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Shaundi in Saints Row 2
Shaundi in Saints Row 2
Shaundi in Saints Row: The Third
Shaundi in Saints Row: The Third
Shaundi in Saints Row IV
Shaundi in Saints Row IV
Fun Shaundi Saints Row IV
Fun Shaundi Saints Row IV
Future Shaundi in Saints Row IV
Future Shaundi in Saints Row IV
Appears in

Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV[1][2][3]
Enter the Dominatrix
How the Saints Save Christmas
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell








3rd Street Saints
Veteran Child Pre SR2

  • Drug trafficker SR2
  • TV host/Reality TV Star SRTT SRIV
  • Director of the Secret Service SRIV
  • Queen of the Raptors ETD
Voiced by

Shaundi is a character in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV, Enter the Dominatrix, How the Saints Save Christmas and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.

Coming a long way from her stoner roots, Shaundi has proven herself again and again as one of the sharpest, best-prepared members of the Saints. She uses her planning acumen and technical know-how to keep the The President safe from their (many) would-be assailants.
— The Saints Row website, regarding her background as of Saints Row IV.[22]


Shaundi is a Caucasian female with sandy brown (Saints Row 2) or dark brunette (Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV) hair who looks to be in her late teens to early twenties as of Saints Row 2. Shaundi has hazel/brown eyes,[23] has a slender, feminine body shape, and usually wears outfits that define her body shape. While Shaundi has been known to do drugs and is witnessed consuming them in Saints Row 2[24], she appears to be very healthy.

In Saints Row 2, Shaundi's chest-length hair is made into sandy brown dreadlocks, and she wears a Women's Camisole 4 in slate grey, light purple bell-bottom jeans and black and white converse sneakers. Her makeup and accessories consists of a purple bandanna, a black spiked choker necklace, red lipstick, a single silver stud piercing below her lips, silver bangles on her right arm, a studded wristband on her left arm, two rings on her left hand, and a chain-belt. Shaundi also has two tattoos: one on her lower back, and another on her left hand. Shaundi has a lower back tattoo is very similar to Wings 1[25] (although not an exact replica) and her hand tattoo is a Nautical Star.[25]

As of Saints Row: The Third, Shaundi completely changes her appearance and dresses much more professionally in response to the Saints becoming famous icons to the public and her new dating show. Physically, Shaundi appears to have matured, with her breasts appearing to have increased in size. Shaundi's hair is now brunette coloured and is made into a ponytail that branches off into multiple flocks, while a side fringe of hair waves freely in front of her face. Shaundi's new outfit consists of a purple crop top that's a lighter shade of purple and has the ST initials in game and exposes her midriff region, a black leather jacket with short sleeves that also exposes her midriff region, skin-tight purple pants that look to be made of Latex or Lycra and lowers slightly in the front, and a pair of black belt-buckled high-heeled boots. Her makeup and accessories consists of a pair of silver earrings, a plain black choker necklace, purple painted finger nails, and a silver chain belt. Shaundi has gotten rid of her old lower back tattoo[26], but she still has her Nautical Star tattoo on her left hand, which she keeps throughout the entire series.

In Saints Row IV, there are two Shaundis, with a third Shaundi introduced in How the Saints Save Christmas. There is Saints Row: The Third Shaundi, Saints Row 2 "Fun" Shaundi, and "Future" Shaundi. "Fun" Shaundi is only present in the simulation and not real, while Saints Row: The Third Shaundi and "Future" Shaundi exist in the real world.

Shaundi looks very similar to how she appears in Saints Row: The Third and retains her youthful appearance, but she still appears to be physically maturing and her body has become more buxom in appearance, with her breasts increasing in size again being the only real physical change. While in the White Crib serving as the Director of the Secret Service, Shaundi wears her brunette hair in a large bun with pearls on the back and braids wrapped at the base, and her side fringe of hair is still present. Her outfit consists of a black blazer done up, but the top opens out which exposes her cleavage, a matching skirt that goes down to just above her knees, a pair of tights, and a set of black pointed high heels. Her makeup and accessories consists of a pair of pearl stud earrings, a silver necklace, and her fingernails are still painted purple like they were in Saints Row: The Third. On The Ship, Shaundi loses her blazer, skirt, and tights, and, like the other Saints, wears a skin-tight blue Zin spacesuit. Like her blazer, Shaundi's spacesuit is opened out slightly as she leaves her zipper down and leaves her cleavage exposed. Shaundi still wears her makeup and accessories the same as she did in the White Crib and she still has her black high heels.

