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Saints Row: The Third

The Shock Hammer is a Temporary Weapon in Saints Row: The Third.


The Shock Hammer is an over-sized melee weapon carried by Specialists of the Deckers gang. Like all Temporary Weapons, it cannot be picked up by The Protagonist until the enemy wielding it has been killed. In addition, it cannot be stored in the Weapons Cache or inventory.

The Shock Hammer is designed to strike the ground and send out electrical shockwaves which knocks back and kills most nearby bystanders caught in its wake. When used against The Protagonist, it momentarily stuns them or knocks them down, leaving them open to enemy attacks. This is also the only Temporary Weapon to feature a secondary attack, in which The Protagonist violently swings the weapon from side to side, knocking down and killing almost any adversary with one or two strikes. A Shock Hammer has exactly 10 uses when first picked up, which does not reset when dropped, and the usage counter does not decline when the secondary attack is used.


  • The Shock Hammer resembles the Gravity Hammer from the "Halo" series, both in appearance and in usage.
  • The Protagonist moves around faster than normal with the Shock Hammer equipped.
  • When the Shock Hammer is used around a co-op player, it momentarily puts them in a stunned animation.
  • The "scythe" end of the hammer resembles the blade of a Nocturne, the Deckers' signature sword.
  • When The Protagonist is stunned whilst holding a shock hammer, their right hand momentarily protrudes through their back.
  • The attacking animation with the shock hammer is the same as with the gutter weapon in Red Faction Guerrilla, another game by Volition.
  • Even with the infinite ammo/infinite clip cheats enabled, the Shock Hammer's primary attack can still only be used 10 times (this is its normal clip size).


  • The Shock Hammer
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