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Sexy Kitten Yarngasm is an Activity in the Genkibowl VII DLC for Saints Row: The Third.

The Yarn Ball in action.


This activity involves driving Yarnie, a giant ball vehicle that behaves somewhat like a tank. Gameplay is similar to Tank Mayhem; enough damage has to be caused in a certain amount of time to succeed and the vehicle has to be kept whole by picking up repair tokens.

Yarnie has (only during this activity) a nitrous boost and after racking up enough money/high enough combo, the Shockwave weapon becomes available. When activated, the Shockwave launches Yarnie up into the air and destroy everything within a 5 meter radius.

There is also a small Verminator ATV driving around, destroying it awards a large amount of money and a special achievement/trophy.


For completing this activity awards cash and respect, and has access to Sad Panda Skyblazing as the next mission. In addition some vehicle unlocks are received:


  • In the Ashwood Heli Assault, Kinzie says she is hacking into Rim Jobs to make Deckers cars pink. The cars in Sexy Kitten Yarngasm are pink variants of Decker vehicles.
  • The Sexy Kitten vehicle is part of a different DLC and has nothing to do with this activity.


The Yarnie vehicle with unhappy cops

Unmodified reward Criminal

Modified reward Criminal

Unmodified reward Kayak

Modified reward Kayak

Unmodified reward Sola

Modified reward Solar

The reward Verminator

Sexy Kitten Yarngasm complete screen

Sexy Kitten Yarngasm unlocked

Item - Sexy Kitten Mask unlocked

Homie - Sexy Kitten unlocked

Vehicles - Sexy Kitten Rides unlocked

Vehicle - Verminator unlocked

Yarnie Delivery unlocked


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