kill us, we kill his people. Seems fair to me.

  141. Phone Call:
    Awesome to hear that's all done. Come on back and I may have something for you.

  142. Image:
    Quests Menu - Something to Prove

    Something to Prove

  143. Phone Call:
    Hey! I'm on the ship. Come talk to me.

  144. Phone Call:
    I found an overload point. That's what it's called, right? The racing thing?

  145. Phone Call:
    What? Oh right. There's a patrol that needs taken out!

  146. Phone Call:
    Oh! Oh! One of those rips in the simulation! I tagged one of those too!

  147. Phone Call:
    There's an Image as Designed still under Zin control. Pop that shit open, Boss!

  148. Phone Call:
    Hey hey, check us out! Pretty good job on my part. Hey you mind stopping by?

  149. Image:
    Quests Menu - The Solid

    The Solid

  150. Phone Call:
    These Zin are all up in my neighborhood. Can you take 'em out?

  151. Phone Call:
    I'm getting bad vibes off this car. It's really freaking me out. Can you get rid of it?

  152. Phone Call:
    I could use a place to get new threads nearby. Can you crack that Image as Designed?

  153. Phone Call:
    Nice job cleaning up the place. I really appreciate it. I got one more thing when you have time.

  154. Image:
    Quests Menu - Shaundi's List

    Shaundi's List

  155. Phone Call:
    Let's gear up with some guns, Boss! Flip this Friendly Fire!

  156. Phone Call:
    Found a great place to hit the simulation where it hurts!

  157. Phone Call:
    Remember when we used to grab cars off the road? Ah. Good times.

  158. Phone Call:
    Got a lead on a bunch of Zin hanging out, doing nothing. Let's take 'em out!

  159. Phone Call:
    Man, what a rush. That was great. Come by the ship and let me say thanks in person.

  160. Image:
    Quests Menu - Fun Trumps All

    Fun Trumps All

  161. Phone Call:
    So I got a great idea for what you need right now. Swing by and I'll fill you in.

  162. Phone Call:
    All right, found some Zin you can take your aggressions out on.

  163. Phone Call:
    This one should really get you to let loose. Trust me.

  164. Phone Call:
    If there's one thing that I know makes ME feel better, it's killing Zin. Go try it.

  165. Phone Call:
    Come on back, I wanna see how relaxed you gotta be.

  166. Image:
    Quests Menu - Back To Basics

    Back To Basics

  167. Phone Call:
    Maybe try going back to your roots this time. Go steal this vehicle I found for you.

  168. Phone Call:
    You know how to super jump, so why not put it to the test. Climb one of those big towers and I'll bet jumping off will be a blast!

  169. Phone Call:
    Nothing like killing Zin to put a smile on your face.

  170. Phone Call:
    For me to find more fun for you to do in the future I'll need to load this program Kinzie created into the simulation. Help me do that and we'll both benefit.

  171. Phone Call:
    Nothing like causing a ruckus to get your mind off things, right? See you when you get back.

  172. Image:
    Quests Menu - Embrace The Crazy

    Embrace The Crazy

  173. Phone Call:
    The Zin are still keeping patrols in this area. Do what you do and take them out.

  174. Phone Call:
    Nothing as old-school as taking out a target causing us problems. Kill that program, boss!

  175. Phone Call:
    Legal Lee started you out with insurance fraud back in Stilwater, so why not use that skill here to break the simulation!

  176. Phone Call:
    Here's a mix of the old AND the new. Destroy shit with your mind!

  177. Phone Call:
    So I might have a bit of a confession to make next time I see you...

  178. Image:
    Quests Menu - Three-Count Royale

    Three-Count Royale

  179. Phone Call:
    Find me on the ship when you're ready.

  180. Phone Call:
    Being a spy is a very physical job. Think you can handle a brief jog?

  181. Phone Call:
    Some Zin troops are patrolling in the area. Show me how you'd handle crowd control.

  182. Phone Call:
    We're often called to defend others while they work. Think you can handle it?

  183. Phone Call:
    Shutting down operations before they get out of hand is all in a day's work at MI6. Wipe out the hotspot I've found.

  184. Phone Call:
    Not bad, rookie. See me when you're ready for a real challenge.

  185. Image:
    Quests Menu - Kill and Let Die

    Kill and Let Die

  186. Phone Call:
    Another virus injection point. How many waves of enemies can you clear, huh?

  187. Phone Call:
    It's not often spies are called upon to level areas but it's something you must be prepared--and able--to do.

