Semi-Charmed Life
Semi-Charmed Life mission complete
"Semi-Charmed Life" mission completion screen
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No Time to Mourn Battlefield Promotion[1]

"Semi-Charmed Life" is the ninth and final mission of the Westside Rollerz story arc in Saints Row.

Julius Little: "That was a hell of an explosion. You okay, playa?"
Playa: "I got ran over by a mothafuckin' truck, what you think?"
Julius Little: "Oh, quit bein' a bitch."
Loose Ends Hispanic CUTSCENES 0355
Julius Little and Playa, in a phone call.


In the final Westside Rollerz mission, Joseph Price attempts to run over Playa in a Goliath truck at Foreign Power, where the two were supposed to meet. Unhappy with this, Playa attempts to chase Price down across the freeway.[2]

After successfully killing Price, Julius Little calls Playa and congratulates them on defeating the Westside Rollerz. He remarks on the mysterious buyers Sharp mentioned before, and then says to Playa that he'll see them at the church later.[3]

We done and fucked the Rollerz hard. They ain't got nothin' left. There are a few loose ends, though, like who the fuck those buyers are Sharp was talkin' about. I got a feelin' there's some shit goin' on we don't know about. I'll catch ya later at the church.
Semi-Charmed Life Julius Little
— Julius Little


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game on the 'Story' page, accessed from the 'INFO' tab of the pause menu.

His gang in ruins, a furious Price called you up and challenged you to a showdown at the car dealership. When you arrived, Price tried to run you down with a truck. He led you on a dangerous chase down the expressway, but you managed to kill the crazed leader of the Rollerz. Now that both Price and his Westside Rollerz are in pieces, there's nothing stopping the Saints from taking over their turf.


Semi-Charmed Life - Price's Truck from right

The Westside Rollerz finale can only be played upon completion of the previous mission, "No Time to Mourn", and all related Strongholds: "Copperton Receiving Station", "Pleasant View Storage", "Price's Mansion", and "Tidal Spring Apartments".

After completing all Strongholds, Playa receives a phone call from Price, and the mission marker is added to the map.

Chase down Price and kill him.[4]
HUD: Price's Truck health bar. (for the entire mission)
HUD: 2:00 countdown

The objective of the mission is to chase after Joseph Price, who is driving a Goliath clockwise along the freeway across Stilwater.

There is a 2 minutes timer to reach him. Typically, he can be reached with more than 1 minute remaining while driving the supplied Bootlegger, sooner with a faster vehicle.

Although this objective includes killing Price, the objective is completed upon reaching the truck.

Take out the cars on Price's trailer.[5]

Like the previous mission, infinite ammunition is provided. Price has only one method of attack - throwing Pipe Bombs behind him. Pipe Bombs are weak and easy to dodge. He also does not drop them at a consistent rate.

Price travels faster than all Civilians cars on the freeway, and regularly rams into other vehicles, damaging his Goliath, and the cars on the trailer.

If Price gets ahead at any point, there is a 30 second timer to catch up.

This objective is completed after destroying one car.

Keep taking out the cars.[6]

Shoot the 6 remaining vehicles on Price's trailer until they explode - avoiding traffic, Price's Pipe Bombs, and enemy Westside Rollerz.

Destroy the cab.[7]
Semi-Charmed Life - Goliath exploding

Price's Goliath explodes.

Once all 7 vehicles are destroyed, the cab must be destroyed - like the cars it easily goes down.


Once the cab is destroyed, the Westside Rollerz story arc is complete. If the Vice Kings and Los Carnales story arcs have also been completed, the "Battlefield Promotion" cutscene plays, and the mission "Stuffing the Ballot" becomes available.


The mission can be failed by getting smoked, busted, or losing Price's truck.[8]


  • Price Mansion Crib unlockedGo to Price Mansion
  • Julius' car (unique Zenith) unlocked
  • Westside Rollerz unique cars unlocked


Main article: Newscasts
SR1 News Shared 0031 Truck Accident
Jack Armstrong: "Jack Armstrong in the newsroom. If you were wondering why it took you a lot longer to get home today, your afternoon commute was stalled by a terrific two truck collision on an exit ramp in the downtown area, snarling traffic in both directions. Reports that gunfire was heard prior to the accident have not been substantiated. An out-of-control semi collided with a fully-loaded fuel tanker. While the driver of the semi was killed instantly, miraculously the driver of the tanker walked away unharmed. We'll have more details from Officer Mike McCabe in our Eye-in-the-Sky traffic copter just ahead. Traffic and weather on the nine's, news as it happens, top and bottom of the hour. I'm Jack Armstrong."


