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Santo Ileso is the main setting for the Saints Row reboot.

Keep It Strange, Santo Ileso!
— Official Description


The city is surrounded by two massive deserts, making it the first open world Saints Row map that is landlocked. Its located on the bank of Rio Salinas,[1] surrounding Lake Sabastian.[2] Its part of Kavanagh County.


Santo Ileso is divided into 15 different districts,[3] each with their own unique feel and style.

El Dorado[]

El Dorado is the casino district of Santo Ileso. It is home to a Poseidon's Palace and Bikini Atoll Casino.

Gehenna Badlands[]

Gehenna Badlands is one of the two deserts surrounding Santo Ileso. Its located on the western side of the city


This area is controlled by Marshall Defense Industries

Marina Del Lago[]


Monte Vista[]

This area is controlled by The Idols

New Birmingham Island[]

Old Town[]

Rancho Providencia[]

Racho Providencia is a run-down rural town, controlled by the Los Panteros at the start of the game. Panther Rock and Abandoned Scorpion Factory is located in this district.

Sanatorium Flats[]