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Template:Reqimage Template:Infobox mission Salting the Earth...Again can be started at the Saints Hideout after completing Pyramid Scheme. The cutscene shows The Protagonist standing in his office when Pierce walks in and gives him a letter which reveals that Ultor Execs are having a retirement party on a large yacht docked out to the North-Western area of Saint's Row District.

The Protagonist must go to the Saints Row Mega Condo and get on the jet ski that is docked at the dock behind it or you can get on then get off and swim to the boat so the Tornado cannot lock it's missiles on you.

The Protagonist will have to avoid the Ultor Attack Helicopter on his boat journey to the yacht as Ultor knows of his presence on the water. Once on the yacht, The Protagonist will have to kill a few Ultor Execs and kill any Ultor Security Guard in his way.

After that, you have to get to the marker to get on a boat to chase down the last Exec. After killing the last Exec, a cutscene appears, Dane Vogel is watching happily from his high-rise office at all the commotion at the yacht and is preparing for his new promotion, which will give him control of Ultor.


  • Money: $25,000
  • New Territory: None
  • Unlockables: None




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