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All 32 Secret Area locations

Secret Areas are a collection diversion in Saints Row 2.

See also: Easter Eggs


There are 32 Secret Areas in Saints Row 2. Upon reaching each location for the first time, a "(location name) found" message is displayed on-screen, but they are not indicated on the Map, and there are no visual indicators apart from the initial on-screen message.

They are counted in both the Diversions menu, and the Statistics Menu, but there is no reward for finding them all.

Some of the locations are encountered during the main storyline, but many are unlikely to be visited without deliberate exploration.



Displayed name District Neighborhood Notes
Cemetery Sex Cavern Suburbs Expansion Mourning Woods Cemetery
Price Mansion rubble Suburbs Misty Lane
Marina Lighthouse Hotels & Marina Stilwater Boardwalk
Skull Cave Hotels & Marina Stilwater Boardwalk
Pirate Ship Hotels & Marina Stilwater Boardwalk
Developer offices Hotels & Marina Stilwater Boardwalk
Carbuncle Carls Hotels & Marina Centennial Beach AKA Captain Carbuncles
Parthenon Ruins Museum Amberbrook
Museum Sculpture row Museum Humbolt Park
Downtown glass walkway Downtown Brighton
Downtown riverwalk Downtown Brighton
King Plaza Station Downtown Filmore
Downtown highway ball courts Downtown Filmore
Suburbs waste water vents Suburbs Misty Lane / Tidal Spring On the border of both neighborhoods.
Ultor Memorial Statue Saint's Row Athos Bay
Phillips Building Saint's Row Mission Beach Ground level
Saints Row Church Saint's Row Mission Beach
Saints Row Canals Saint's Row Harrowgate
Phillips Building Roof Saint's Row Mission Beach Requires helicopter
Peak of Mount Claflin Mount Claflin Mount Claflin
University Observatory University Stilwater University
Robot House University Frat Row
Nuke Waste Dump Nuclear Power Plant Stilwater Nuclear
Nuke Launch Room Nuclear Power Plant Stilwater Nuclear Requires helicopter
High Rise Gardens Downtown Brighton Requires helicopter
Ruin Island Ocean Ocean
Lookout Island Ocean Ocean
Super Secret Area Ocean Ocean
Volition Oasis Ocean Ocean
Shipwreck Cove Ocean Ocean Outside the bounds of the Map
Lost Island Ocean Ocean
Bone Island Ocean Ocean Outside the bounds of the Map



  • The game data files refer to the Secret Areas Diversion as Exploration, and is part of the same diversion as exploring neighborhoods. The on-screen message is in the same style as neighborhood notification messages.
  • Unlike other Collection Diversions, Secret Areas are not numbered.
  • At the Nuke Launch Room, there is a .44 Shepherd model sitting on the table, surrounded by blow-up dolls.
  • The game data files mention a 33rd location named "Old Bar", but does not define the coordinates. This may refer to Sea Roses, an empty bar in Sunnyvale Gardens.
  • The capitalisation style of each location varies, with some using title case, and others using sentence case.



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