  • This mission features one of the four times Playa speaks during the game.[3]
  • After destroying the truck cab, if Playa's vehicle is in or above water before the cutscene starts, Playa may reappear underwater inside the car after the cutscene is over.
  • The Goliath truck used by Joseph Price in this mission never spawns driving around the city, and does not have a cheat as it is too big to fit in the Garage. A parking spot spawning location for the Goliath is unlocked in Copperton without any notification after completing this mission, although it is not available after reloading a saved game, as the unlock status is not stored in the save game file.
    • The only way to regularly obtain the Goliath is to keep a saved game from before the mission has been completed, and complete the mission again for the first time to unlock the vehicle; simply replaying the mission at Theaters does not work.
  • This is the last time the mysterious buyers are mentioned;[3] they were first mentioned in the mission "Escort Service".[9]
  • After the Goliath explodes, Price may jump out of the truck and start shooting a split second before the cutscene plays.
  • The final cutscene shows that the wreckage of Price's truck had collided with a fuel tanker[3] - the Newscast for the mission also states this - however, there is no fuel tanker during gameplay.
  • The title of this mission is a reference to the song of the same name by Third Eye Blind.


Phone CallEdit

Meet me at the car dealership, if you think you got the balls. We're ending this tonight.
— Joseph Price phone call after completing all other Westside Rollerz mission and strongholds


Price: "You think that's gonna stop me?"
Price: "It's gonna take a lot more than that, kid."
Price: "I'm not goin' down like my uncle."
Price: "Mother fucker!"
Price: "Keep it together, Price."
Price: "This rig can take a lot more than that!"
Price: "You son of a bitch!"
Price: "It's falling apart!"
Price: "That the best you got?"
Price: "Fuck!"
Price: "It's not gonna end like this."
Price: "You're not gonna stop me!"
Price: "My truck!"
Price: "Damn it!"
— Price takes damage
Price: "I'm gonna finish what my uncle started!"
Price: "You can't hold out forever!"
Price: "Catch, asshole!"
Price: "(none)"
Price: "You're gonna burn."
Price: "This is for my Uncle!"
Price: "Did you think I was gonna let that go?"
Price: "You don't have a chance!"
Price: "You'll pay for what you did!"
Price: "You're gonna die slowly."
Price: "You're lucks about to run out!"
Price: "I'm outta your league."
Price: "You picked the wrong man to fuck with!"
— Prices throws a Molotov
Price: "You honestly think you can last?"
Price: "I'm gonna ram your ass off the road."
Price: "They're not going to be able to recognize your body."
Price: "I'm gonna break you in half!"
Price: "That tin can won't protect you for long!"
Price: "Come on!"
Price: "Not as easy as killing an old man, is it?"
Price: "I'm gonna bury you!"
Price: "Let's see you fuck with me now!"
Price: "What the fuck did you do to Donnie?"
Price: "You're fucking dead!"
Price: "You want me, well here I am!"
Price: "Not so fun anymore, is it?"
— Prices rams Playa
Price: "You don't got a fuckin' chance."
Price: "You haven't died yet?"
Price: "That car's gonna be your coffin."
Price: "No one fucks with my family!"
Price: "I'm through playing with you!"
Price: "I'm gonna enjoy this."
Price: "You're gonna join that whore Lin!"
Price: "You never shoulda messed with the Rollerz!"
Price: "I'm gonna watch you burn..."
Price: "I'm finishing this tonight!"
Price: "You can't run from me forever!"
Price: "I won't stop until you're dead!"
Price: "You're gonna die here."
— Price taunts

"Loose Ends" cutsceneEdit

Julius Little: "That was a hell of an explosion. You okay, playa?"
Playa: "I got ran over by a mothafuckin' truck, what you think?"
Julius Little: "Oh, quit bein' a bitch."
Julius Little: "We done and fucked the Rollerz hard. They ain't got nothin' left. There are a few loose ends, though, like who the fuck those buyers are Sharp was talkin' about. I got a feelin' there's some shit goin' on we don't know about. I'll catch ya later at the church."
Loose Ends full CUTSCENES 0291
— "Loose Ends" cutscene


Aight, he's pretty fucked up. I set up a present for ya at the next off ramp. Run that bitch off the road.
— Julius, unused Phone call


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