Within the simulation during "De Plane Boss" and until half way through "Psychosomatic", Shaundi's outfit is the same outfit she wears back in Saints Row: The Third, except for her lower back tattoo[27], even when wearing her super outfit[28]. Upon getting halfway through "Psychosomatic", however, Shaundi's outfit from the previous game is replaced with black and purple leather midriff, skin-tight black and purple pants that are padded and have two holsters, and black knee-high high-heeled boots. Shaundi's hair is pulled back into a wavy ponytail with her side fringe remaining present. Her makeup and accessories consist of her black choker necklace from Saints Row: The Third, purple gloves that go up to just below the elbows with the Saints fleur-de-lis icon adorned near the top, and a belt with the Saints fleur-de-lis icon.

The Saints Row 2 Shaundi wears attire similar to the game she hailed from. "Fun Shaundi", as she is referred to in Saints Row IV[reference?], wears a slate grey midriff/camisole, very low-riding light-purple bell-bottom jeans, and different vollies/converse-style wedge sneakers. Her hair is chest-length and made into sandy brown dreadlocks. Fun Shaundi also wears the same makeup and accessories from Saints Row 2, wearing her purple bandana, black spiked choker necklace, red lipstick, single silver stud piercing below her lips, silver bangles on her right arm, studded wristband on her left arm, 2 rings on her left hand, and a chain-belt. Fun Shaundi's lower back tattoo that similar to the Wings 1[25] and Nautical Star[25] hand tattoo are both present as it was back in Saints Row 2. Fun Shaundi is also a lot more slender in body shape before she matured. Unlike the real Shaundi and all other Super Saints, Fun Shaundi has no Super Outfit and retains her default outfit.

The Future Shaundi in How the Saints Save Christmas retains her youthful appearance and does not appear to have aged much, despite coming from the year 2035.[21], however, she has suffered very serious injuries from fighting Twinkle and RoboRudolph. Physically, Future Shaundi has continued to mature and her breast size has increased further, but her right arm is now a bionic arm, her left eye has been replaced with a bionic eye, and a burn is present around her right kidney area. She also has a surgical ring in the middle of her head, with a surgical seal to the right of her head. Future Shaundi's hair is like how she had it back in Saints Row 2 and is made into sandy brown dreadlocks, but, as a result of the surgery on the right side of her head, the dreadlocks are only present on the left side of her head. Her outfit is a light-purple top that's almost hanging off her left shoulder and barely drapes over her right breast, some black and purple padding on the right of her body held by straps around her waist and neck, skin-tight black pants very similar to Shaundi's Super Saint pants without a right holster, with some greenish tint showing great use and damage, and a pair of elevated platform boots. Future Shaundi's makeup and accessories consists of her black choker necklace that her present-day self wears from Saints Row: The Third and in the simulation, and her fingernails appear to be painted black. Future Shaundi has a lower back tattoo that is mostly hidden in her pants that looks similar to the tattoo Shaundi had in Saints Row 2[29], and her Nautical Star[25] on her left hand.

Attitude-wise, Shaundi's demeanour shifted drastically between Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third. Shaundi in Saints Row 2 (or Fun Shaundi in Saints Row IV) seemed to embody rebellion, drug abuse, and amoralism. Occasionally in her presence, Playa would witness her doing drugs.[24] Shaundi also had a non-chalant, sarcastic, mellow attitude throughout Saints Row 2, and, while generally being weak in combat, she wasn't non-violent, and wielded weapons. She has many connections and friends within the drug business, and appeared to have extensive knowledge on many aspects of the Loa Dust drug, which leads Playa to meeting her.

Between Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, Shaundi matures physically, emotionally, and in terms of combat skill compared to the drugged-out, apathetic, hedonistic "hippie" archetype she was attributed to be. Shaundi has become much more sensible, and takes her tasks very seriously. Shaundi expresses her feelings very strongly, and has no problem with demeaning other people, regardless of if they're friends or not. Unlike in Saints Row 2, Shaundi is no longer a weaker combatant and has no problem engaging in physical violence or killing other people. Shaundi has also become something of a sex symbol, getting her own dating show called "I Wanna Sleep with Shaundi". In one of the Planet Saints advertisements, she also joins Pierce in advertising the Saints Sleeve (which he describes as the future of Jimmy Hats and also had input from Shaundi herself during development). Lastly, the nude Virtual Vixen image of her that appears in Boytoy magazines continues to appear over five years later in Saints Row IV.

