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Shogo Akuji
Shogo Akuji - The Model of Discipline cutscene
Shogo Akuji in Saints Row 2
Appears in

Saints Row 2
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell[1]






Kazuo Akuji[3]


The Ronin




GAL 43

Voiced by

Yuri Lowenthal[2]

Shogo Akuji is a character in Saints Row 2.

Listen Jyunichi, I know you're having a hard time...adjusting, to the way I run things here. But how about you let me deal with my father and you deal with whatever the fuck I tell you to deal with.
— Shogo Akuji


Shogo Akuji is the son of Kazuo Akuji, the founder of a Yakuza Gang known as The Ronin, and is one of the gang's leading figures.

Shogo is a young man dressed proudly in the flags of The Ronin, and like the rest of his gang, carries a Samurai Sword on his back. He owns a Kaneda.

Shogo Akuji is a ruthless, but air-headed man who displays poor-quality traits such as: cockiness, arrogance, and very poor leadership skills, as well as extreme hedonism. His pride stems from insecurity, due to his father constantly haranguing him and expressing his shame of him being in his family.

Johnny Gat humorously points out Shogo's ineffectiveness as a leader by explaining that he often spends more time spiking up his hair than he did riding his bike.[quote?]


Shogo Akuji runs the American branch of The Ronin in Stilwater. His gang is made up of portions of the city's Asian-American population, including many former members of Westside Rollerz.[4] Behind his father's back, he also made a protection racket deal with Dane Vogel, the Chairman and CEO of the Ultor Corporation.[reference?]

Shogo constantly tries to gain his father's approval, but Mr. Akuji is always disappointed in him, as he sees him as nothing more than a liability.[reference?] He also fails to see the gravity of the situation when the resurrected 3rd Street Saints rob The Ronin-owned Poseidon's Palace.[5] Shogo is also not happy when his father decides it is time to come to Stilwater and look over the situation while teaching him how to lead.[reference?]

Shogo sends a team of Ronin to kill the Saints, but most of them are killed by Playa.[6] After Jyunichi saves Kazuo Akuji from an assassination attempt at Wardill Airport, Kazuo makes Jyunichi the intermediary between himself and Shogo.[7] Kazuo takes complete control of The Ronin, and demotes Shogo to the rank of lieutenant as punishment for his consistent failures. Humiliated and dishonored, Shogo turns his anger and jealousy on Jyunichi for his "betrayal" and because Jyunichi has won Kazuo's approval. Consumed with thoughts of revenge, Shogo gives up Jyunichi's location to Playa, hoping to win favor with his father by having Jyunichi out of the way. Although this results in Jyunichi's death, it does not improve the relationship between Shogo and his father.[8] Shogo sends a team of Ronin to kill Gat at the hospital, but Playa manages to extract Gat to safety.[9]

After Kazuo breaks the business relationship between Ultor and The Ronin, Dane Vogel gives up the Kazuo's location to the Saints, resulting in the destruction of The Ronin HQ downtown.[10] In a last attempt to destroy the Saints and gain his father's love and respect, Shogo and a team of Ronin try to kill Gat and Playa at Aisha's funeral. Gat, blaming Shogo for Aisha's death and infuriated by his attack at her funeral, breaks Shogo's leg and jaw, then buries him alive as an act of revenge.[11] The newspapers later report his death.

Saints Row: Gat out of HellEdit

After taking over Downtown, a storybook cutscene plays showing that things are going well for the DeWynter Twins. However, things are not all well as Shogo, along with his father Kazuo, Jyunichi, William Sharp, and Killbane form an alliance against the Ultor group.[12] In the Shawarma storybook cutscene after completing City Takeover, is it revealed that Shogo is defeated, along with the others, and Shogo is now part of Shakespeare's new passion play, where Shakespeare reenacts Shogo's live burial from Saints Row 2.[13]


  • Civilians say that Shogo has an "annoying yapping dog".[14]
  • Shogo is the second major character through out the Saints Row series to get a blow job on-screen.[15] The first is Angelo Lopez when he learned that his brother was killed.[16] If Rico Martinez, the character that gives one of the Mayhem Activities in Saints Row is counted, then Shogo is the third character.
  • Johnny Tag asks "Where Shogo?"[17]
  • Akuji in Japanese can mean either "evil deed", "crime" or "wickedness".[18]
  • Shogo sends out members to retrieve drugs for him.[19]
  • Shogo is 5 foot 6 inches.[20]
  • Sometimes, one of goth says "Shogo should have been honoured, only the purest of our coven are allowed to be buried alive".[21]
  • Despite the fact that Kazuo Akuji couldn't care less about his leadership capabilities, Shogo in some ways is actually more effective than his father.
    • Shogo understands that America works differently than in Japan, such as when he told Jyunichi to "speak English" in the after mission cut scene during the mission "Saints Seven" and his deal with Ultor.[when?]
    • The Ronin enjoyed quite a lot freedom to do things they pleased without police interference, and especially Ultor have a bevvy of super high powered lawyers that can get anyone out of jail.
    • Before Playa intervened, Shogo did quite well with a quarter control of the city, a huge stake in Poseidon's Palace, and a control on the rest of the city's vice industry and trade.
    • It is Kazuo Akuji that triggered the destruction of The Ronin when he rudely dismissed Dane and their deal with Ultor, which lead to the destruction of The Ronin base of operation, badly crippling them.


Speak English.
— Shogo to Jyunichi.[22]

I'll make you proud father, I'll finish what Jyunichi started, I'll kill Gat, I'll-
— Shogo to Kazuo Akuji.[23]

You two have humiliated my family for the last time!
— Shogo to Johnny Gat and Playa.[24]

How noble...nobility is sorely over rated.
— Shogo to Johnny Gat.[24]

My hair!
Shogo 1127 My Hair
— Shogo to Playa.[25]

Please stop.
— Shogo to Johnny Gat.[26]

I didn't kill her!
— Shogo to Johnny Gat.[26]

Just kill me damn it, don't do this!
— Shogo as he is being lowered in the casket.[26]

Shine! (Die!)
Shogo 1110 Japanese

Ronin no moto ni hizamaduke! (Bow before The Ronin!)
Shogo 1111 Japanese

Chichioya wo hokorini shitemiseru. (I'll make my father proud of me.)
Shogo 1112 Japanese

Omae ni Chance wa nai. (You have no chance at all.)
Shogo 1113 Japanese

Omae wo koroshite ore no chichi wo sonkei sasete miseru. (I'll kill you and make my father proud of me.)
Shogo 1114 Japanese

Bujoku suru tsumorika? (Are you trying to insult me?)
Shogo 1120 Japanese

Omae nanka kusokurae da! (Go to hell!)
Shogo 1121 Japanese

Koko de shine! (You die here!)
Shogo 1122 Japanese

Ore de muteki da! (I'm invincible!)
Shogo 1123 Japanese


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  • Shogo Akuji - The Model of Discipline cutscene
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  • Shogo ordering Jyunichi to kill the Saints
  • Shogo Akuji in Eulogy cutscene
  • Shogo seconds before being buried
  • Ronin line-up
  • Jyunichi, Kazuo, Shogo, Sharp, and Killbane in Gat out of Hell
  • Shakespeare re-enacts Shogo's death from Saints Row 2 in Gat out of Hell

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