Satchel Charge
Weap thrown satchel

Thrown SR2
Explosive SRTT



Clip size


Pickup Ammo


Total Ammo




Refire Delay







Hitman SR2
My Name is Cyrus Temple SRTT

Featured in

Jailbreak, Elysian Fields Trailer Park


Speed: 35
Detonates on command.

Appears in

Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third

The Satchel Charge is a weapon in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third.


The Satchel Charge is a thrown explosive sticky bomb with a remote Detonator which sticks to any surface when thrown - including vehicles and people. The charge can then be detonated using Secondary Fire.

If a Satchel Charge attached to a person or vehicle enters the water, it automatically explode. It causes little damage to vehicles, but people are instantly killed.

Saints Row 2

A maximum of 20 charges can be applied at once, and charges can also be detonated in mid-air. The maximum number of Satchel Charges which can be carried is 11.

Satchel Charges are unlocked in the Weapons Cache after completing 3 Hitman lists, and are also available during "Jailbreak" and "Elysian Fields Trailer Park".

They can be kept from the Elysian Fields Trailer Park Stronghold after completing the mission, or by glitching out of a Mission Replay.

After using all Satchel Charges, the Weapons Cache automatically contains 5 Charges.

They are never directly available from Friendly Fire, but can be obtained by following these steps:

  1. Go into the Friendly Fire Store menu.
  2. Switch to the Weapons Cache, select Satchel Charges, then select any other Thrown Weapon.
  3. Switch to the Store menu and fill up on the selected Thrown Weapon.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until Satchel Charges are full.

Saints Row: The Third

Satchel Charge Saints Row The Third Weapons Cache

The Satchel Charge in Saints Row: The Third.

Attach this explosive charge to anything you throw it at. Just be sure you're clear before you hit the detonator.
— Weapon description

In Saints Row: The Third, the Satchel Charge is an "optional weapon". In the mission "My Name is Cyrus Temple", there is a choice to select two of three STAG research projects. One of these projects is the development of Satchel Charges for standard infantry use. If Satchel Charges are not chosen, they are unavailable in the game without cheats, or alternatively purchasing the Unlockable Pack DLC.

The other choices are a Specter and an upgraded Crusader which does 50% more damage. There are 3 other hoverbikes available through DLC.

Weapon Upgrades

In Saints Row: The Third, there are Weapon Upgrades available for the Satchel Charge.

Level Price Upgrade
1 $10,000
Attach this explosive charge to anything you throw it at. Just be sure you're clear before you hit the detonator.
— Level 1 description

2 $10,000
Carry more charges.
— Level 2 description

3 $20,000
Carry more charges.
— Level 3 description

4 $40,000
Carry more charges.
— Level 4 description


  • Stick multiple Satchel Charges to someone, take them as a Human Shield and throw them at enemies then detonating the charges.
  • Stick multiple Satchel Charges to a vehicle, activate Cruise Control, jump out then detonate the charges.
  • Satchel Charges placed closely together all explode at once.


Saints Row 2

  • The Cheat for this weapon is #949.
  • Satchel Charges count as grenades for use with the AR-50 w/Grenade Launcher.
  • If The Protagonist gets close enough to Maero he throws charges; even if the the Satchel Charge isn't lethal, The Protagonist may fall to their death due to the ragdoll effect from the explosion.[1]
  • Barrels used by The Ronin during "One Man's Junk..." have the same statistics as the Satchel Charges and behave similar to them.

Saints Row: The Third

  • The Cheat for this weapon is givesatchel.
  • The C4 blocks used in the Saints Row: The Third Satchel Charges are US-made M112 1 1/4 pound demolition charges. The lettering on them implies they were modelled from dummy charges used in drills, since the words "INERT EXPLOSIVE" appear in the second line of text.
  • Although STAG don't produce Satchel Charges until after "My Name is Cyrus Temple", the weapon is inside Friendly Fire at all times.[2] The Satchel Charge model is also used during "When Good Heists Go Bad" and "STAG Party".
  • When a Satchel Charge normally sticks to a person, they panic as if they're on fire.
  • If a Charge is attached to a Homie, they are dismissed and cannot be recruited again.
  • If a Satchel Charge is placed and not detonated, it automatically detonates after exactly one minute.
  • Only 20 Satchel Charges can be placed at one time.
  • Satchel Charges do not stick to dead bodies. They instead just roll off until they hit a suitable surface.



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    Satchel Charges on display at Friendly Fire in Saints Row The Third

    Satchel Charges in Friendly Fire

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