In Saints Row IV, Shaundi reveals in her Audio Logs that part of her reason for no longer having fun or feeling happy and becoming very aggressive and vengeful in Saints Row: The Third was because of Johnny being 'killed' on the plane[4], and her feelings that he didn't deserve to die. Shaundi also states in her Audio Logs that it was her fault, despite Johnny telling her and Playa to escape, hinting that Shaundi suffered survivor's guilt as a result: this might pose a reason as to why Shaundi continues to change emotionally on all levels throughout Saints Row: The Third, even amongst the fame and status achieved by being prominent in the Saints. She even states that her inability to protect herself and needing Playa to protect her was what led to his death, but even Playa tries to tell her that it wasn't her fault, even though she's convinced she's to blame.[30]

Shaundi's apparent large-scale self-reinvention between Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third was a heavy topic in Saints Row IV during De Plane Boss and Psychosomatic, where she discovers her former self in her simulation and expresses hate for all of the old traits and behaviour she used to exhibit, possibly explaining the change in physical appearance, maturated attitude, and always being sober. Shaundi does come to terms with her younger self after bickering and competition due to their new-found superpowers.

It is somewhat implied that Shaundi is heavily regretful of past events, her old reputation, and embarrassed of what people might think about her being an elite gang-member/celebrity whilst having living evidence of her delinquent, immoral, drug-clouded past before the 3rd Street Saints hit stardom as of Saints Row: The Third. This is especially apparent when Shaundi is speaking to Fun Shaundi at the end of "De Plane Boss", where she stated that she "used to be useless", and also states that her most memorable moment was getting captured while being smoked up and "fucking half of Stilwater".


Shaundi grew up with older siblings and parents that were busy with work. Christmas was her favourite time of year as it was the one time when the whole family got together. As she got older, her siblings moved away and her parents divorced. She still believed in Santa, later saying "I needed Santa"[21] and that she'd never had a good Christmas after her family left, as she was either stoned or "with awful boyfriends who never really cared".[31]

Shaundi was once a student at Stilwater University[32], during which she visited Steelport while on spring break.[33] She had relations with countless men, including Steelport's famous pimp Zimos[34], and frequently mentions "one of my exes" as her source of information.[35] She also served a brief stint in prison, where she met Laura[36] and Johnny Gat[37].

She was a big fan of Keith David and had a crush on him; she was also a fan of the film They Live, which she mistook for a realistic film.[38][39]

In the future, she'd regret a number of her boyfriends and say that they never really cared about her.[31] She'd particularly regret Veteran Child, who threw a limited edition Feed Dogs vinyl on the fire once.[40] They dated when he was already a high-ranking Sons of Samedi member.[41]

Saints Row 2[]

Shaundi becomes a member of the Saints after Playa impresses her with some Stunt Jumps.[42] She is later made a lieutenant and put in charge of gathering information on the Sons of Samedi,[43] a job she is initially reluctant to undertake.

She quickly begins undermining the Sons of Samedi's drug operations by learning the recipe for replicating Loa Dust, with the assistance of Playa and Laura, and telling the gang the location of the Samedi's main drug farm.[41] The Sons of Samedi, angry at the attack on their business, send DJ Veteran Child (who told her about the farm when they were dating) to deal with the problem.[44] Veteran Child finds Shaundi alone in the Saints Hideout, and, after knocking her out, kidnaps her and takes her to On Track, a dance club.[45] Once Playa arrives, Veteran Child tries to use the hostage lieutenant as a shield, but Playa finds a way to take him out and helps Shaundi out of the club, leaving the DJ's corpse on the dance floor.[45]

As Veteran Child had bested her, Playa doubted Shaundi's ability to hold her own. It isn't until she announces her plan to bug the city's traffic cameras that Playa allows her to come along, due to the fact that Playa has no idea how to hack into the police computer.[46]

Once the Saints track The General down, Shaundi and Playa attack him at the Rounds Square Shopping Center, fighting their way through dozens of The General's gang members before finally taking out the Sons of Samedi leader.[47]

She also assists against the Brotherhood, much to the annoyance of Pierce, as she keeps getting the tactician role ahead of him. One time, she gives Playa intelligence that Pierce told her about.[48][49]

Shaundi is unlocked as a Homie after completing the Sons of Samedi arc. When she is called using the Cellphone, she arrives in a Voyage, wielding a K6 Krukov.

