Save the Planet
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"Save the Planet" mission completion screen



Enter the Dominatrix


Kinzie, Shaundi, Josh Birk, Pierce


Gat Mobile, Saints Crusader


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Save the Planet[1] is the first mission in Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix.


Jane Valderamma interviews Playa, Kinzie, Pierce, Shaundi, and Zinyak and asks their opinions on Enter the Dominatrix, before the gameplay that is presented as "footage" begins. The cast watches Playa, Kinzie, Shaundi, and Josh Birk repel the Zin's attack on Steelport and interjects commentary occasionally. Birk dies, according to him, while heroically sacrificing himself to defeat a giant cyclops monster. Playa, Shaundi, and Kinzie drive to the mayor's office to meet Pierce, where they fight off more Zin. Pierce and Playa then drive a tank to Zinyak's base, where they find Zinyak and kill him.


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  • Homie - Josh Birk and Nyte Blayde unlocked
  • Weapon - Flamethrower unlocked
  • Weapon - Grenade Launcher unlocked
  • Weapon - Heavy Minigun unlocked
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  • The dialogue indicates that this mission takes place after the "Kill Killbane" ending, but that, narratively, the events of Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV are all games in which the 3rd Street Saints were acting.
    • Shaundi mentions Saints Row 2 as if it's fictional, telling Kinzie that "I was hacking stuff back in Saints Row 2"
    • Shaundi also mentions that Saints Row IV was an improvement over Enter the Dominatrix, stating that the DLC was the "Worst idea we've ever had" although expressed shame that it never made it into the game as they didn't have the budget.
  • Playa cannot pick up the Zin weapons.
  • The Ammo - Special 4 upgrade does not work on the Minigun, Grenade Launcher and Flamethrower.
  • Shaundi and Kinzie cannot be Super Saints during this mission and wear their outfits from Saints Row: The Third. Pierce also cannot be a Super Saint but wears a black suit and top hat unique to this mission.


Cutscene #1Edit

Jane Valderamma: "So. What exactly is Enter the Dominatrix?"
Protagonist: "Oh man, are we really digging that up?"
Kinzie: "It was really weird."
Pierce: "It was amazing."
Shaundi: "Worst idea we've ever had."
Jane Valderamma: "Really?"
Shaundi: "The script made no sense. Like. At all. Saints Row 4 was way more elegant."
Jane Valderamma: "Pierce seemed to like it."
Shaundi: "Of course, he liked it, it started off with him as mayor of Steelport."
Jane Valderamma: "Wait... if Pierce was mayor, that means Mayor Reynolds and you were..."
Shaundi: "Like I said. Worst idea we've ever had."
Pierce: "My administration was tough. But fair. I'd like to think the Boss based their Presidential performance on me."
Protagonist: "Yeah, that didn't happen."
Zinyak: "Of course, originally they just booked me for a guest appearance, but I just chewed up the scenery so much they had to keep me. Of course I DID have to insist on several changes."
Jane Valderamma: "Such as?"
Zinyak: "Well for instance, in ETD - that's short for Enter the Dominatrix - the Zin arrived with much fanfare, assaulting the city of Steelport... but, you know, I don't want to spoil it for you, see the mission and you'll get what I wanted to change."


Kinzie: "The Zin are surrounding us. We need to do something."
Shaundi: "We're heading out. Boss, grab a gun."
Protagonist: "I'm on it. We're gonna show Zinyak what the Saints are made of."
Shaundi: "The Zin just came out of nowhere! It's insane."
Kinzie: "I've warned you people for years but you're always, "Oh, Kinzie, that's crazy.""
Josh Birk: "You're GOING down, Zinyak."
Shaundi: "Kinzie, no offense, but you do say a lot of crazy shit."
Josh Birk: "YOU'RE going down, Zinyak."
Josh Birk: "You're going DOWN, Zinyak."
Kinzie: "JOSH. Will you please shut up?"
Josh Birk: "Quiet! I am getting into character."
Protagonist: "I'll come at them from the roof!"
Shaundi: "Kinzie and I will meet you out front."
Josh Birk: "YES! TO BATTLE!"
Protagonist: "Time to kick some..."
Josh Birk: "You're going down, ZINYAK!"
Josh Birk: "NAILED IT!"
Protagonist: "Kill anything that looks even remotely alien!"
Shaundi: "We got your back, Boss!"
Kinzie: "Where's Josh?"
Shaundi: "Who cares? Focus on the Zin!"
Zinyak: "People of Earth. Surrender to the Zin Empire and you will be spared. Mostly."
Kinzie: "The Zin have already taken over everything! Look at the buildings!"
Shaundi: "They certainly know how to launch an invasion, I'll give 'em that."
Kinzie: "I warned you!"
Shaundi: "Kinzie, you've really got to let this go."
Kinzie: "Not until you apologize for not listening to me."
Shaundi: "Fine. Kinzie, I'm sorry we sometimes don't listen to your crackpot conspiracy theories. There. We good?"
Kinzie: "I... I don't think you mean that. But yes."
Zinyak: "Your attempts to defend your home are noble but I assure you they will bear no fruit."
Zinyak: "Your hubris will be your downfall. I shall give you one last chance to surrender."
Protagonist: "And here come the UFOs. Shoot them!"
Josh Birk: "This is awesome! NYTEBLADE OWNS THE NIGHT."
Josh Birk: "Sorry I'm late. I missed the target... I mean, I... I took out some Zin around back."
Shaundi [commentary]: "Just to be clear: Josh is the *Boss's* friend."
Protagonist: "Why the shit is the ground moving like this?"
Kinzie [commentary]: "Oh! I love this part!"
Protagonist: "Mon dieu. What the hell is..."

