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The Siege An Amazing Quarter[1]

"Showdown" is the eleventh and final mission of The Brotherhood story arc in Saints Row 2.

Ultor arena holds bloodbath
Ultor Times newspaper headline


With Maero having lost so much to the 3rd Street Saints, he calls The Protagonist for a final showdown at the Ultor Dome. The Protagonist shows up, eager to finish The Brotherhood, but it quickly transpires that Maero has not come alone.[2]

The Protagonist defends against the onslaught of desperate gang members and guns them all down. Maero attempts to run The Protagonist over in his Atlasbreaker monster truck but is stopped. As Maero struggles to climb out of the wreckage of his vehicle, The Protagonist hits him a few times and, aiming a gun at his head, executes him.[3]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

The gang known as the Brotherhood of Stilwater came to an[sic] bloody end today, as its leader Maero was found dead in the Ultor Arena. No eye-witnesses were left alive, but reports from around the neighborhood suggest a person matching the description of the leader of the Saints was seen entering the Arena shortly before the presumed time of Maero's death. Calls to the Philips[sic] Building regarding what occurred in their facility were not immediately returned.


Showdown - Maero HUD

The mission takes place in a small arena.

Kill Maero

Although there is only one objective to this mission, Maero avoids The Protagonist until most of The Brotherhood members are killed, circling the sunken perimeter of the arena in his Atlasbreaker.

At the beginning of the mission, The Protagonist is behind a slab of concrete, out of view of The Brotherhood. There are several RPG Launchers located around the center of the arena.

In addition to Maero in his Atlasbreaker, there are three Compensators, two Legions, two Alaskans, and a Swindle. The Brotherhood members can be killed by destroying the vehicles with RPGs, or by shooting the drivers, which forces the passengers to leave the vehicle.

After most of the enemies are killed, Maero becomes more aggressive and attempts to run over The Protagonist.


  • Little Shanghai neighborhood unlocked
  • Maero's Atlasbreaker unlocked
  • Brotherhood vehicles unlocked
  • Brotherhood Personality unlocked
  • Pierce Homie unlocked


Newspaper bh11 Showdown

The Ultor Times newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.

  • This mission takes place inside the Ultor Dome, which is used as the location for the Demolition Derby Activity in Saints Row.
  • This is the only time Maero drives his Atlasbreaker outside of a cutscene; he used it during the second cutscene of "Bank Error in Your Favor", "Proportional Response", where he accidentally killed his girlfriend Jessica.
  • Maero's death is reminiscent of Warren Williams' death at the hands of Tanya Winters in Saints Row[4]; both are defeated in their vehicles and both are executed outside the wreckage of their vehicles.
  • Maero doesn't wear his shirt in this mission during cutscenes but he wears it during gameplay.
  • There is no alternate dialogue for The Protagonist's voices in this mission.
  • Fratricide is the act of killing ones own brother or sister.



Get your ass to the Ultor dome...this ends now.
— Maero

"Honor Among Thieves" cutsceneEdit

Maero: "I didn't think you'd show..."
The Protagonist: "I'm surprised you have the balls to come alone..."
Maero: "I never said I'd be alone..."
The Protagonist: "That's...not good."
— "Honor Among Thieves" cutscene


You don't have a chance in hell...
— Maero, labelled "Attack"

"Fratricide" cutsceneEdit

Maero survives from his burning monster truck upside-down, The Protagonist walks up to Maero and then kicks him in the stomach and stomps on his right arm.
Outrage Protagonist gives Maero an angry look and then slaps him in the face with his gun. The Protagonist place the foot on Maero's neck and points the gun at him
The Protagonist: "Any last words?"
Maero: "Go to hell."
The Protagonist shoots Maero in the head with gunshot.
The Protagonist: "Sorry, didn't catch that."
— "Fratricide" cutscene


  • The Protagonist is ambushed by Maero and the last of The Brotherhood
  • Maero crawls out of the wreckage of his Atlasbreaker and awaits his fate
  • Maero is executed by The Protagonist
  • Loading screen used after "Showdown"
  • Loading screen used after "Showdown"
  • Loading screen used after "Showdown"
  • Showdown - Maero HUD


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