Saints Row: The Third[]

Five years[50] after the Saints conquered Stilwater, the former hippie has become more focused, both on the Saints and her celebrity status. In line with the expansion of the Saints' brand, she now has moved from drug trafficking to having her own TV dating show and a new look that is distinctly more professional than her previous bohemian style.[reference?] She attributes her new focus and sobriety to her new reality show, "I Wanna Sleep with Shaundi"; she simply didn't have the time to smoke up anymore.[51]

Her main obsession after arriving in Steelport[4] is destroying The Syndicate, the loss of Johnny having affected her deeply and continues to do so for the rest of the game. As the Saints settle into Steelport, Shaundi becomes angry with how long it is taking to find and kill Phillipe Loren, and, when informed about Powder by Playa, she was threatening to burn it to the ground, much to Playa's surprise. When they get there, Pierce and Playa arguing about entering the place pushes Shaundi's patience to her limit and she quickly shoots the guards before leading the way to the back. Shaundi hacks the computer in the building to get the details, while Playa and Pierce deal with the Morningstar.[52] Afterwards, the three Saints return to the Saints HQ to load up on weapons before heading to the Syndicate Tower to kill Loren, proving successful thanks to Playa's quick thinking. Before they leave, Shaundi tells the crew that they should destroy the building to send a message, although Oleg Kirrlov reasons that keeping the building would be useful.[53]

After killing Loren, the Saints head back to Stilwater to deal with Johnny's funeral, but are ambushed by Killbane's Luchadores, angering Shaundi again, and she goes with Playa and Pierce to help get others, although she gets annoyed by the fact that their first new recruit,Kinzie Kensington, is a former FBI agent. After Kinzie is rescued, Shaundi gets her to safety.[54]

When Pierce throws a party, Shaundi threatens to kill him over the phone, annoyed that they are partying while the Syndicate is still out there, and that Playa was defending him. When at the party, she gets close to losing her cool with Pierce and Zimos, and when Playa and Pierce tell her that she needs to move on, she storms out frustrated at the other Saints' seeming lack of compassion.[55]

Shaundi spends her time in Steelport assisting Playa in bringing down the Syndicate and, when Kinzie informs her and Playa about Killbane tarnishing the Saints' reputation, the two of them track down Killbane and Shaundi almost assassinated him, but Matt Miller hit their chopper with an EMP and crashed their helicopter.[56] She also has to deal with watching Josh Birk after he is kidnapped from under STAG's watch, much to her displeasure.[57]

When Shaundi gets kidnapped by STAG,[58] Playa has surgery in an attempt to rescue Shaundi, taking on the appearance of Cyrus Temple, and travels to Thermopylae, taking Pierce and Viola DeWynter as "captives". The four escape, but not before blowing up the aircraft carrier, angering STAG and making them instate martial law in the city.[59]

Later, Playa receives a call from Angel De LaMuerte. Killbane is at the airport, fleeing the city. Halfway through the call another call comes through, this one from Kia, informing them that Shaundi and Viola are strapped to bombs at the base of the Steelport monument, and that she plans to kill them in the explosion so that when their bodies are found, the Saints will be viewed as terrorists. The player must choose between saving the girls or annihilating the last member of the Syndicate.[60]


Kill Killbane

If Killbane is killed at the airport, Shaundi, Viola, and Burt Reynolds are killed in the explosion. The Saints hold a wake for Shaundi and their other fallen comrades at the Broken Shillelagh, which is interrupted when STAG starts levelling Steelport with the Daedalus.[61]

Save Shaundi

If Shaundi is saved, along with Viola and Burt Reynolds, they travel to the Magarac Island where the three are being held. After disabling the bombs and fighting through waves of STAG soldiers, Playa reaches Kia at the top of the statue, who holds Shaundi as a Human Shield. Playa however, is able to kill Kia and save the hostages, and leaves with Shaundi and Pierce to go film Gangstas in Space.

The Save Shaundi ending was stated by the head writer to be the canonical ending to the game.[3] The events of Saints Row IV continue from this ending.[62]

Saints Row IV[]

Shaundi appears in the Saints Row IV "Crossing the Delaware" teaser image[1], and a Twitter post from Steve Jaros confirms that it is her.[2] In the "War For Humanity" trailer, Shaundi steps out of her old "Saints Row 2 self" in a virtual reality simulation.

