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Postcard hood shivington
Shivington Postcard





Vice Kings SR
Sons of Samedi SR2

Unlocked after

Abandoned Police Station SR
Burning Down the House SR2

City Income

$200 SR
$500 SR2


Bling Bling
Brown Baggers

Notable buildings

Abandoned Police Station
Sea Roses






Saints Row
Saints Row 2

Nearby Neighborhoods

Shivington is a neighborhood in the Projects District of Stilwater.


Shivington was once a pristine set of high-rise tenement homes, this neighborhood has devolved into a dangerous and dirty ghetto with ugly buildings, unwashed streets with the homeless sleeping on them.

Shivington started out as Los Carnales turf, as they pushed forwards but after Sunnyvale Gardens was taken by Benjamin King, Los Carnales was pushed out of Shivington by Ben King's crew, the Vice Kings. But as gang war broke out, most of the Projects district, including Shivington, was a battlefield however it still remained Vice King turf. The Vice Kings ruled over Shivington until the 3rd Street Saints attacked Tanya Winters' abandoned police station a second time to rescue some Saints members, after that the Saints took control of Shivington.[1]

After the Saints demise, Shivington fell into Sons of Samedi hands. But the newly resurrected Saints took over after Playa destroyed many Samedi drug labs, setting fire to many tenement buildings and nearly engulfing the entire neighborhood in flames.[2]

At the time of Dane Vogel's reign of the Ultor Corporation, Ultor had plans to redevelop Shivington and turn it into a glass and steel utopia, in a similar fashion to the Saint's Row redevelopment. Simply, the plans are to direct the gang towards Sunnyvale Gardens, they destroy each other, lowering property values so Ultor could buy up the land, raising stock values and putting money into Ultor. Ultor would then send the Stilwater Police to take out the gangs. Ultor would then redevelop Shivington and sell properties at high prices, regaining the money.[3] When Eric Gryphon becomes the new CEO of Ultor, it's unknown if Ultor continues with the plans for Shivington.





  • In Saints Row, there is a K6 Krukov spawn point on a basketball field in the southern part of the district.
  • In Saints Row 2 the Sea Roses building is still enterable, but no one is inside and no missions or activities utilize it. It is thought to be the removed 33rd Secret Area known as Old Bar.
  • After the mission "Burning Down the House", Blazes will be parked in near the buildings that contained the drug labs, in response to the Shivington fire. After the fires are put out, the buildings will continue to appear fire damaged.
  • There is a failed skydiver falling on top of a bus stop near Brown Baggers, and another on top of three barrels near the bus stop.


  • Shivington map in Saints Row
  • Shivington Map in Saints Row 2
  • Abandoned Police Station exterior
  • Brown Baggers in Shivington
  • Sea Roses - exterior in Saints Row 2
  • Shivington - row of project houses in disrepair
  • Shivington - empty corner block
  • Shivington - road and houses
  • Shivington - empty parking lot
  • Shivington - road and train line
  • Shivington - blood stains on road
  • Shivington in Saints Row 2 - Bling Bling
  • Shivington in Saints Row 2 - bums
  • Shivington in Saints Row 2 - house
  • Shivington in Saints Row 2 - street at night
  • Shivington in Saints Row 2 - Vice Kings Samedi graffiti
  • Neighborhood unlocked in Saints Row 2

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