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Santa is a character in the How the Saints Save Christmas DLC for Saints Row IV.


Shaundi grew up still believing in, and needing, Santa. She was right too as Santa actually existed. Due to an incident where he'd been kissed under mistletoe by a mother, Mrs. Claus would only let him deliver presents when everyone was asleep.[2] He stopped talking to Krampus centuries ago after a game of Texas hold 'em: Santa was a sore loser.[3]

Unknown to the world, Santa was real but had been abducted by Zinyak. This was covered up by Mrs Claus and the elves for the greater good. With the Christmas Spirit still strong, the North Pole carried on as if nothing had happened. The mental damage inflicted on Santa by the Zin eventually turned him into a twisted, holiday-hating monster named Clawz.[3] Clawz was such a threat that the only way to save the galaxy was to send Shaundi back in time to get help from Playa.

With Playa's help, Clawz is defeated and Santa Claus is freed. Santa, however, chides Playa for not believing in him, and tells them it takes more than one good deed to get on the Nice List. However, he reassures them that there's still plenty of time before the night is over, which prompts Playa to embrace the true spirit of Christmas.

Later, Santa is freed from his simulation tube on the Zinyak mothership. This ensures that Clawz won't exist, which means Future Shaundi's bad future is changed.


  • He and his wife are the first mythical figures to be featured in the Saints Row series.
  • He used to have a semi-annual card game with Krampus.
  • Completing "The Santa Clawz" unlocks Santa as a Homie.


Santa - weak - character model in Saints Row IV

Santa - medium - character model in Saints Row IV

Santa - strong - character model in Saints Row IV

Santa - The Santa Clawz - character model in Saints Row IV

Santa with Playa

Santa out of the simulation

Santa Close up


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