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Shawarma is a cutscene in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


If City Takeover is completed after defeating Satan, a Saints mission marker appears inside the Ultor building with the label "Shawarma". This starts an epilogue cutscene that shows what happens to New Hades after the "Ultor Alliance" is formed. When City Takeover is completed before defeating Satan, the Shawarma cutscene plays automatically after the main ending.

Centuries after the events of Gat out of Hell, a bunch of old enemies of the Saints, including Shogo and Kazuo Akuji, Jyunichi, William Sharp, and Killbane, fight the Ultor Alliance.[1]

  • Sharp captures Kiki, Dane rescues her, they get married, and use William as their pool boy.[2]
  • Shogo ends up the star of Shakespeare's new act which involved burying him alive, digging him up, and burying him again.[3]
  • Killbane ends up as Vlad's torture monkey.[4]
  • Kazuo and Jyunichi end up on Blackbeard's ship with Mr. Sunshine and some random demons.[5]

Viola meets with God and makes a deal where representatives of Heaven and Hell meet, but it's largely an excuse to play volleyball with old friends. Carlos, Lin, Oleg, and Kinzie on one team. Gat, Viola, Kiki, and Dane on the other. Josh Birk referees.[6]


  • Shawarma is a form of traditional Arabic food, which is not mentioned during the cutscene, or at any other point in the series.
  • Shakespeare's play with Shogo is an re-enactment of his death, when he was buried alive by Johnny and Playa during Aisha's funeral.[7]
  • The subtitles incorrectly refer to Blackbeard's ship as "Queen's Anne's Revenge", instead of Queen Anne's Revenge.[Reference needed]
  • Kazuo Akuji has a scar over his left eye,[1] but did not have one when he was killed.[8]



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