  188. Phone Call:
    Cars and spies goes hand in hand. I've found a special one for you. Go grab it.

  189. Phone Call:
    I've marked a viral injection point. Protect the virus while it uploads.

  190. Phone Call:
    There's a patrol of Zin in the area. Eliminate them for queen and country.

  191. Phone Call:
    Second round complete. See me if you think you can handle the last part.

  192. Image:
    Quests Menu - Saintfinger


  193. Phone Call:
    A Zin Patrol. Strike fast and take it down.

  194. Phone Call:
    A virus injection. Don't let the Zin stop you.

  195. Phone Call:
    A rift has opened. Complete its challenge in winning style.

  196. Phone Call:
    Up for a run? I've found the perfect route.

  197. Phone Call:
    Huh. Well done. See me on the ship and I'll congratulate you in person.

  198. Image:
    Quests Menu - Ghost Writing

    Ghost Writing

  199. Phone Call:
    Swing by the ship when you have a chance.

  200. Phone Call:
    I wanna see you take down one of those Zin hotspots.

  201. Phone Call:
    I see the main character as a tough guy. I wanna see you how you handle a Zin patrol.

  202. Phone Call:
    What does it feel like when you hack one of those Zin stores? Show me.

  203. Phone Call:
    What's involved in injecting a virus into the simulation exactly? I wanna know.

  204. Phone Call:
    Fantastic. Come see me when you're ready for more.

  205. Image:
    Quests Menu - Rising Action

    Rising Action

  206. Phone Call:
    Can you show me that virus upload thing you do again? That's good stuff.

  207. Phone Call:
    I tagged a target for you. I want to see you wipe this sucker out.

  208. Phone Call:
    I want a big combat scene. How about taking on a bunch of Zin on patrol?

  209. Phone Call:
    I lost my notes on that virus injection thing, playa. Can you do one for me?

  210. Phone Call:
    This is fantastic, playa. See me when you're ready to bring this home.

  211. Image:
    Quests Menu - The Climax

    The Climax

  212. Phone Call:
    I know you've done this virus injection before but it's really good character development!

  213. Phone Call:
    Okay, the enemy has the main character surrounded. Show me what he'd do against a bunch of Zin?

  214. Phone Call:
    Time for the big show. Let's cause some mayhem out there, playa!

  215. Phone Call:
    Now it's time for the main character to face his greatest challenge. A room full of enemies!

  216. Phone Call:
    Playa, this is my best work yet. I want to thank you face to face.

  217. Image:
    Quests Menu - WWGD


  218. Phone Call:
    Meet me on the ship.

  219. Phone Call:
    I wanna see one of those hotspots destroyed.

  220. Phone Call:
    The best part of injecting a virus into the simulation is killing all the Zin motherfuckers who came after you.

  221. Phone Call:
    Hey, I found some more Zin to murder.

  222. Phone Call:
    Time to get serious and take a tank to these motherfuckers.

  223. Phone Call:
    A bunch of Zin are on patrol. We can't let those assholes live.

  224. Phone Call:
    Nice. All right, see me on the ship when you're ready to do this again.

  225. Image:
    Quests Menu - Closer To 250 Quest

    Closer To 250

  226. Phone Call:
    The Zin have to pay. I want to see their shit blown up good.

  227. Phone Call:
    Sharpen your murder skills on some Zin troopers. Make it hurt.

  228. Phone Call:
    The Zin grabbed someone special from our past and put him in the simulation. Kill that motherfucker.

  229. Phone Call:
    Inject a virus into this simulation and kill every motherfucker who tries to stop you.

  230. Phone Call:
    Grab one of their ships and use it against them. These alien fucks have it coming.

  231. Phone Call:
    Cool, man. You swing on by the ship if you feel like finishing this right.

  232. Image:
    Quests Menu - Kill Kill Destroy Kill

    Kill Kill Destroy Kill

  233. Phone Call:
    Upload a virus. Kill whoever shows up.

  234. Phone Call:
    Found some Zin troops. Kill these motherfuckers.

  235. Phone Call:
    Found a good place to destroy a whole bunch of shit. Have fun.

  236. Phone Call:
    Maero, the asshole leader of the Brotherhood, is in town. Kill that son of a bitch.

  237. Phone Call:
    That was epic. Meet me back on the ship.

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