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Septic Avenger (Activity)
Septic Avenger - Saints Row 2 icon
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Saints Row, Saints Row 2


Septic Avenger (vehicle)


Septic Avenger is an Activity in Saints Row 2.

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For the vehicle, see Septic Avenger (vehicle)

Spray sewage all over your targets to earn cash and respect.
— Septic Avenger introduction[4]


In this activity, Playa must devalue property throughout Stilwater by using a Stilwater Municipal Septic Truck's roof mounted Septic Spray cannon to spray waste all over buildings and people. As with Mayhem, money is earned for destroying property, and a set value goal must be reached in each level.

Playa does not drive the truck, but pressing the Brake pauses the truck along the route to allow more time to spray the nearby properties.


Single playerEdit

  • Level 1: $50,000
  • Level 2: $75,000
  • Level 3: $100,000
  • Level 4: $125,000
  • Level 5: $150,000
  • Level 6: $200,000


  • Level 1: $57,500
  • Level 2: $86,250
  • Level 3: $115,000
  • Level 4: $143,750
  • Level 5: $172,500
  • Level 6: $230,000


  • Red Light Level 3 - 5% Discount on Food and Liquor
  • Red Light Level 6 - 15% Discount on Food and Liquor
  • Suburbs Expansion Level 3 - 5% Increased Weapons Accuracy
  • Suburbs Expansion Level 6 - 15% Increased Weapons Accuracy
  • All - Septic Avenger unlocked

Red Light DistrictEdit

In the Red Light District, Mayor Monica Hughes wants to devalue Ultor's property because they stole her husband's legacy. The driver is Sophie, a french mime with revolutionary rhetoric.

Playa: "You have a lovely office."
Monica Hughes: "Please, do you really think I'd meet you anywhere public? Look on the bright side... at least we're not on a boat."
Playa: "I'm glad you can joke about your husband's death."
Monica Hughes: "I'm crying on the inside, I assure you."
Playa: "What do you want?"
Monica Hughes: "Justice."
Playa: "Then call the cops."
Monica Hughes: "I said I wanted justice..."
Playa: "Who pissed you off?"
Monica Hughes: "Ultor's made fortunes by standing on the shoulders of my husband. The gentrification of Saints Row was first referred to as the Hughes Initiative, then the Ultor-Hughes Initiative, and now just the Ultor Initiative. My husband's legacy has been stolen and if I can't benefit from it, neither can Ultor. I want you to devalue their property."
Playa: "I'm gonna need the name of the septic company the city has a contract with..."
Playa - Male 2: "I'm gonna need the name of the septic company the city's got a contract with..."
Monica Hughes: "Why do you need to know that?"
Playa: "You'll see..."
— "Red Light District Septic Avenger" Cutscene


  • L1 - Glass walkway
  • L1 - Hos and Ultor johns
  • L1 - Pimps and their cars
  • L1 - Signs
  • L2 - Dorms
  • L2 - Frat boys, their cars and their frat houses
  • L2 - Statues and people in the park
  • L2 - Pep rally
  • L2 - Statue
  • L2 - University insignia
  • L3 - High-end shops
  • L3 - Hotel
  • L3 - Ultor pep rally
  • L3 - Ultor tailgaters and their vehicles
  • L4 - Ultor mansions and cars
  • L4 - Pool party
  • L4 - Old people in the park
  • L4 - People eating
  • L4 - Train station
  • L5 - Pagodas
  • L5 - Street vendors and their customers
  • L6 - Church
  • L6 - High-end shops
  • L6 - Office buildings
  • L6 - Police Station
  • L6 - Reflecting pond
  • L6 - Ultor Phillips Tower and business people
  • L6 - Ultor logos
  • L6 - Yachts

Suburbs Expansion DistrictEdit

In the Suburbs Expansion District, Javier, an estate agent, wants to bring down property values quickly before attending a party at Stefan's. The driver's name is Tony who works as a sarcastic government garbageman and is a relative of Javier.

Javier: "Listen, we have to make this quick, Stefan is having another one of his soirees today, and I'm not missing his pool boy this year. Here's the deal... I've been tryin' to sell real estate in this area for a month but no one's buying because the property value's too high."
Playa: "Whaddya want me to do about it?"
Javier: "My cousin runs a septic company, I figure you could borrow one of his trucks, drive around the area, and well, ya know..."
Playa: "You really think people are gonna wanna buy houses if the area is covered in shit?"
Javier: "It's really hard to find cheap housing in Stilwater..."
— "Suburbs Expansion District Septic Avenger" Cutscene


  • L1 - Construction site
  • L1 - House
  • L1 - Mansion
  • L1 - Pool party
  • L2 - Cars
  • L2 - Food court
  • L2 - Side walk sale
  • L3 - Billboards
  • L3 - Boats
  • L3 - Dock
  • L3 - Gas station
  • L3 - Picnic area
  • L4 - People on the beach
  • L4 - Marina store fronts
  • L4 - Pirate ship
  • L5 - Laundromat
  • L5 - Leasing office
  • L5 - Trailers
  • L6 - Courthouse
  • L6 - Donut shop
  • L6 - Fountain
  • L6 - Luxury cars
  • L6 - Rally


  • The Septic Avenger activity is referenced in Saints Row: The Third[when?] by TV announcer Bobby when he tells[when?] his fellow announcer Zach about his trip to Stilwater. He was driving in a rented convertible when it was hit by septic waste from a passing septic truck.[when?]
  • The activity icon uses the name of an early version of this activity: "Cleansweep", which is also referenced in the animation files for sprayed civilians.


Where's a septic truck when you need one.
— Playa at the end of the opening cutscene of The Saints Wing


  • End screen background for Septic Avenger
  • Monica
  • Javier
  • random Tony preset
  • random Sophie preset
  • Boost - Septic Avenger
  • Septic Avenger tutorial
  • Septic Truck unlocked after level 6 of Septic Avenger in the Red Light district
  • Food and Liquor Store Discount 1 unlocked
  • Food and Liquor Store Discount 2 unlocked
  • Improved Weapon Accuracy 1 unlocked
  • Improved Weapon Accuracy 2 unlocked

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