Cutscene #2Edit

Shaundi: "Oh no, here it comes!"
Kinzie: "It's going to destroy the city!"
Protagonist: "We have to do something!"
Josh Birk: "Stay back! I... will handle this."
Protagonist: "Josh, nooo!"
Shaundi: "He's so brave."
Kinzie: "You are truly a hero, Josh Birk."
Shaundi: "Nooooo!"
Kinzie: "No!"
Josh Birk: "Earn this... earn... This..."
Kinzie: "We will never forget your sacrifice."
Shaundi: "I never got to tell him how I feel."
Protagonist: "ZINYAK!!!."
Josh Birk [commentary]: "That's how I remember it anyway."


Kinzie [commentary]: "That was so cool."
Shaundi [commentary]: "Yeah, it's a shame we didn't have the budget to get it into the game."
Shaundi [commentary]: "I forget, why are we in the Gatmobile?"
Kinzie [commentary]: "We have to get to the mayor's office."
Shaundi [commentary]: "Oh. Right. "Mayor Washington.""
Pierce [commentary]: "Oh man. Here I come. I love this part!"
Protagonist: "Pierce knows where Zinyak is. He'll tell us when we pick him up."
Kinzie [commentary]: "Pierce is mayor now because Burt died in SR3, right?"
Shaundi [commentary]: "Yep."
Kinzie [commentary]: "But you and Mayor Reynolds were together then, right?"
Shaundi [commentary]: "Right. With Viola DeWynter."
Kinzie [commentary]: "So if Burt died in the explosion then how did you survive?"
Protagonist [commentary]: "Uh, because Shaundi made her save versus explosions."
Pierce [commentary]: "Oh man, here I come!"
Pierce: "Over here!"
Protagonist: "You said you found Zinyak?"
Pierce: "Let's take my ride. I'll show you."
Protagonist: "I'll get us there. Man the gun."
Pierce: "We need to take out these tanks."
Protagonist: "How were you able to find Zinyak's location?"
Pierce: "Easy. I hacked the Zin network and found out where their base was."
Kinzie [commentary]: "What? Pierce is a hacker now? Soon Shaundi will be hacking!"
Shaundi [commentary]: "Actually, I was hacking stuff back in Saints Row 2."
Kinzie [commentary]: "Why am I even here?"
Pierce: "More tanks on the way!"
Pierce: "Okay, we're almost there!"
Protagonist: "It's all over, Zinyak."
Zinyak [commentary]: "Oh, here we go. Yes. This part..."
Zinyak [commentary]: "This was meant to be my shining moment. I mean, will you LOOK at that health bar!"
Zinyak [commentary]: "Just... Just... Just INSULTING. And now they draw it out with these ridiculous button prompts!"
Zinyak [commentary]: "Yes, yes, yes, look at you with your enormous weapon. Ooh!"
Zinyak [commentary]: "They really do belabor this, don't they?"
Zinyak [commentary]: "Okay, that's it. I've seen enough. I'm out of here."


  • Zinyak giving his opinion on Enter the Dominatrix
  • Playa, Josh, Kinzie and Shaundi in the hideout
  • Protagonist holding the Flamethrower in the mission Save the Planet from the Enter the Dominatrix DLC
  • Protagonist holding the Grenade Launcher in the mission Save the Planet from the Enter the Dominatrix DLC
  • Protagonist holding the Heavy Minigun in the mission Save the Planet from the Enter the Dominatrix DLC
  • Playa fighting off the Zin and Murderbots
  • Playa and Shaundi shooting at the Void while Shaundi gives commentary on the mission
  • The Saints looking at the Monster
  • The Saints looking at the Monster
  • Josh stabbing the Monster's eye
  • Josh dying with Shaundi beside him while Playa and Kinzie looks on
  • Playa destroying Destructors with the Saints Crusader
  • Playa destroying Destructors with the Saints Crusader
  • Playa about to defeat Zinyak
  • Zinyak being incapacitated while Zinyak angrily commentates on how insulting it was for him to be easily defeated
  • Zinyak getting beaten up by Playa, much to Zinyak's displeasure
  • Zinyak getting beaten up by Playa, much to Zinyak's displeasure
  • Playa about to execute Zinyak
  • Zinyak being decapitated by Playa

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