At the start of the game, Playa, Shaundi and Pierce join with Asha Odekar on a counter-terrorist operation to take out Cyrus Temple, who has since gone rogue. Playa managed to kill Cyrus before attempting to disable the nuke he launched. Believing Playa intended to sacrifice themselves, Kinzie suggested they say their final goodbyes. Shaundi told her friend that when they first met, she was just a girl in dreadlocks but Playa saw her as more than that.[62]

5 years later[63], while Playa is President of the United States, Shaundi is part of the cabinet, with her role being the "Director of Secret Service". Just as Playa was about to attend a press conference to deal with public relations after a verbal misstep, Shaundi informs Playa of a pending alien invasion, immediately before it occurs. Playa and Shaundi attempt to rescue Kinzie as she is abducted by Emperor Zinyak, but Secret Service pin Playa to the floor while Shaundi is captured by Zinyak.[64]

Shaundi is placed in her own virtual nightmare by the Zin, being forced to relive her failure to save Johnny Gat. As Playa arrived in her simulation to rescue her, the virtual Gat comes back as a zombie, forcing her to kill it. Zinyak then sends her into another nightmare, where she is back in her old stoner appearance, being held hostage by Veteran Child. After defeating Veteran Child, Saints Row: The Third Shaundi emerges out of Fun Shaundi. The Shaundis start arguing before being broken up by Playa.[30]

During Psychosomatic, Shaundi has requested aid from Playa to help deal with Veteran Child, but Fun Shaundi convinces Playa to go after some Alien Narcotics to help power-up all 3 of them before going after him, much to Saints Row: The Third Shaundi's displeasure. Fun Shaundi only leads them to some 'knock off' drugs and tells Playa to go to the docks for one last attempt before going after Veteran Child. After a while of taking the second batch of drugs, both Shaundis gain Super Powers and Playa's Powers are enhanced. The 2 Shaundis start to get along with each other and then get into a race before finally getting into a short duel before finally going after Veteran Child. The Saints fight off mascots before Veteran Child drops copies of himself down to deal with group, and soon both Shaundis go to remove the shield protecting the real Veteran Child. After the last lot of clones are defeated, Playa goes to deal with Veteran Child only to have him split into 2 copies and point a gun at each of the Shaundis, but they both disarm them and shoots both copies of Veteran Child.

The two Shaundis get on well during the rest of the game, and talk about old times in Stilwater.[65] Shaundi admits she sometimes misses her dreadlocks for their ease of maintenance,[66] while the simulated Julius Little (who dislikes Fun Shaundi)[67] and Benjamin King is surprised at how different the two Shaundis are.[68][69] Fun Shaundi remarks to Gat that she's surprised how she became uptight; he says she's "not so bad".[70]

When left alone with Gat, Shaundi admits she felt responsible for his "death" by not going back for him and is terrified that she'll have to see him die again; he comforts her, telling her it wouldn't have been her fault.[71]

Enter the Dominatrix[]

When "deleted scenes" from the cut DLC for Saints Row: The Third called Enter the Dominatrix are found, Jane Valderamma interviews the Saints on The Ship to talk about the DLC and what was cut from Saints Row IV. Shaundi shows dislike towards the Enter the Dominatrix project, and also for the fact that it followed the STAG Film ending where Pierce became Mayor of Steelport, in which Shaundi was dead.[72]

Following the Kill Killbane ending - although Shaundi is still alive - she along with Playa, Kinzie and Nyte Blayde fight off attacking Zin Forces led by Zinyak who attack the 3 Count crib. Josh is killed while fighting off a giant one eyed alien, and dies in Shaundi's arms, which distresses her, although that was how Josh viewed it.[73]

After the defeat of the Zin leader Zinyak, an AI known as The Dominatrix captures the Saints and puts them in a simulation of Steelport. Shaundi is captured by the Dominatrix who splits into different parts. Donnie attempts to rescue Shaundi but is captured in the process, which leads to Playa having to rescue them both.[74]

Shaundi helps the Saints defeat the Dominatrix eventually killing her. Pierce arrives with an army of Raptors to help the Saints escape, and the Saints meet their King, Cirano. When he asks each Saint what he can grant them, Shaundi asks Cirano if she can become his queen, which he accepts.[75]

How the Saints Save Christmas<