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Security Guards
Security Officer
A Security Guard fighting Pierce in Saints Row 2

White, brown, beige




Law enforcement


Saints Row 2

Security Guards are a type of Law Enforcement in Saints Row 2.


There are two types of Security Guards, a Standard uniform and an Ultor version, both use the normal Police Notoriety bar.

They use Nightsticks, Pepper Sprays and Stun Guns when using a melee weapon and NR4s and Tombstones when using any other weapon.

They guard 3 particular areas and are rarely found in other areas.

They wear a brown or beige cotton police shirt with a black tie and wear trousers with a white stripe down the side, they occasionally wear a cap.


They wear a brown or beige cotton police shirt with a black tie with black trousers with a white stripe down the side of them and occasionally wear a black cap.

They guard the Stilwater Penitentiary and Nuclear Power Plant, as well as the Courthouse, the Stilwater Savings & Loan bank and the security booths at Wardill Airport.


The Ultor Guards are found at the Saint's Row district, Rounds Square Shopping Center and Stilwater Caverns. They wear a charcoal plain, cotton shirt, with black trousers, an Ultor-orange tie, an Ultor Security Badge and occasionally wear a black cap. The more wanted you become, the better the Ultor security guards become. If you reach Level 4 Notoriety, you will get security guards that wear orange (Masako), you will only get Ultor security in Ultor territory, except the two territories mentioned above, they also wear a black padded helmet with a viser. They wear a bullet-proof vest, and elbow and knee pads with black, steel toe boots. Some Ultor Guards are Pilot security, therefore, they wear purple with a bullet-proof vest, a black cap, elbow and knee padding and steel toe boots. Two are shown in the picture of the Ultor security team above. Ultor security has vehicles that they use, including the FBI to the left. They also use Five-Os and Toads, they also use a vehicle called a Bear and a Knoxville. The guards in Rounds Square Shopping Center have a habit of using Pepper Spray.


  • It is unknown whether the guards that guard the Stilwater Prison are owned by Ultor as they wear the badge as the Stilwater Police Department but operate a whole Stilwater Penitentiary island.
  • A Security Guard is featured on the back of the game case.[1]
  • One Security Guard runs the prison Fight Club and is seen in the cutscene when it is started. He also wears unique dark orange shirt.
  • They frequently appear as bodyguards for Assassination targets, and may also guard certain[which?] vehicles in Vehicle Theft.
  • The standard security guards have the same voice clips as the Stilwater Police Department, but Ultor Security have their own unique voice clips.



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